Document360 Review: What Every User Should Look Into?

Document360 Review
Document360 Review What Every User Should Look Into?

Document360 Review: What Every User Should Look Into?

Business success highly relies on how you can please your customers. But that is the hard part. And one of the best ways to ensure an enhanced customer experience (CX) is to provide them with assistance whenever needed.

This includes quality help during customer journey including pre-sales, post-sales and on-boarding. And this is why you need the best knowledge base software — Document360.

Document360 is very well known in the market for its ability to help you establish and operate a rich self-service knowledge base for customers and the internal team.

In this post, we will review Document360 — how it can help agile teams, pros and cons, and the pricing as a part of what every user should look into this tool.

This review will give you a better idea of whether Document360 is a perfect application for you and which price package best meets your company's needs.

Let's get started.

What is Document360?

Document360 is an easy-to-use SaaS tool that is robust, modern, and cost-effective. What makes Document360 more appealing is the effectiveness of its analytics tool coupled with security and editing features.

How to create a knowledge base with Knowledge Management tool - Document360

Additionally, Document360 helps create external and internal knowledge bases that offer custom access control. This way, a knowledge base system boosts information sharing and value, enabling seamless communication with the internal team while also providing a great self-help opportunity for customers.

What should you consider before adopting Document360?

Most of the agile teams, be it in a startup or large enterprise, will need documentation at some point. Agile IT teams can opt for this SaaS knowledge base that provides a subscription-based model.

Since it is cloud-based, you can practically make this work on any OS. Simply put, you need a browser and internet connection to get started with Document360, meaning you need not worry about system upgrades.

Document360 is ideal for businesses who need agility in documentation, regularly update their documentation and operate an online support portal. Without a second thought, agile teams looking for an agile documentation solution may choose Document360.

Leverage Document360's back-end interface to easily publish and update your live documentation. With Document360, you don't have to redeploy your documents every time you make a change. Instead, you can edit and review the content to keep it updated.

When you are done with the editing, just click the publish button, and your documentation will be live. Repeat the process if you find a mistake.

What are the benefits of using Document360?

It is easy to create an online knowledge base using Document360 as authors, editors, reviewers, while admins can contribute to documentation.

Document360 has several characteristics that are useful for a knowledge base. Let us check out some of the major benefits of using Document360 as a knowledge base tool.

Workflow: You can define the editorial process to let reviewers read and approve the content before publishing it online. By defining access control, you can only allow a limited number of people to publish the document, ensuring that only high-quality and proofed material goes live.

What are the benefits of using Document360?
What are the benefits of using Document360?What are the benefits of using Document360?

Version control: There is no need to overwrite the article content as it is easy to control the same with the version control feature.

Simple editing: There is no need to rely on developers as you can quickly customize knowledge base design using the text editor in Document360 like WYSIWYG and Markdown editor.

Realtime search: Respond quickly to users seeking an immediate solution by leveraging the real-time search feature of Document360.

File manager: You will get a dedicated media/file manager working on a knowledge base using Document360. Also, it is easy to deal with supporting materials, adding photographs, videos, and PDFs.

Document360 Review

Seamless hosting: Document360 is a great SaaS solution that takes care of hosting and delivering high-performance content to your end-consumers.

Category management: Get drag-and-drop reordering, concealing, and limiting access to certain team members, as well as the flexibility to establish a deep hierarchical structure using category management.

Localisation: Reach a global audience with Document360 as it helps create support resources in different languages that come with machine and human translation. This way, your customers would no longer encounter language barriers while trying to get self-service through your website.

Single Sign-On: Enterprise benefit from single sign-on (SSO) implementation where IT teams need to use multiple tools and log in and log out when switching software. Document360 offers SSO in two different standard protocols viz; SAML and Open ID.

Ticket Deflector: Document360 lets you deflect incoming customer support tickets by using the power of your knowledge base. It helps your customers self-serve themselves and decrease the cost of managing tickets.

It comes with a knowledge base assistant to offer in-app support and contextual help. You can quickly activate or deactivate it at any moment. Also, it is possible to embed it into any HTML website.

Document360 Support & Customer Service: Benefit from Document360’s 24/7 customer support. You can reach out to them via email at

If you think you can benefit from Document360’s features mentioned above, then you must consider using it.

Downsides of using Document360

The cons of Document360 boil down to whether its features suffice your need for a knowledge base.

For instance, Document360 is not the right choice for someone looking to get a full-stack helpdesk solution. But, you can do so by integrating it with other helpdesk solutions like Freshdesk, Zendesk, Intercom, etc., as Document360 provides such integrations.

However, Document360 lacks integration with other knowledge bases. These will help if you’re on a tight budget and looking for a collaborative documentation solution.

Choose from its 3+1 pricing models

Startup Plan

This is suitable for a team looking to get started with the knowledge base; ideal for small businesses and startups.

Price: $99/month


● 2 Team Accounts

● Full knowledge base version

● 3 Documentation Versions Backup & Restore (1 day)

● Unlimited Articles Unlimited Article Revisions

● Unlimited Public Readers Landing Page Custom Domain (with SSL)

Business Plan

Small to medium businesses can opt for this plan. This one is for those already using some of the other documentation platforms and planning to migrate or have a higher need for a knowledge base.

Price: $299/month


● Everything from the Startup plan

● 10 Team Accounts

● 10 Documentation Versions Backup & Restore (30 days)

● Custom Javascript / CSS / Tags Integration Redirection Private Documentation

Enterprise Plan

Large businesses and enterprises can opt for this package. This is ideal for teams working across different cities, states, or countries.

Price: $499/month


● Everything in the Business package

● 15 Team Accounts

● Unlimited Documentation Versions Backup & Restore (90 days)

● Analytics (180 days)

● Yearly PO & Invoicing available White Label

Enterprise Plus Plan

Large-scale enterprises looking for a custom knowledge base solution can opt for this package. This is for businesses looking to get a private hosting environment to share sensitive business information.For more details click here

The bottom line

Businesses pivoting customer experience can hugely benefit using Document360 as it offers an ideal solution for any team of any size. This is your go-to SaaS platform for all your collaborative publishing needs that also takes care of documentation's design and security aspects.

With Document360's range of features coupled with different price plans, you can begin with the one that suits you the best. You can also upgrade to a more sophisticated plan as your business expands.

Document360 helps create both internal and customer-facing knowledge bases along with training manuals, SOPs, a knowledge base for your contact center, FAQs, and plenty of other documents.

Document360 Review
Document360 Review
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