Major Factors to Consider Before Buying an ERP Software

Major Factors to Consider Before Buying an ERP Software

Major Factors to Consider Before Buying an ERPSoftware

Industry 4.0has brought about rapid transformations and digital trends. It has also pavedthe path for organizations to reap the rewards of successful ERPImplementations. ERP Software is comprehensive business management software andit supports a company to manage all the departments and track everything inbusiness.  It also measures and presumesthe benefit that an organization will get with the help of informationcollected and details provided to it.

With processand data automation, integration, enhanced efficiencies, and many otheradvantages, the question is no longer whether to invest in ERP but rather howbest to go about it.

We allappreciate that an ERP system is a large software purchase that costs time,effort and money. So we will make sure that this investment pays dividends,immediately and in the coming days?

Here aresome major points to keep in mind;

  • Review industry Trends- What direction isyour industry growing: what are the major innovations like digitizing or 3-Dprinting, going to affect your company?

You have decided to buy ERP software because you do not want to beleft behind, become a leading player in the competitive market, or lose acustomer. But you will also have to review at how your industry is progressingso that your software selection criteria will not only enable you to keep upbut stay ahead of the herd.

  • Plan your Business Strategy- How will your company adapt to and cope with the developments your industry is going through: have you considered changing how you do things? You already have seen the industry dynamics and how you wish to respond, now you need to work to translate that into some specific actions that will completely change the way your business works.
  • Discuss with Your Customer and Suppliers-What would fascinate your pontifical customer to work with you? You know wellwhich customers and suppliers will provide you a thoughtful and honest answer.They hold some perspectives and insights that you do not have; they are alsothe people who will assure your bright future and continuous success.
  • Get Professional's Advice- Take help frompeople who are professional and have enough knowledge of ERP Software. Try toget an idea from them about the kind of ERP that will suit your business andwill bring multiple advantages for your type of work. When you are fully sureabout the software and its details, then go ahead with shortlisting as you needto be aware of the questions that you are supposed to ask the vendors so youcan get out all the information from them. In case, you are not aware of thesoftware there is no way that you will be aware of what you are looking foreither. Hence a proper knowledge about ERP solutions from a professional is avital factor before you go to any vendor and buy ERP Software.
  • Discussions- Talk to colleagues in othercompanies who have been through the same process. Suppose, you have not boughtor sold a house, you will ask a few friends for tips, the same thing applies whenyou are going to buy an ERP. Even if you have already an ERP system, years havepassed, things have changed, so do not assume your previous selection processwill work now also. Try to get guidance from colleagues and avoid some commonmistakes people usually make while buying the software.
  • Engage Your Team- Before making your finaldecision, talk to company staff and get their buy-in. It is now a known factthat the success of an ERP process completely depends on how your team works onit. The earlier you discuss with your staff, share the vision and directionsand get their side. The greater the change your ERP project will be successful.
  • Review Your Business Processes- Check howthings get done in your business. You may think that you know well how thebusiness operation, but until you examine how people actually do their work,you will not have the right foundation on which to make improvements orinnovations to business processes.
  • Keep Eyes on Your Performance Measure- How doyou perform against and what you want to do with any innovation. Analyze yourbusiness process properly, review how do you perform on those processes? Howyou can improve, or change and make your overall performance better?
  • Make a Short-list- Check everything you havelearned from the previous steps. You now have a proper idea of what the majorareas of the business that need modification. It will direct you on how youselect an ERP solution.
  • Fix Timeline- It is almost impossible to getall the information to make a final set of completion dates. Here, the best wayis to start thinking about timelines. In the words of Eisenhower, "I havealways found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable."
  • Create Executive Committed- Executivecommitment means staying involved during the implementation, and moreimportantly, once the systems are being used.

Major Factors to Consider Before Go with AnyERP Vendor

Check all the Options

There are alot of options available in the market when you decide to buy an ERP solution.So do not limit yourself with just a few, find out and try to read more andmore about ERP software and find out the features of each ERP and read theirreviews.

There mightbe a lot of ERP software that will fulfill your business needs, but checkdifferent options and select the best ERP solution for your business. Look atthe drawback of each option, compare them and then go ahead with your finalchoice.

Long-term Continuity

 A strong track record of success speaks foritself. Apart from the reasonable expectation of robust industry-provensoftware and excellent customer service, you can think that a reputable andwell-established ERP provider is here for the long haul, and holds a greatinterest in your current and future growth.

User Friendly

Read andscrutinize deeply about flexibility. When you finally buy any ERP Software youwould want to use it as fast as possible and therefore make sure that it isuser-friendly and your team is able to adapt to it quickly. It is not possiblethat you will spend a year training your employees how to use the software, itshould take only a maximum of two months, by this time employees should operateit entirely with ease. Therefore, make sure that it is easy for adopting andoperating so you use it as soon as possible and can utilize its advantagesmaximum. Hence software than customizing is the best ERP Software for yourbusiness.


The budgetis a game player in buying any software. It plays a vital role when you havedecided to shortlist any software for selection as you cannot just go aheadwith software that claims to be on the top of the market and spend everythingon the management and have a shortage in the budget for your business. Try tocalculate all the possible expenditures that will go it purchasing andeverything that comes with it including customization, monthly revenues andmore.

Free Trials

When you areconsidering buying ERP software, think to take a trial of the software. Itmakes everything easier for you. You can easily learn about the function ofsoftware when you actually use it and check on your own. All the ERP Softwareprovides free trial on their site therefore it is safer to take a free trialbefore you finally buy the product. Read about it, take advice and learn aboutit from a vendor is not enough unless you actually buy it out. It will help youto know how user-friendly your software is, how it is management, the amount ofintelligence it has and also the amount of customization it requires.

Buying anERP Software is a big investment. Think, review and buy the best solution thattackles all your business needs.

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