This is a digital era, where everything is done online. Having anonline presence allows you to reach others in ways that were earlier notpossible, making the benefits of having one obvious. Although, starting awebsite is a tough task. It involves a lot of things, and web hosting is one ofthem. If you check the marketing of web hosting 2019, it was high.

First, you need to know the basics of a website with hosting. Thebasics part incorporate understanding what is website hosting, what is domain;learning how data storage, bandwidth, and uptime impact your website and whatkind of web hosting is suitable for your business. 

Whether you build your own website or hire someone else to createit, a web host is important in order to publish a site online. Here, we haveprovided a myriad of facts about website hosting and domain name registration, howweb hosting happens and many more;


Web hosting is the service of providing storage space for awebsite or app on a server on the internet. Once your website becomes live onthe internet, you can easily access it by other computers connected to theinternet.


Web hosting is a "physical" space granted to you to store yoursite and the connection required for others to access and use your website.This space is located on a server that gives the storage and access to yoursite through the digital medium. Servers are actual, physical machines, butthey can build virtually.

Web hosting is bought from a web host; sometimes it is also calleda web hosting provider. You can think of a web host as your website landlordwhere you lease out space for your site on a monthly or yearly basis as peryour web hosting plans.

A website holds text, files, images, videos and many more. A webhost can contain and take care of all that information. There are severaloptions that most web hosting companies offer, and every company has its ownset of advantages and disadvantages that should be heavily considered beforeyou select one for your site.  Manycompanies offers free service if you are a small business try website hostingfree India.   


A domain is just the name of your site. You can provide this namein a different way to people, and they will be able to visit your site. Manypeople ask about website hosting names.  While the domain anatomy can be taken further,you can consider a domain as a name for a business. Domains present aneasy-to-remember way for people to find your website online.

If domains are what you tall a business, IP addresses are wherethat business is located, as a physical mailing address of a person. Keep inmind that every server generally holds a single IP address; also, there areways to set up more addresses.

Websites can come and go, and domain can also be changed but, anIP address usually remains the same. Without IP addresses, online trafficcannot be provided "directions" to your website.

IP addresses are tied to servers; domain will need you to add yourname to a domain registrar. Domain registrars are universal ledgers; they trackwhat names are already taken. As there are standalone registrars, most webhosts let you register a name with them; many companies will provide you a freedomain name for a year.   


The website hosting business is in great demand these days. Webhosts are those companies that rent out their services and technologies to hostwebsites on the internet. When the hosting company starts hosting your site,users can easily access it just by typing in your web address in their webbrowser. When they type the name, their computer connects to the server yourwebsite is hosted on. The server, in turn, serves the website to your webvisitors in their web browser.

Usually, a web hosting company does more than storing your site.Here is the list of some value-added services offered by the web hostingprovider:

  • DomainRegistration- You can purchase and manage domain and hosting from the sameprovider
  • WebsiteBuilder- Get a drag-and-drop web editing tool to build a website
  • EmailHosting- Take the service to send and receive emails from your company mail ID
  • Basictechnical and CMS

Let's learn websitehosting if you are a newbie.

First of all select a perfect web hosting provider. It offers the webspacewhere your site files are stored along with the technologies and servicesrequired for your site to be viewed on the Internet.

Some common add-on services offered by a web hosting providermainly include data backup, firewall protection, technical assistance, domainname registration, website building tools, and applications.


  1. Decide what type of website you want

There are mainly 2 types of the website;

Static orBasic Websites: Static website is very simplewith one or more web pages, they are also known as HTML pages. You can buildthem on your computer system with software such as Dreamweaver and then uploadthe pages to your host's server by using any FTP software.

Whenever you want some changes in your site, you will have to editthe pages on your system and upload them again by following the same process.These sites cannot be modified dynamically that is why they are called a staticwebsite. Although these websites are a cheaper option, they come with limitedfunctionality and no option for e-commerce or interactivity.

DynamicWebsites: Dynamic websites holdinformation that changes depending on the time of the day, the views and otherfactors. They work on both client-side and server-side scripts to create andupdate content. See, client-side scripts run on a user's system; they aremainly used for appearance and interaction purposes. And, server-side scriptsreside on a server and are used by E-commerce and social networking sites.Under these scripts, users hold individual accounts and provide a customizedresponse for every user.

The best part about dynamic websites is that they are CMS-driven,and allow users to add and edit content like text, design, photos, and videosdirectly. This is an ideal option for businesses and organizations.

2.  Select Your Hosting Server

People always get doubts about hosting and ask which web hostingis best. See, there are basically two types of hosting platforms. Both are goodin their ways, according to your hosting needs and what you are mostcomfortable with, you can choose your hosting platform:

LinuxHosting– Linum hosting allows runningscripts written in PHP, Perl, Python, and other Unix-originated languages, andmainly supports PostgreSQL and MySQL database. It is the most commonly usedsystem these days.

WindowsHosting- The second option is WindowsHosting. It allows running ASP scripts by utilizing .NET and other Microsofttechnologies and also supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access database.   

These two website hosting options choose any of them as per yourneed.   You can also read the websitehosting reviews it will give your proper idea.

3. SelectYour Web Hosting Plan

In this step, now you will get a wide range of services in webhosting, some of them are below:

SharedHosting-: Shared hosting provides yourphysical server with another website owner. Here, you get your own separateaccount. It is very affordable because the cost of operating the service isshared between you and other website owners.

VirtualPrivate Server Hosting (VPS)-: Under theVPS hosting, every site is stored on a very powerful server, which is dividedinto several virtual compartments. The server software is configured separatelyso that each unit can work independently. In case, you have high-securityconcerns and you do not want to invest in a faster and costlier dedicatedserver, VPS hosting is the best option for you.

DedicatedHosting-: Dedicated hosting provides youan entire server. It is an ideal solution for larger business and high-trafficwebsites.

CloudHosting-: This kind of hosting allowsmultiple virtual servers to work together to host a site or a group ofwebsites. It offers complete support to handle sudden traffic spikes. This isthe perfect option for a large website, including e-commerce websites,newsletters, and blogs.

You need to be aware of while selecting your website hosting deals.WebEx hosting is on-demand these days, you can try it also.

Step 4:Change Your DNS Address

After buying your web hosting, you will get Name servers- which isthe Internet's equivalent of a phone book that contains IP Addresses. Get yourwebsite up and working, change the name servers of your domain. This is an easybut vital step for you to get things to start.

  • Go to yourDomain Control Panel
  • Enter yourregistered email address and password.
  • Click on theDomain Name for this, change the Name Servers.
  • In theDomain Registration section, you need to click on the Name Servers option.
  • Now, replacethe existing Name Servers with the ones given by your current web host, andclick on the Update Name Servers button.

In case, you have registered your domain name with a third-partyprovider, you need to log in to their Control Panel, update the Name Serversand other things.

Step 5:Upload Your Website

Upload your site to your account just by connecting to the serverusing either cPanle's Filed Manager after it, your website will go live.

How to Upload Your Website through cPanel File Manager

  • Log in toyour cPanel.
  • Click on theicon titled File Manager.
  • Select WebRoot and click on go.
  • Add all thefiles and folders under public_html and their respective domain folder.

How muchwebsites hosting cost?

The Website hosting cost completely depends on your use. If youare just starting out there is no reason for paying a huge amount. Start with asmall plan and as your site grows in popularity, scale up your hosting plansaccordingly and increase your website hosting server cost.

Hopefully, you would find the article useful. Start your onlinebusiness with a proper website hosting check.

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