How do you analyze or track the success ofyour email campaigns? You will probably measure the success by thenumber of people who open the mail and the number of people who click on alink.

Email marketingworks because it allows you to reach customers in the place they go every day-the inbox. But if you get to the inbox, how to ensure your emails get opened?

A lot ofpeople talk about this. Even if a business already holds a strong open rate,once your numbers begin to flatten out, you may think about how you can do tonudge them in the right direction.

Here are the 8 best methods to keep yourcustomers open the email;

Punchy Subject Line

Your subjectline is your main hook. If it does not indicate a strong benefit, it is notdoing its job. Make sure that your subject line does not have to be the same asthe title tag or headline of the article.

Many peoplethink so but subject lines have nothing to do with SEO, so there is no need toinvolve a target key phrase. Tailor it for the inbox; it is strictly aboutempathy and psychology.

Write Quality Content

Once yourcustomers start expecting that your company sends them interesting, engagingand informative emails, your open rates will increase rapidly.

If anotherside, you are only sending information that could be found easily elsewhere orworse, all promotions, all the time- your message will surely end up in thetrash bin. Try to send high-quality emails less frequently it will keep theopen rates high.

Personalize Your Emails

According toresearch by Experian, personalized emails can deliver six-times highertransaction rates. Always send personalized emails to your customers. For this,you just need to add the first name to the subject line and body copy, or assophisticated as dynamically updating image content as per prior purchases orsubscribers' preferences.

Keep Your List Fresh

Do you think your subscribers still want tohear from you? Although you have heard the advice that it is vital to email yoursubscribers consistently so your list does not go stale. Even email subscriberscan still go stale. A lot of people may have changed email accounts, or maybethey are not interested in your brand anymore.

Try to keepyour list fresh and filled with engaged subscribers, it is better toperiodically remove inactive subscribers.

Send Mail on Perfect Time

Timing is agame-changer. So you need to think carefully about what time and day you sendyour emails out. It is not possible to figure out the perfect time immediately,but some tests are there that you use to identify which timeframes seem toperform best and explore those in future campaigns.

Imagine aday in the life of your particular audience. What are they doing in themorning, afternoon, and evening? What does their workday look like? How late dothey stay up at night? This entire question will help you decide the perfecttime to send your emails.

Create Email Signatures

EmailSignatures are essential components of any marketing email. Make sure to usestandard fonts and select your colours, preferably in line with your company'slogo, and include your contact details that add a level of professionalism.

Create a Re-engagement Campaign

Before youscrub your email list, look who you can win back by contacting subscriberswhich have not opened recently. You need to create a list of subscribers thathave not opened an email within a specific timeframe. You can select threemonths, six months, or a year. Put pressure on them to re-engage by asking themwhat's up, flat out breaking up with them, or sending them a special offer.Don't forget to involve a confirmation link to make sure that they want to stayon your list. When they do not open one or two win-back messages, you caneasily mark them as inactive and also remove them from your email list.

Set Expectations with Subscribers

When youraudience opts-in to your mail list, you must be straight with them. Letsubscribers know how often you will communicate with them, what you willcommunicate to them, and how they will get advantages. Then, meet thoseexpectations.

If you onlyadd people in your list then they download a white paper, but you do not tellthem how often you will send them an email and what's in it for them, how willthey know to look for and open your emails?

These are afew simple but effective hacks to get people to open your emails. We hope youwrite the article; to read more such interesting articles stay connected withStart-up City. 

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