A Pioneer in the landscape of Drupal Web Solutions, Innoraft stands tall among the rest in the market

A Pioneer in the landscape of Drupal Web Solutions,  Innoraft stands tall among the rest in the market

A Pioneer in the landscape of Drupal Web Solutions,


The impulse to act as a pillar of growth to Startups, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises as well as large enterprises and even individuals with innovative solutions to accomplish their real time problems motivated two enterprising minds, Mukesh Agarwal and Basant Sharma to start Innoraft in 2011. The duo's passion for exploring new technologies and solving complicated problems drove them towards creating an organization which solves real world problems in a cost effective manner. At that time, the IT industry witnessed the arrival of a new and emerging technology, Drupal, a content management system to create and manage many types of Web sites easily.


Innoraft is a leading Drupal agency that creates personalized Drupal-based solutions for clients. These solutions are scalable, secure, and modular; possess rich features and are built for high performance. Established six years back, the firm has catered to several industry verticals such as Healthcare, IT, Social & Non-Profit, Travel & Hospitality, Education and E-commerce. It has obtained a strong foothold in the market by creating CMS(Content Management System) based websites for notable clients like HCL Technologies, MAX Healthcare, ICICI Bank, Shiv Nadar University, Maia Learning, Gauss Surgical, and several others. Since inception the company has achieved steady growth while offering award winning solutions to their clients; it has proved its capabilities in the domain.

Innoraft hails from Eastern India and it has pioneered the delivery of Drupal web solutions in that zone of the country. The company has positioned itself as one among the very few companies from India that offer only Drupal solutions. In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Mukesh speaks about the targeted business problem, "Any business, whether big or small, needs a website. And to just have a website is not enough. One must have a professional looking website for its customers to take it seriously. With our Drupal Website solutions, we ensure that our client's business grow in terms of new customer acquisition, existing customer retention, and higher revenue generation."  The company's forte lies in:

  • building the right information architecture
  • utilization of the most apt contributed modules
  • customization of contributed modules in the Drupal way
  • development of the most scalable custom modules/solution
  • designing and implementation of the most enriching user experience for the end users
  • responsive theming
  • performance optimization for both application and server


"We're driven by a passion to help our clients build stronger, more agile and more innovative businesses. Our seamless processes have been the secret of our growth; it has in-turn helped our clients build successful businesses. We always strive towards making everything "process-oriented". It has helped us inculcate best practices for development, code management, deployment, time management, and more. We take pride in timely delivery of work maintaining highest standards of quality. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients by offering them the best solution and impartial advice for their business", says Innoraft.

The company has been running on Bootstrap business model since its establishment and has not taken any external funding yet. It has fuelled investment for each financial year from the previous years' profits; a fact which has helped in executing scalable growth. Such a model enabled the company to achieve a huge growth that can be measured as ten times in terms of revenue generation in the last five years. Substantial increase in the team size accompanied with gradual expansion of services has stimulated the company's growth immensely. The team's dedication to work has resulted into acquisition of renowned clients like HCL Technologies, MAX Healthcare, ICICI Bank, Shiv Nadar University, Maia Learning, Gauss Surgical, and several others.


Innoraft began its journey in 2011 from Kolkata with three members and two moderately small projects. Since then, the company has come a long way both in terms of the team and the projects successfully delivered. Within a year, the team grew from three to ten members and the number of projects undertaken grew from two to five. For the next two years, Innoraft's focus remained on quality of work as we launched some big and complex websites with killer traffic. In the year 2014, the company took a giant leap with the launch of its new service – Managed Hosting that succeeded in making huge profits for businesses. Having developed strong capabilities in handling more traffic with fewer resources, the company achieved recognition in the market as a trusted partner to its clients.  In 2015, team Innoraft was awarded 'Effectiveness in Professional Group' by DMA Echo Asia Awards. The company is now a forty two member team operating from Kolkata and Jaipur.


Striding actively on the path of success, Innoraft now focuses towards expansion of its service portfolio with an addition of new trending technologies that cater to different markets like Data Analytics, Mobile Apps, IOT, etc. The company has grand plans for achieving leadership in all technologies in the time to come. It also wants to establish a much larger team and provide solutions in all the state-of-the-art technologies.


Basant and Mukesh very early realized the importance of the team. Internships to employments to appraisals and designations, everything has lead to one key success mantra – Leadership. Every member in the organization has learned ownership and leadership through the work that they do. Their voices are  heard and their recommendations are incorporated. When individuals become leaders, you don't need to hire leadership from outside and these leaders have the capability to create more leaders tomorrow. This mantra has worked for Innoraft in the past and they are very confident that it will work in the future too.

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