Welive in the age of social networking, where the majority of the worldpopulation has present on social sites. The ease of connectivity and numerousinterfaces have given great push social networking to evolve into driving forcesundry day to day activities.

Ifyou are a startup company, invest in social media sites. Social media is one ofthe cheapest marketing forms and the ROI it is providing to the business worldis increasing more and more every day.

So,it is about time that you tap into it!

Butnow an important question is which social media is perfect for investment? Doyou need to invest in all of them?

Before we dive into the best social mediaplatforms for business, let's go through the top social networking sites andapps that rules and roost in 2019:

  • Facebook

Facebook is the top social networking site with over 2 billion active users. All content formats works here like text, images, videos, live videos, and stories.

  • Founder:Mark Zuckerberg
  • CEO: MarkZuckerberg
  • InceptionYear: 2004
  • Users: 2.23billion
  • Headquarter:  Menlo Park, California
  • Youtube

The biggest video-sharing platform, YouTube is on the second position on social media sites. Here, users watch a billion hours of videos every day. It allows you to watch videos, like, comment, share and also upload your videos by creating a channel.

  • Founder:  Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim
  • InceptionYear: 2005
  • CEO: SusanWojcicki
  • Users:  1.8 billion
  • Headquarter:San Bruno, California
  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of most popular social networking sites; it is an instant messaging platform, acquired by Facebook in 2014. This is primarily intended for smartphones. With it, you can communicate with one another through text messages, voice calls, video calls and sending images, audios, and videos.

  • Founder:Brian Acton, Jan Koum
  • InceptionYear: 2009
  • CEO: JanKoum
  • Users:  1.5 billion
  • Headquarter:  Mountain View, California
  • Instagram

A social networking application dedicated to sharing photos and videos, Instagram allows you to share a variety of content including photos, videos, stories, and live videos. It recently launched IGTV for long videos.

  • Founder:  Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger
  • InceptionYear: 2010
  • CEO: KevinSystrom
  • Users: 800million
  • Headquarter:Menlo Park, California
  • Facebook Messenger

Although Facebook Messenger is a part of Facebook, you have to download this application separately. It allows you to send direct messages, exchange photos, videos, and other files. It also features games and money sending options between users.

  • Founder:Mark Zuckerberg
  • InceptionYear: 2011
  • CEO: MarkZuckerberg
  • Users:  1.3 billion
  • Headquarter:Menlo Park, California
  • Twitter

One of the older social media platforms, Twitter allows you to post photos and videos and a character-limited copy accompanied with images, videos, gifs, and hyperlinks. It is widely famous for its feed of real-time updates.

  • Founder:Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams
  • InceptionYear: 2006
  • CEO: JackDorsey
  • Users: 330million
  • Headquarter:San Francisco, California
  • LinkedIn

World's largest professional networking, LinkedIn supports people to create professionals networks and engagement with other people. It is a platform for finding jobs, employees and connects professionals with mutual interest.

  • Founder: KonstantinGuericke, Reid Hoffman, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Allen Blue
  • InceptionYear: 2002
  • CEO: JeffWeiner
  • Users: 332million
  • Headquarter: Sunnyvale, California, UnitedStates
  • Pinterest

An image collection site, Pinterest is getting great popularity these days. It allows you to visually share, and discover new interests by posting images or videos to your own or others' boards.

  • Founder: Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, andEvan Sharp
  • InceptionYear: 2009
  • CEO:  BenSilbermann
  • Users: 250million
  • Headquarter:San Francisco, California, United States

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