Remembering Kamini Roy on her 155th Birth Anniversary

Remembering Kamini Roy on her 155th Birth Anniversary
Remembering Kamini Roy on her 155th Birth Anniversary

Remembering Kamini Roy on her 155th Birth Anniversary

Kamini Roy was widely known for her beautiful poems and her working toward the betterment of society in terms of education. Today is her 155th birth anniversary and Google is also celebrating this day by dedicating a doodle to her.

Being the first woman to receive a college degree during the age of British India, she dedicated her life to fighting for the education rights of women.

She was a great writer and poetess of the Bengali language. She was fortunate to be born into a higher-class family as her brother was the mayor of Kolkata and her sister was a physician from Nepal.

One of her major interests was in maths but she decided to complete her graduation in Sanskrit language. 

Remembering Kamini Roy on her 155th Birth Anniversary

Things you need to know about Kamini Roy

  • She was born on 12 October in the year 1864 in an elite family in district Bakerhanj which is now a part of Bangladesh.

  • She studied in Kolkata and completed her degree from Bethune College and began to teach there.

  • Kamini was inspired to dedicate her life to women's rights by one of her friends Abla Bose, who was working for women's educational rights, especially for widows.

  • Kamini Roy also supported Ilbert Bill after its introduction in 1883 during the holding of Viceroy Lord Ripon. Indian judges were more authorized when any European person is involved in a case, according to Ilbert Bill.

  • Many Indian social reformers were supporting the Ilbert bill but Europeans were protesting against this bill.

  • She developed awareness among women with the help of her inspiring poems and gave the right to vote for the women of Bengal, she also ran a campaign.

  • In the year 1926 during the general elections, women were given the right to vote

About Kamini Roy's Writings

  • Her father, Chandi Charan Sen was a role model for her as he was a judge and a writer. He was also an important member of Brahmo Samaj. His father has a great collection of books which inspired Kamini to read his books and gain wisdom.

  • Her writings were simple yet beautiful as she used easy-to-understand language. Her first book was Alo Chhaya which was published in 1889 and then a couple of books were published as well.

  • Kamini Roy was an inspiration to all the women as she inspired them to pen down their thoughts in the form of poetry.

  • She was also the president of the Bangla Literature Summit in 1930 and went on to become the vice-president of Bangiya Sahitya Parishad in 1932.

  • Her famous writings include Ashoka Sangeet, Nirmalya, Deep O Dhoop, Pundarik, Mallya O Nirmalya, Jeeban Patheya, Pauraniki, and Maheshweta.

  • She also wrote an essay book for children called Balika Shikhar Adarsh.

Remembering Kamini Roy on her 155th Birth Anniversary
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Remembering Kamini Roy on her 155th Birth Anniversary
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