Narendra Modi – Struggles and Rise of a Leader

Narendra Modi – Struggles and Rise of a Leader
Narendra Modi – Struggles and Rise of a Leader

Narendra Modi – Struggles and Rise of a Leader

Shri Narendra Modi is an influential person in himself; time and time again he had shown his spirit as a leader, quick learner, a great manager, and a genuinely humble person.

He met failure many times in his lifetime but every time he made those failures his stepping stones by learning from it and kept his progress toward his goal.

There is surely so much to learn from the life of Narendra Modi. On this coming 17th of September, our prime minister will turn 69, therefore, I am presenting his life and leanings you can take from it.

Beginning of a Legend

On 17th September 1950, India's most successful and powerful leader was born, Narendra Modi. His family was finically poor but rich by heart. He was born in the post-independence era where most of the population of India was suffering from poverty and unemployment.

Without surrendering to the conditions, young Narendra Modi helped his father to live a happy life. He also used to do odd jobs like selling tea to continue his schooling. At an early age, he learned that everything is possible with the help of education, continuous learning and living independently.

Lessons to be learned:-

  1. Educate yourself and keep on learning

  2. Don't let conditions overpower your will

  3. Start living Independently ASAP

Early Politics Career

Narendra Modi joined RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) at an early age and learned some key qualities of life like dedication focus and discipline there.

In RSS he met numbers of influential persons who were also emerging leaders like Nathalal Jaghda, Lakshman Rao Inamdar, Vasant Gajendragadkar and many more; they were also the mentor of Narendra Modi.
Narendra Modi joins Bhartiya Janta Party from Gujarat in the 1980s as this was an emerging party that time that was loyal to their Hindu ideology. He worked as a field officer to establish BJP's in Gujarat. He developed unique methods of managing that focuses on the growth of the party as well as individuals.

Narendra Modi – Struggles and Rise of a Leader
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Lessons to be Learned:-

  1. Build a network of good people

  2. Learn from mentors' experiences

  3. Be a team player and work toward progress.

Rise of A Leader

Narendra Modi is known to serve as a chief minister of Gujarat for the longest time and he was also re-elected four times. He made what Gujarat is now today; he is the face of change in Gujarat.

He began many programs and implemented schemes in his 14 years serving as chief minister of Gujarat.

In this era of technological advancement, he made Gujarat fully digitalized and he had also developed policies that helped every type of business to grow.

The lesson to be learned:-

  1. Keep moving ahead with time

  2. Grow together

Two Time Prime Minister of India

No one had ever thought that a mere tea seller will be the prime minister of India twice as that with the majority. In the ceremony, he invited leaders of SAARC when he won the elections of 2014 and when he won in 2019 he invited leaders from BIMSTEC.

Narendra Modi has been a wise leader, from choosing their cabinet members to implementing new and progressive policies he had taken many important yet wise decisions.

He started schemes like Ujwala, Programs like Make in India, Skill India, Swatch Bharat abhiyaan and policies like GST which has proved to be beneficial in boosting our economy and GDP. The historic decision of changing currency notes was revolutionary.

There many people who oppose his decisions but this doesn't affect his decisions and he kept on doing things that are good for all.

Lessons to be learned:-

  1. Be a visionary

  2. Look for the long term as well as short term goals

  3. Be trustworthy

  4. Trust yourself

Narendra Modi – Struggles and Rise of a Leader
Narendra Modi – Struggles and Rise of a Leader

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