5 Profitable Business Idea you can Start In India under Rs. 10,000

5 Profitable Business Idea you can Start In India under Rs. 10,000

5 Profitable Business Idea you can Start In India under Rs. 10,000

An Idea doesn't have any value of its own but has a lot of potentials. Do you also think that you need a huge amount of money to start a business? If yes, then think again. Most entrepreneurs go for funding without a complete and innovative idea and fail, it is important to realize that a good idea will eventually be funded once some action is taken on it.

Your idea will help you to start a company, the company will bring people who will invest and hence you will be established in the market. Most successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg never had funding before they have an idea, all of them started with nothing in their hand but now they have everything you can imagine.

Your success story might not be the same, but the struggles and hardships will always be common, take lessons from their journey. Everything starts with an idea as this is the most important step and if you plan it well, one of your ideas will result in a huge corporation.

Following are some ideas you can start with a minimum investment of Rs. 10,000 and will give you good returns.

  • Garment Tailor

If you have a skill or interest in doing tailoring, you can start your own tailoring business. Many people in cities wear readymade clothes, but this doesn't mean that the demand for well-tailored clothes is gone. Most of the people in metro cities wear tailored clothes. To start this business you need a good sewing machine and other essential tools for sewing.

  • Online Courses

With this burst of internet and online learning, people are getting attracted to online courses. Creating an online course can be very profitable if you create a course on a subject that is high on demand. You can sell your online course on your website or tie-up with any company to promote their product in your course.

You just need a domain, hosting, knowledge and a tool on which you can make those digital courses.

  • Dance or Music School

If you are passionate about dancing, music or both you can start your own dance or music classes. You just need to invest in a good space with mirrors on the walls, a good music system or instruments and skills.

Initially, you need to work hard and build some loyal students who will not leave you down the road. Once your business grows, you can hire more people to help you manage students.

  • Tiffin Service

Anything in the food business is always profitable and long-lasting. Some people move from city to city for their job and they can't eat junk food all the time, they required a good home-cooked meal while working. You can solve this problem by making food for them and delivering it to them.

Well cooking food will not be much hassle but finding delivery persons could be tough but if you are successful in this there is a huge amount of profit waiting for you.

  • Pet care services

Pets are the part of our families and when you go for work there should be someone to take care of them. Pet care service makes sure that the pets are happy, getting food on time and they are not alone.

These services come in handy when a family goes on a vacation and they need someone to take care of their pet and their neighbor is too afraid for animals.

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