10 Best Free Email Accounts and Service Providers for 2020

10 Best Free Email Accounts and Service Providers for 2020

10 Best Free Email Accounts and ServiceProviders for 2020

In spite ofthe social network buzz, emails are still considered as the best source ofbusiness communication in the online world.

There arehuge numbers of email sent and received over the internet daily that makes iteven more important to evaluate which Email Service Provider or better if wesay "Free Email Service Provider" accordingto your needs.

There aremany email providers available who offer their services at free of cost withdifferent features and benefits. But the selection of an email provider is atricky process.

That is why;people remain with just one or two email service providers and often complainabout the service. They always ignore the other service providers that are offeringbetter service with advanced features.

Since thereare many names for email services that offer a different set of features, wehave picked the top 10 email service providers for you.

This listwill help you to choose the best service available that suits your needs. Mostof the mail services offered by these companies are free but some premiumfeatures may be charged. Let's have a look at them;


No doubt,Gmail is one of the best free email providers. It offers 15 GB of free storageand flexible user interface- users can easily select between the conventionaland AJAX-powered interface.

As itsGoogle, you can easily integrate your email with different Google services suchas Google Hangout, Google Suite and Google Calendar. If you are on YouTube, setup a Gmail account, as it will allow you to access and manage your YouTubeaccount easily. Besides, it has amazing filer features, it groups emails as perthe closets criteria like wording and folder types.


Anotherfamous free email service provider, Outlook is a reliable choice. Previouslyknown as Hotmail, Outlook is offered by Microsoft Corporation and has a perfectinterface with users. It offers a variety of colours schemes and selects theposition of the reading page.

This uniqueemail solution allows you to right-click on the email to get more options likesearch for emails sent by that specific sender. With it, you can also find theoption of moving or deleting the specific email. Outlook supports the rule ofthe email that enables you to send specific emails to a specific folder,categorizes emails, flagged or forwarded the email with certain conditions.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mailis considered as the best email service when it comes to alternate identitiesor aliases. Under this mail service, you can create up to 500 disposableaddresses that are linked to your main email address but don't contain yourname or any other personal data.

It is quitebeneficial if you always sign up for web accounts and do not want to have yourregular inbox spammed or filled with useless email; just delete the disposableaddress if the spam becomes too overwhelming.

Otherfeatures of Yahoo mail include, you can insert GIFs directly from a built-inGIF collection, it has awesome themes that change the entire background andcolour scheme, holds a built-in news reader and notepad, it gives you access toan online calendar and more.

Zoho Mail

Holding anentire suite of applications, Zoho Mail is a unique email solution forindividuals and businesses. It offers an excellent, free email account with 5GB storage. It is a totally ad-free email service and if the storage space isnot sufficient, you get the option to pay for additional storage space at areasonable cost.

One of theunique points about this free email service provider is that it does notdisplay adverts to protect your privacy. Through Zoho Mail is an awesome freemail service, it does not provide the impression of being designed from anemail-usage point of view. Instead, it provides the impression of being adashboard of applications and services you use, with email smoothly integratedinto it. It allows you to access your email, tasks, calendar, notes, andbookmarks and contact list in a tabbed interface that avoids cluttering andkeeps you in control.


Mail.com isanother popular free email service provider; it enables you to manage youremails, as any other providers do. The main differentiating factor about thismail service is that it allows you to use a custom domain name and thereforecreate a free business email. So instead of using example@mail.com, you caneasily use example@europe.com. Additionally, there are more than 200 freeoptions for you to select from. This feature is beneficial for those who arelooking to get a more specific name; it only offers 2GB free storage.


Anotherfamous email service provider, GMX offers 65GB free storage. It takes care ofyour spam also, thanks to its regular screening. Under this mail service, youcan create up to ten email aliases. It means you can send emails using tendifferent names- all with the gmx.com domain.

GMX willalso group your inbox as per each alias. Hence, the feature eliminates the needfor creating various mail accounts that is inconvenient.

In case, youhave multiple emails with different providers, the mail collector of GMX allowsyou to manage all of them on a single dashboard. In addition, mail themeoptions and cloud storage are also available with this service.

AOL Mail

AOL Mailservice is provided by AOL. It is a free email provider, offering multiplethemes to choose from. AOL mail enables you to import contacts in CSV, Txt, andLDIF format. It allows you to undo the sent email. But you can do so for theemails which are sent to other AOL addresses. Under this mail service, you cancustomize several settings, get protection from viruses, in-browser soundalert, and spell-checker. But the disadvantage of this mail service is that itshows many ads and you can attach files which are stored locally. It does notsupport attaching a file from online storage.

iCloud Mail

If you are aMac user, you may want to consider using iCloud Mail as your email serviceprovider. Their free email account comes with 5GB of storage that you can useto sync your photos, emails or files. Since iCloud Mail is meant for Appledevices, the Apple ID can be associated with the iCloud email address.

This emailservice offers users a lot of features from security verification to spamprotecting. Also, it offers some amazing cloud-based tools like reminders,calendar notes, memos, etc.


Built by theRussian tech giant, Yandex brings great features and unlimited storage- 10GB bydefault, but the system will add another 1 GB every time your storage is lessthan 200MB. But under it, each email should not be longer than 30 MB. Although,if it exceeds the limit, the email service uploads the file to cloud storage,from which the recipient can download the attachment. In addition, you cancustomize your email with free themes and e-cards. The best part about thisservice is that it does not show add on its interface.

Lycos Mail

Finally,Lycos Mail is a web-based free mail service provider; it provides you with junkmail protection. This service allows you to set up signatures that are addedautomatically in all your sent emails. Lycos has a unique feature of replayingall the incoming emails automatically.

Thissoftware brings multiple filters for spam emails and offers you with 3GB freestorage space for emails.

This mailservice is completely free from advertisements and allows you to work withoutany disturbance. It also allows you to access your emails through POP3 as wellas IMAP.

These arethe top 10 free email service providers for your company. Email makescommunication effective and easy. To simplify your work and get amazing output,just pick the best email service provider depending on your needs.

Make the Most of Your Email

Now, youhave some of the best options for free mail accounts in 2020. But who knows?Your next email address could be totally different while giving you just whatyou need to succeed.

Once youhave selected an email service provider and launched a new email address mainlyfor your marketing needs, you should also work to leverage apps, outsidesoftware and APIs to add to your email strategy.

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