Delhi Plastic Ban — PM Modi Revolution for Banning Single-use Plastic Items.

Delhi Plastic Ban — PM Modi Revolution for Banning Single-use Plastic Items.

Delhi Plastic Ban — PM Modi Revolution for Banning Single-use Plastic Items. 

We have been using plastic since ages, be it packing of food, clothes, furniture or any electronic items, plastics are widely used. We know that plastic is harmful to nature, but we also can't imagine our life without the use of plastic because we have got a true alternative for plastic. Yes, plastic is by far the best substitute for wood as it has somehow reduced the cutting of trees. But the harm it causes to nature is much more, we are talking about the single-use plastic. 

Plasticitems which are only used once, like a bottled water shampoo bottle, foodpacking, plastic chair used for years and now you cannot use it because it'sbroken. These things go into the dustbin, and then the MCD disposed it, but dothey dispose of it properly? We all have seen piles of garbage on the side ofthe roads and blocking our water bodies the biggest example being the Yamuna.Plastic that was supposed as bliss is no misery. 

Our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi has recently declared a revolution against plastic. He points out that the Delhi NCR is the largest plastic waste generator in the country, and the harmful single-use plastic should be stopped from being circulating around the market of Delhi NCR. Official data shows that Delhi generates approx 9600 tonnes of garbage every day. Garbage from households which is folded or wrapped in poly bags makes it almost impossible to recycle. 

The garbage from our households ends up at the landfill site of Okhla, Ghazipur, and Bhalswa. They have almost taken the shape of a small mountain. PM Narendra Modi who has initiated this huge effort to scrap plastic by 2022 is going to launch this campaign to ban single-use plastic by October 2, 2019. He focuses the ban of Six plastic items such as plastic bags, cups, plates, bottles, straws, and some sachets. 

Thiswill be a complete ban of these items that cover manufacturing, usageas well as the import of such items.  

What arethe benefits which we will have from the plastic ban? 

Plastic ban will enhance the economy- 

Thiswill increase in the making of reusable things, hence, it willincrease employment people. Ban of plastic items will raise the economy. 

Reducing the cost of goods-

Plastic bags or packing plays an important role in the final cost of goods, by eliminating this the prices of goods will drop for good. 

Plastic items are not biodegradable-

This is the most important factor of banning single-use plastic as once used the plastic becomes a litter, and all they do is that they pollute our environment and harm our nature. Oceans, rivers, cities, and our neighborhoods. Ban of plastic is one step towards nature. 

Improvement of marine life-

Wateranimals are the true victim of plastics, they consume plastic mistaken for foodand eventually die. 

Better use of taxpayers money-

Banningplastic will reduce litter and all the money which was involved in a litterwill be redirected to something better.

Improved drainage system-

It'sthe plastic that blocks the drainage systems and causes overflowing. Thisproblem is widely noticed during monsoon. The decrease in disease-discarded plastic cups or platescollects water which creates breeding of mosquitoes which carry harmful viruseslike dengue and malaria.

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