New Revenue Streams To Get More Profit Out of Your Business

New Revenue Streams To Get More Profit Out of Your Business

New Revenue Streams To Get More Profit Out ofYour Business

If you wishto be an entrepreneurial millionaire quickly, making one product with ahigh-profit margin that flies off the shelves is not enough. You need to createadditional revenue streams to accumulate wealth.

Anadditional revenue stream is pretty much what it sounds like- another way tomake money for you and your business. It is extra income that you earn apartfrom the main revenue streams that define and mainly supports your business.

Take Stock of How much you can monetize

When itcomes to creating multiple revenue streams, it does not mean you need to startseveral more mini-businesses. Initially, you can start just by considering howmuch of what you do daily or how much you have can be monetized. Jamie Kingsays going through your day's activities with brainstorming questions like "How can this serve others?" or, "How can Irepurpose?"

Take stockof each resource you have to offer, think how you can benefit your consumers andbuild a business plan around it. 

Focus on Passive or Residual Income

Many passiveor residual revenue streams can continue to accumulate money on the side whileyou are building or focusing on your main business. There are plenty ofexamples, but try to add income streams like from royalty income, in which youown intellectual property for books as well as music. Or dividend income, inwhich you won stocks or interests in a business that pay you a percentage oftheir excess profits.

Freelancing and Independent Contracts

These days,freelancing is an emerging trend. This type of work can be helpful in the earlydays of a start-up. At your initial phase, you have many tasks, including thefinancial well-being of your employees. Living off dividends takes about a yearso independent contracts can be the perfect option to cover your expenses andgenerate extra income.

Look foropportunities in the market consisting of consulting contracts that can pay agood hourly fee, or even short-term projects with fixed payment terms, locallyor remotely.

Provide Training Course for Your Products andServices

If yourcompany sells products and services that will need considerable time forachieving operational knowledge for the customer, you can easily createtraining courses that you can offer to them as additional to the primaryoffering. Again, you can offer two options for people with two option first moreexpensive physical training and second is more affordable virtual training thatwill be shipped online through the membership website.

Holds One Income Soured in Your full Control

Holding onesource fully within your control means to make sure you are not relying onsomeone else's performance of productions to thrive.

It is not sotough to build up residual streams, but when you ensure that there is onesource that's your real money maker and dependent on your own resources and skillswill keep you in control of your own earning.

Google and other Ads

Placing adson the website and generating revenue are the easiest and most popular ways ofearning money. You can charge an advertiser for displaying their ads on site.Ads may be served by you with your own ad server or through third-partynetworks like Google Ad Words. Here, revenue depends on the kind ofadvertisements like CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per thousand).


As a local,you have access to cheaper prices if the contract allows and not restricts youto sublet a venue or an apartment, go for it. Rent or own an apartment incentrally-located areas; it is attractive to potential guests and travellers.You can also rent the whole apartment or just one room for a short time. Itwill get you to at least the monthly costs for the place.

Allow smallgroups of people to organize weekend events in your space. One of the popularways to earn money through your place is sharing your office space with anotherstart-up and spilled the cost.

Affiliate Partnership

If you havea website with good traffic, you can partner with other third-party websitesand serves as their affiliate partners. With this, you redirect visitors tothird-party sites and earn a commission whenever their redirected visitor makesa purchase on the third-party site. It is a quite steady and painless way toearn additional revenue as you do not need to worry about storage, shipping,etc.

Final Word

Keep goingforward, no matter how tough it is to generate or preserve the revenue youalready have for your start-up. You can use any of the ways mentioned above andsee what works best.

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