10 Important Facts about Instagram, You Should Know

10 Important Facts about Instagram, You Should Know

10 Important Facts about Instagram, You Should Know

Puja Bhardwaj || Startup City

The story of Instagram success is like a Silicon Valley fairytale, with the company getting a tremendous drive. Launched in 2010, the apptakes itself only eight weeks to develop before launching on Apple's iOS, andwithin a year and a half, Facebook had acquired the company in 2012 for $1billion in cash and stock.

Instagram has taken the mobile photo-sharing niche by storm andhas become a dominant name. Present-day, it has over 700 million users aroundthe globe and has become one of the largest social networks.

The Beginning

KevinSystrom and Mike Krieger foundedthis photo-sharing app in a co-working space in 2010. Systrom was a marketingguy, who at night learned to code and launched his application, named Burbn.Soon, Systrom met his friends working from VC firms and got them to discussBurbn. Just after the first meeting he left his job and raised $500,000 for hisventure.

Mike Krieger was the firstperson in his team. They found the application very common, and theydecided to pivot their model to communicate with images. They stripped the appof all features except uploading photos, commenting and linking it. And so itwas called Instagram as people were transferring a sort of instant telegramthrough it.

In a very short period, Instagram became the best photography app making over 100,000 users in a week and onemillion in 2 months.

Thinking touse Instagram to market your brand?Want to become Instagram famous?

Here aresome amazing and most surprisingInstagram facts that you should know:

  1. On average,every day 70 million photos in a dayare uploaded on Instagram. That comes out to nearly 3 million an hour and approx 50,000 in every minute.
  • KevinSystrom (@kevin) had posted the first-everphoto on Instagram on Jul 16, 2010.
  • The mostfollowed person on Instagram is SelenaGomez. She has over 69.26 millionfollowers ahead of Taylor Swift who has 69.13 million of her followers.
  • The top fivepeople on Instagram are all women.  Justin Bieber holds the six positions.He is the man with the highest numbers of followers, ranking just behindBeyonce in followers and a bit ahead of Cristiano Rinaldo.
  • Kendall Jenner has themost liked picture on Instagram, and it is a selfie. This image has animpressive 3.5 million likes and 167,000 comments.
  • Althoughvideos are growing more popular on different social sites, on Instagram photosstill get 36% more likes than videos.On an average, photos are getting more likes than videos on Instagram. 

Moreover, photos with faces get 38% more likes than photoswithout faces. So if you are not getting enough likes, make sure your pictureshave a face in them.

  • Instagramhas come up with the advertising features in October 2013 only for select brands. It started advertising for allin September 2015.
  • As of 2017,there are over 1 billion active userson the platform up from 800 million in 2017). Half of those users are activedaily.
  • The hashtagis vital for engagement on Instagram. Posts having at least one hashtag get 12.6% more engagement thanthose without any hashtag.
  1. 5 PM on Wednesday isconsidered as the best time to post on Instagram for the most engagement.

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