We all know about Twitter, it is one of the most popular socialmedia platforms, with over 300 million active users logging in a month. It isgrowing exponentially and has become an ideal place to get quick, updated news.Twitter works as a social network, like Facebook, but this is speciallydesigned for those who want instant access to news.

In honour of this amazing social site, we are here some amazingfacts about Twitter that you do not about it.

  • Data says that in every single minute, 350,000 new tweets are posted on Twitter.
  • Do you knowthat 93.6% of profiles on Twitter have less than 100 followers and 92.4% followless than 100 profiles? This data shows the majority of users on Twitters aremarketers.
  • When Twitterwas launched, the first tweet of everyone was automated. Co-founder, Dorsey sentthe first tweet that was- beating Biz Stone by a minute on 21 March 2006.Today, this tweet has over 50,000 retweets.
  • The conceptof the hashtag was introduced in 2007. Chris Messina was the man behind this idea.
  • In total,there are a total 3,600 employees on Twitter, among whom 50% of the employeesare engineers. 
  • The mostinteresting fact about this social site is that it had only 8 employees in 2009and in 2011 it had 400 people.
  • You will besurprised to hear that the idea for Twitter originated in a companyBrainstorming session when Jack Dorsey proposed for a group SMS messagingservice.
  • Katy Perryis the most famous person on Twitter with the most number of followers. WhileYouTube is the most followed brand with 49 million followers.
  • It is lessknown but the unique feature of Twitter is that it does not allow you to follow2,000 people unless you have 2,000 followers.
  • This successful business also had to suffer loss at its initial phase. When Twitter was founded, it made zero dollars as revenue for the first three years.
  • According to the Vatican, you would be considered a better person if you follow the Pope on Twitter.
  • If we talk about the number of followers in countrywide, New York has the most Twitter profiled. Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco, and Boston are in the second position.
  • The mobile app of Twitter has different features than its Web version. On mobile, users can save drafts, but on the Web, visitors cannot save the unpublished posts.
  • Like other social platforms, Twitter has also some best times. According to experts the best time to Tweet is from 9 am to 3 pomp from Monday to Thursday.

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