8 Best Books for Young Start-up Owners

8 Best Books for Young Start-up Owners

8 Best Books for Young Start-upOwners

Will Smith, one the greatest actors in Hollywood once said that"There have been people who lived before us so there is no new problem whichthey haven't solved yet. There is a book for every problem." The same goes whenwe talk about entrepreneurship, every problem which you are facing or going toface has already been solved by an existing entrepreneur and there are multiplebooks from which you can learn how they have solved their problems. Followingis a list of books which every young start-up owner should read once in her/hislifetime.

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

This book is one of the most recommended books by top CEO's andbusiness leaders for young start-up owners. It contains seven principles andsteps that you should follow to have a successful and prosperous life. Thisbook has transformed the lives of many people; from presidents to topbusinessmen, this book is favourite to all.

  • Builtto Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras

Every entrepreneur and business owner should have this book on theirshelf as it will teach you how you can build a company which will last forever.Authors have done an in-depth study of the top 18 companies from theirinception. In this, they have shown how these companies tackled their competitors,what the best practices are, how to treat employees and how to scale it. Youcan learn from them and apply the same.

  • Howto win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was an amazing author of many self-help books and oneof them was this book.  For more thaneight decades this book has been teaching how a person can improve theirrelationships with their friends, clients and colleagues. This will be verybeneficial for people who are struggling due to their communication skills.

  • Thinkand grow rich by Napoleon Hill

This book is known to be the father of all self-help books. NapoleonHill wrote this book in the year 1937 by researching with top business leadersof America for over twenty years. This book will help you to change yourbeliefs and achieve success.

  • Goodto Great by Jim Collins

Everyone wants to be great, but how you can make yourself or yourcompany the greatest company? This book will show you how some companies can gofrom good to great and became a household brand. This book will show youpractical techniques which will help you to make your company great.

  • Groundswellby Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff

This is a modern book in which you will learn how social media ischanging the way we operate the business and how we use it to our benefits. Itwill allow you to make full use of the internet which is very crucial formodern-day entrepreneur.

This is the best book for getting understanding of money. In thisbook, the author will tell you the story of his two fathers, one who taught himhow to deal business and became rich and the other one who taught him to have agood education. If you are going to read this book then get ready because itwill challenge your beliefs about money.

  • Gettingthings done by David Allen

This book will teach you how you can manage yourself and get yourthings done. It will also help you to fight procrastination which is thebiggest enemy of human. This book is for young start-up owners who want to enhancetheir productivity.

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