Priya Gupta & Simplifying the Documentation procedure since Inception

Priya Gupta &
Priya Gupta & Simplifying the Documentation procedure since Inception

PriyaGupta & Simplifying the Documentation procedure since Inception is evacuating all the hurdles which were faced during the procurementof Stamp papers and has moved one-step ahead towards hassle-free India's Documentation system.

Digitization is spreading across India with accelerated speed. Although there are some areas that are still untouched fromthis evolution and Documentation is one of them.

That's why, even in thisultra-modern age, we have to stand in the queues to get stamp papers and make essential Legal Documents. It takes a lot of energy and time.

Tostreamline the process, three Idiosyncratic, Rajnish, Priya and Ayushintroduced a new definition of Documentation and laid the foundation stone in May 2016.

The key motive of this foundation is that people don'tneed to visit Court/Sub-registrar's office multitudinous times and wait inqueues for Documents. They are easily accessible online in India's trusted and Easy-to-use Documentation portal –

The three Idiosyncratic have made the process"expeditious, economical and much easier" that even the person with lesserknowledge of technology can operate it easily and can have the Documentsdelivered quickly at their doorstep.

Till date, the team hassupported thousands of people with 1000+ new sign-ups per month and working forrenowned multinational companies to simplify their Documentation process andhave captured a good position in the market.

They have prepared over 3, 00,000Documents till-date to get the agreements and contracts, saving ample timeand money of citizens.

Illustrationof new sign-ups per month since May 2016
Illustrationof new sign-ups per month since May 2016Illustrationof new sign-ups per month since May 2016

Illustrationof new sign-ups per month since May 2016 is touching the sky of successbecause of the skills of three Idiosyncratic Hard work & Experience ofRajnish Gupta, Intelligence of AyushGupta and Dynamic Leadership of PriyaGupta

About Priya Gupta

She is an excellent leader with the corequalities of operation. Possessing leadership and effective negotiation skills,Priya is an asset to the company.   AsCo-founder and CEO, she is motivating her entire team to meet the diverse needsof clients.

Before coming on her current role, Priya worked in one of therenowned schools of capital as a Senior IT faculty.

Her qualification comprisesa diverse array of degrees, including BCA from IP University, PGDCA from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune University and few other Software developments and Testingcourses. She has also worked in a few NGOs and helps people with theestablishment in slums.

Ms Priya recently sat down with our editorialteam to share more about and her professional journey.

Here are theedited excerpts.

Take me to the genesis of your professional journey andinception of

After my studies, I was employed as a Senior IT faculty. While working, simultaneously, I was observing my father's business. He is a well-established Government authorized Stamp Vendor with strong clientele.

He had an office for the offline process, where he used to issue Stamp papers and various other Documentations to the citizen.

In my observation, I found this documentation process is full of inconvenience;citizens had to face a lot of hassle as there was a huge requirement with lesser sources. People were standing inlong queues, sometimes, frustrated too.

I was thinking to improvise this procedure while discussing with my brother, Ayush.

By keeping the entire situation in mind, we got an idea and decided to initiate an online portal that will avoid all these complications and customer will be able to apply for documents online by visiting our website and their document will be delivered.There will be no physical presence, visit and queue required.

Provide insight into and Area of Expertise. is an online Documentation portal which gives ease to get Stamp papers & all type of Documents executed & delivered at the doorstep and also tackles counterfeiting.


Provide insight into and Area of Expertise.
Provide insight into and Area of Expertise.Provide insight into and Area of Expertise.

We deal in the followingLegal Documents:

Priya Gupta &
HDFC Bank Business Loan: Eligibility, Documents, and More

What unique approach does your firm bring to support people? simplifies the process and help people getting their documentation need into their home. Tounder stand it properly, there is a comparison between the Traditional process and getting a document at

TRADITIONAL PROCESS                           AT EDRAFTER.IN

What unique approach does your firm bring to support people?
What unique approach does your firm bring to support people? What unique approach does your firm bring to support people?

While taking the generation from traditional documentation tothe online process what have been the opportunities and the challenges?

The major challenge was to convince people how & why to use the portal. In everybody's mind, the meaning of getting the stamp paper means to visit the court. Telling and making them understand and building trust in their mind to purchase stamp papers online was a hard stone to break.

The biggest opportunity is as we are working on an online platform unlike the offline process, we get the chance to capture the market on the wider range.

How was your experiencewhile joining your father's business? Provide words of encouragement for otherwomen as well.

When I joined my father'sfirm, people put many questions on me – beinga girl why are you entering in your father's business? Why do you not do yourown job? What will you do after marriage?

But in the end, I stayed atmy goal. My family supported me and stood with me.  I concentrated to create the portal,fulfilled my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, and now, you can see where weare.     

I suggest other women to stoplistening to other people, who keep on raising their voice and be focused onwhat you want to achieve. You are not living to answer their questions; you'rehere to build your own empire!  

Forthcoming Agenda

Our future strategy is toexpand our business in all the remaining states and also overseas. Our agendais to develop our portal for an end-to-end legal documentation service aroundthe globe and also establish a marketplace for stamp vendors, where they canget online orders from customers across the globe.    

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs who wish toenter the start-up world?

Practice consistency and justnever stop yourself from digging new ideas.

Guiding Force

Rajnish Gupta


Rajnish Gupta is the founder of From a humble beginning to become a highly sought Stamp Vendor,Mr Rajnish has worked his way to the top of his field and earned a good recognition & reputation in the Market.

He is the strongest pillar behind the foundation of He has always stood up and has faced challenges with dignity and has encouraged Priya & Ayush to follow the same path. 

He has an unmatchable experience of 29+ years in the Legal Documentation market and his entire professional journey is recommendable.

Ayush Gupta

Co-founder & IT-head

A young and dynamic personality, Ayush Gupta is a "Brain behind the concept". He is the IT-head and co-founder of and skilled in infusing his knowledge in the growth of

Ayush is a multi-tasking personal with a charming personality who always encourages the entire team to push up their skill areas.

Priya Gupta &
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Priya Gupta &
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