How to Get Featured in a Start-up Magazine

How to Get Featured in a Start-up Magazine

Howto Get Featured in a Start-up Magazine

Having a brand meansthat you need to make it visible to the public. There are some things you cando to make your brand visible into the public eye like owning a blog, stayingactive on social media, TV show or featuring in a startup magazine. As a youngentrepreneur, it can be hard to get your business featured in a startupmagazine especially when you don't have any links or a PR firm working for you.

Well, a startup magazineis always looking for young entrepreneurs to get them featured in their magazines;all you need is a little research to find the right magazine. Below is a stepby step process of getting your business featured in a Startup magazine.

  • Craft your story

Editor of a startupmagazine loves stories, especially success stories. So before you contact anypublication, prepare your story and craft it in a way that the editor will loveto hear it. Tell them the inspiration behind your business, what are yourbeliefs, why you are unique from your competitors because all these things willhelp the editor to create an amazing story and hence, your reputation willincrease.

  • Researchwell

It is advisable to gofor the local publications before you can contact major publications as it willgive you a strong base and confidence as well. Before you finalize anypublication, take some time to read their magazines and how they write alsocheck their website and reviews as well. It is important to know that the givenmagazine have or have not the audience which you are looking for. Once you finda suitable section, waste no time in contacting them and asking for thedetails.

  • Pitchto the right person

This is the mostimportant step to get your business featured in a startup magazine. After youfind the perfect magazine and the contact details, it is time to pitch yourstory. Send an email to the editor of that publication in which you are goingto appreciate the work of that person and how your story is going to providevalue to their media publications. Remember, don't send a random message as itwill look very unprofessional always write a personalized email of 3-4paragraphs and it will work wonders.

  • Followup

Follow up is the key tohave a successful business. Once you have sent the mail, chances are that yourmail will be left unread so following up becomes important. Wait for a week andif you didn't get a reply then send another email to the same person about theprevious mail. Follow up is an amazing way to get leads, mentions and sales.

  • RespondTimely

An editor works on avery tight schedule so it is important to respond to them quickly. If an editorgets interested in your story, they might ask for your product samples orimages of your products so make sure you have everything ready.

Well, this is the way to get your business featured in a startup magazine. A startup of business magazines can help a young entrepreneur in many ways. Reading the best entrepreneur magazines can give you the information you need in this competitive world.

What you need

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