Dealing with a Disability: Best Business Ideas for People with Disabilities

Dealing with a Disability: Best Business Ideas for People with Disabilities

Dealing with a Disability: Best BusinessIdeas for People with Disabilities

Asper the report by the United States Census Bureau, roughly 15% of people withdisabilities have started their own businesses, and that number is increasing.

Manypeople with disabilities have launched successful businesses from home,franchises, and even niche startups. With such a wide range of businessopportunities open to people with disabilities, it can sometimes be tough todecide which one is best.

To help you choose, I have put together some of the best business ideas  I have come across over the years. The criteria for selecting them was that they must be inexpensive to the initiative, offer flexible hours, and be relatively easy to do, in the hopes they would appeal to a wide array of disabled people.

So, read on, and hope these ideas willinspire you to select your right path.

Business Ideas for Person with Disability ofMobility

Motivational Speaker

Thedemand for Motivational Speaker is high. You can start your entrepreneurialjourney by motivating others.  For this,you can speak at any religious place, community organizations, businessmeetings, educational institutions and even write or publish a book or E-bookto motivate others.

Internet Marketing

Inthis digital age, internet marketing is the best marketing medium, and theopportunity for the disabled person to explore the web medium forself-employment is also quite feasible. You can try your hand in SEO or SMO andcan also set up your own portal/s, and start earning Internet revenue which cancome from many avenues such as Google AdSense, cost per click (CPC), etc.


Theconsulting career allows you to mould the work to meet the particularchallenges arising out of your handicap. As a consultant, you can work fromhome or any office, you may even work in partnership or work alone, find atarget niche that suits your skill, and may enjoy a flexible work.

Business Ideas for Person with Disability ofSight

Singer & Musician

 It is said that disabled people hold deepersensibilities. If you are good at singing or composing the lyrics of a songthen you may pursue the idea of writing songs or singing as your business andcan earn a good name and fame with money. 

Life Coach

Becominga Life Coach can be a good option to encourage others and also earn good money.In this modern age, people get frustrated and look for encouraging words ofwisdom and story of scripting success in the face of severe challenges. Whoknows it better than you what it is like to survive and thrive with a handicapor challenge of any kind in this world and to take charge of your life?

Business Ideas for Person with Hearing Disability

Script/Screen Writer

 Writing is the best way to telling your storyto the whole world. Besides, you may also write a script or screenplay on anysubject desired by your clients. And by this, you can start earning yourliving.

Freelance Services

 Freelancing is a great avenue forself-employment. With it, you can provide a variety of services from thecomfort of your homes and get highly rewarded for the same. Digital marketing,medical transcription, website designing, content writing, editing are somegreat ideas to start as per one's tastes and expertise.

Business Ideas for Person with SpeakingDisability 

Pet Sitting

 For pet lovers, Pet Sitting is a perfectbusiness idea. It is interesting as well as an income-generating option for thespecially-abled people.

Greeting Card Making

Forartistic and creative people, Greeting Card Making can work great. If you areinterested in the artistry and you want to take your interest forward then youcan start making greeting cards.

Besides,Working at a Place for Specially Abled People, Internet Marketing,Script/Screen Writer, Songwriter, Freelance Services are some awesome businessoptions.

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