Stern Advisory India to introduce business solution without Human Faculty

Stern Advisory India to introduce business solution without Human Faculty

Stern India expedites well-researched and innovating technology

When an employer recruits employees from different zones, it has to doubtfully pass few key responsibilities, without knowing them properly. As a result, the firm may have to face internal financial misrepresentation. London based Stern Advisory Group has been offering excellent and very effective solution for such issues. They serve a global clientele by providing reliable solutions and nurturing a collaborative culture in a transparent manner.

Assuming its potential and to grab the Pan-Indian market, visionary entrepreneur Prateek Srivastava of Stern Advisory Group established Stern Advisory India along with Morris Stern (Group Managing Director) in August of 2012 in order to provide risk advisory services. Its India unit is based out of Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR in a well-equipped, state-of-the-art office. In a very short span of time, Stern Advisory India has become one of the leading risk advisory firms in the country. Its experienced team includes 34 employees, who have made vital inroads in implementing and delivering bespoke solutions to 25 clients.

Primarily, Stern Advisory (India) Pvt Ltd is a risk advisory firm. Due to Prateek's exceptional capabilities in handling diverse projects, it is gaining a strong reputation as an internationally recognized and respected company, which provides a range of corporate intelligence solutions, assists foreign corporations and multinational companies to secure and develop their business opportunities in India and adequately qualifies their client- supplier relationships. Some of its notable clients are Aviva Life Insurance, EXL Services, Experion Developers, Spine Biz etc.

Stern Advisory India foresees technology playing a central role in our future objectives. With its innovative technology, the group intends to automate and thus revolutionise the corporate advisory industry. It is hoped that certain operations could be carried out without the involvement of the human element and the entire process thus expedited.

Services provided by Stern Advisory (India)

  • Complex IT fraud investigation
  • Corporate fraud investigations
  •  Business reputation management
  •  Digital forensics
  •  Risk assessment
  •  Due diligence
  •  Screening intelligence

People behind the Success

Prateek Srivastava


As the Managing Director of Stern Advisory (India) Pvt. Ltd., Prateek Srivastava plays an active role in the company's business development and oversees the account management worldwide. Previously he worked with the parent company Stern Advisory Group in London, United Kingdom, since its inception.

As well as his regular responsibilities in the field of M&A, including pre-merger due diligence and post-acquisition integration; investigative due diligence; computer forensics; fraud investigation; political risk analysis; anti-money laundering; whistle-blowing investigation and data theft investigation, he has also assisted in internal corporate investigation for corporates in the United Kingdom and their subsidiaries in India and elsewhere. He has provided specialist services in cases related to cybercrime and Ponzi Scheme related crimes.

Prateek ensures the flow of business of the company towards globalization.

Morris Stern


Morris Stern has over a decade of experience in the commercial intelligence sector and PE funding markets both in the UK and US. He has founded a number of companies operating in ME, UK and the US, which provided clients with highly specialist research and intelligence gathering services. He has worked in Legal, Banking, Energy, Retail and Leisure, Defence and Data sectors.

He formed Stern Data Ltd., which offers a range of bespoke security and forensic solutions designed to ensure the security of data, hosting and remote access. Morris has also founded Stern Advisory India, assisting clients with the challenges encountered in the complex and emerging economies of west Asia. Morris Stern is the Group's MD and Board member.

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