List of Top ERP Software for Large Business

List of Top ERP Software for Large Business

List of Top ERP Software for Large Business

ERP softwareincorporates common functional areas that are generally called and grouped asERP modules. These ERP modules are in Financial Accounting like General ledger,fixed asset, payables including vouchering, matching, and payment. The humanresources management modules cover recruiting, roistering, payroll, training,retirement, pension plans, retirement, separation and more.

Thissolution covers Logistics, Production other fields including the Engineering,bill of materials, work orders, capacity, workflow management, Order to Cash,credit checking, pricing, sales analysis and reporting, and salescommissioning.

Today, wehave hundreds of systems to choose from. Finding a perfect option and this evaluationprocess is a daunting task. To support you in finding the most reliable ERPsolution, we have come up with the list. The list of top ERP solutionshighlights the vendors that have strong functionality across differentindustries including professional services, retail, manufacturing, anddistribution.


One of thebest ERP solutions, SAP is specially designed for large, enterprise typecompanies across the globe. While the solution set can be the longest induration to implement, it is required to create mainly the needs of thecompany.

SAP is anintelligent ERP designed to drive instant value across all lines of a businessprocess by providing you with real-time information and insights deliveredthrough embedded analytics and reporting. The solution provides a personalizeduser experience with SAP Fiori for any device.

Oracle and NetSuite

Oracle andNetSuite are famous software used on a global scale. This platform is a complexset of applications; it can be leveraged in basic and advanced ways. Theacquisition of NetSuite by Oracle is offering benefits for both sides. It candevelop and offer add-on advanced functionality form the Oracle product suites.And, Oracle is benefiting from the lading SaaS methodologies and marketpresence of NetSuite.

Oracle ERPis a modern solution for accounting, financial planning and analysis, revenuerecognition, governance, project planning, tax reporting and more. It allowsyou to handle the highest transaction volumes and expense processing withexcellent processing speed through process automation.


Microsoftholds strong products not only for big sized companies but also for smallsized-companies. It is mainly a suitable option for companies that are alreadyleveraging the Microsoft technology stack. Present-day, Microsoft is emergingand earning remarkable market-share with various pre-configured businessprocesses.


Themulti-featured ERP business solution, ERO organizes and automates informationand workflows on varied business functions. The software takes care of theentire business and supply chain including accounting, distribution,manufacturing, point of sale and more. The Accounting feature incorporatesfunctions including General Ledger, Account Payable, Accounts Receivable,Payroll, Banking, and Banking Reconciliation. Its functions on reporting andarchiving data allow for easier building of bidets and also help users completeand analyze between budget plans easily. 


One of thefamous ERP solution providers, Infor is an emerging need on the global level.This platform is a set of applications that can be configured to tackle theneeds of a company. Many large enterprise type companies are matching up wellwith the best practice implementation accelerators.

Infor ERPAnalytics comes with interactive dashboards and a modern user interface. It canbe easily customized to fit the demands of your industry. The interface allowsyou to access visualize, analyze and also generate complex reports. It givesintuitive to enable managers to make informed decisions. It is offered on–cloud means information can be accessed anywhere, anytime and with minimal ITneeds.


One of theraising names for ERP solution providers in the US market, IFS has strongend-to-end functionality.  It is perfectfor who are bi consumer packaged goods companies with a global footprint.


Workday is arobust SaaS product and known as one of the leading names for ERP software. Ithas a strong human capital management features and focuses on financial management;the software is growing into an end-to-end ERP.

Abas ERP

The abas ERPsystem holds broad capabilities for small-to-mid-sized manufacturers in theassemble-to-order, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order environments. Thissoftware solution provides is widely known for catering to the needs of theircustomer and make adjustments to their releases to meet these needs.


When you arelooking for an ERP Software, Deltek is a steady-paced vendor. It isexperiencing growth and cloud consolidation of its products. Deltek is quitefamous for offering a varied set of solutions for small to large companies andhas flexibility in their basic versus advanced functionality.

Ramco ERP

Ramco ERP isa revolutionary enterprise application also famous as an assembly and deliveryplatform. It enables you to get a 360-degree view of your business, at anytime, and from any place. Ramco integrates all kinds of business functionsunder a single platform on the cloud allowing you to drive innovation acrossthe value chain, enhance efficiency and save on time and cost. It covers thehuman capital management system that allows you to place employees, rather thansystems, at the core of the business initiatives.  It also has talent management, reporting,workflow management and more.


If you arelooking for enterprise management with solid and end-to-end functionality, Sageis the most reliable choice. People mainly prevent it because of its intuitiveuser interface. Besides, it has high adoption rates across the market overall. 

What to Expect from ERP System

Onboarding and Time to Market

ERP softwareis best known as a category of categories and each instance of the software canbe made of different features and modules that best suit the requirement of thepurchasing company. As said, onboarding can take anywhere from a couple ofweeks to a few years as per the size and complexity of the buying company. Giveattention to features that are covered, any integration you can easily make toexisting software not covered by those features, and the cost of any custom oradd-on features. Don't forget to ask any ERP vendor up-front whether they havechare an onboarding fee for any initial services.

Pricing Overview

In the lastfew years, the ERP software market has grown. The number of companies in theindustry has increased and started providing lots of options for a singlelicense as well as subscription SaaS products with varying price ranges. As perthe features of your company's needs, ERP software can range from a couple ofdollars a month perusers at the SMB level to many thousands of dollars a monthfor an enterprise corporation.

Reduced Software Overhead

ERP softwareallows you to consolidate their tools into a single unified system. Instead ofpaying for separate subscriptions for supply chain management, core HR, CRM,shipping as well as inventory software. As per the size and complexity of thecompany, you can reduce the number of a software system and can cut the monthlyoverhead.

Selecting an ERP Software Solution

We cannotdeny from this fact that buying an ERP solution is complex, filled withcustomization requests and uncertainly about vendor capabilities. Here, weusually look for third-party support for implementation is very common, and inthe case of enterprise vendors, usually required.

These arethe top ERP Software for Large business. We hope you find the solution for yourbusiness and grow your business rapidly.

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