Videos that promote your product through stories using animations and creative designs

Videos that promote your product through stories using animations and creative designs

Telling about your product, to the customer face to face gives the chances to clear the doubts before purchasing. It gives the chances to ask the questions if he is not buying.

When we are talking about the online video marketing, then it will be quite difficult to educate the customer about the concept or product and convince him to buy the product. This difficult work is started by the enthusiastic team from Coimbatore who is helping the corporate to promote their product in the video format. Indiamanthan had a good discussion with great entrepreneurs who are working really very hard to make the clients happy and satisfied.

Indiamanthan also asked many questions, the team was very excited to tell about their success story, we wishing you the best wishes to make a landmark in the last of Indian companies.

  1. A brief background about yourself and the co-founders, complete with full name, age, native and educational and professional background. 

GopalaKrishnan (Director of Sales) – 30, Coimbatore, BE (Computer Science) – Kumaraguru College of technology. –

UdhayaKrishna (Director of Production) – 26, Coimbatore, BE (Electronics and communication) – Karpagam University

Santhosh -26 (Director of Marketing), Coimbatore, BE (Electronics and communication) – SNS college of technology

Anilkumar (CEO) – 26, Coimbatore, – BE (Electronics and communication) – SNS college of technology

  1. A short introduction to the rest of your team. 

Please find the team description in this link:

  1. How did MPV come about? What exactly does it do?

We simplify informations through stories using animations and creative designs.

Storytelling is our strength. Right from our college days we used to create lot of videos which were appreciated by our friends and staffs. Meanwhile Gopal was doing a part time online business and he was learning about online marketing, while working in a reputed IT firm. He found that there is a great demand for video content creation. Gopal gave us an idea that we can get projects through internet marketing forums and freelance sites. Under the guidance of Gopal we four formed a team. We created a set of three video templates which can be edited and duplicated easily and sold them online. When we started we were just doing freelancing work and after effects video template creation and editing business. In Fact we did all kinds of videos back then. We even created a video product which helped many to create their own videos. While freelancing we found that the animated explainer videos are in great demand and not many are doing it properly. That was the most significant pivot point in our story. We thought we could provide world-class quality videos at affordable rates. From then on our focus shifted completely towards animated explainer videos. From being just an outsourcing company we started to become a brand. I have to mention Udhay and Santhosh who are the guardians of our branding and marketing respectively. We started getting the attention of big startups and enterprises. We started to build a team with a strong culture. Today our strength is our team and they played a major role in making this company a one crore turnover company in last financial year.

  1. Total number of videos you have made so far. Could you explain few of them, the best of the lot probably? 

We have done more than 130 videos and still counting. We give our best to all of our videos but still here are some of the videos which got us lot of attention.

Fresh desk: Freshdesk is one of the India's leading SAAS product startup based out of Chennai. This is one of the initial set of videos we created. The video we created for them was rated as one of the top 5 rising startup videos globally.

Webengage: Webengage is again a leading SAAS product startup based out of Mumbai. We tried to create not only a product demo video but a brand video which can help the startup in their branding. This video is still one of our favourite though it was created couple of years back.

Flipkart: Flipkart – Payzippy video is one of the major breaking point in our carrier. After this video the industry leaders started trusting us and started creating their explainer videos with us.

  1. Who are your clients so far and what have you made for each of them? (Please give a detailed list).
  • HCL
  • Flipkart
  • Ogilvy
  • Webchutney
  • Freshdesk
  • Webengage
  1. Have you partnered with any group, organization, or institution? If yes, when and for what? 

We have partnered with a social startup called Menstrupedia to create awareness on women hygiene during their menstruation.

  1. Talk us through the entire process of making a video, from the first meeting with the client to the final promotion of the video. 

We have a very detailed and a foolproof process that we developed over the period of years. This helps us to keep the consistency in the quality and the same time to save a lot of time in production. Here it goes.

Script: After we get a creative brief from you, we gear up to start on the script. When writing a script, we keep in mind the message you want conveyed, the style of the video and the time duration of the proposed video. We craft a script that is to-the-point and effective. We ensure that the script directly speaks to your audience. We move on to the next stage only if you are a 100% satisfied with the script.

Voiceover: We recommend to you the most suitable voiceover artist from our pool of extremely talented voiceover artists. If you have a particular artist in mind, we can work closely with them too. What matters most is that the end result should be to your satisfaction.

Storyboard: This stage is directly related to the script. The script is visually represented in a storyboard- very much like a black and white comic book- so that you get a clear idea of how the animation will look. All the key moments, the characters, the assets etc are covered in the storyboard, which comes with a visual description to give you a better understanding. Once you approve the storyboard, we start creating style frames.

Style frames: We use the characters and assets from some of the key scenes and present them in a digital format- like a snapshot of the video- to ensure that we have exactly captured the video elements to your liking. The color schemes, the textures, the look and feel of the video can be determined from this.

Animation: Once the style frames are approved, we start with the most important stage of animation. Our animators start bringing the video to life. Our animation process is the perfect union of arts and science, where the latest software, in the hands of highly gifted animators, guarantees that you get the best video. Throughout the process of animation, you are consulted so you can rest assured that the animation is progressing along the path you desire.

Sound Design: Apt sound effects and music are now mixed into your animation- they are like the icing on the cake. They add to the final charm of the video and are chosen to exactly match your video. Here also we give weightage to your opinion.

Delivery: If you like the video and "OK" it, we make it suitable for web and deliver it to you.If you want to embed it in YouTube or any other site, we can give you format options.

  1. Any plans to foray into 3D videos? 

We are already doing 3D videos. There is no restriction that we are limited only to a certain style. We use different styles for different videos based on the need and the budget of the video. Here is a link of our 3D video —>

  1. Are there other companies like MPV in India or abroad? If yes, how different is MPV from them?

There are many companies now creating explainer videos all over the globe. To name a few global competitors Epipheos, Grumomedia, Switch video etc. All are doing very excellent job. We try to be original to our thoughts and keep the quality consistent. Our videos not only sell their product but it will also become their brand identity.

Talking about startups, there are lots of businesses that have come up in Coimbatore. Is there any kind of business that you feel wont suit the idea of having explainer videos? If yes, why do you think so? 

Let's put it this way. Animation is a medium like a white paper. Through which you can communicate any message or information you want to be conveyed. Every business needs to sell their idea, USP, the process and the list goes. The need varies but the basic need for communicating the information effectively is something very essential for all the businesses.

  • What is the average duration of all your videos? Is it a conscious decision to keep them short? 

Yes. The average duration is 90 secs.

  • Your best experience so far when it comes to your clients- any particular standout feedback that you cannot forget? 

I would like to be a modest here. But to tell the truth all our clients love our team and the work we do. We are proud of every video we make and hence all our clients are very happy to work with us. I can tell my recent interaction with the CEO of web engage Avlesh. He said this was one of the best decisions he made in his journey of building his startup.

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