8 Most Common Web Hosting Problems and How They Affect Your Website

8 Most Common Web Hosting Problems and How They Affect Your Website
8 Most Common Web Hosting Problems and How They Affect Your Website

8 Most Common Web Hosting Problems and How They Affect Your Website

With the advent of digital technology in the form of the Internet expanding its wings globally, more and more businesses are coming to the front to establish their online presence every day.

But in this process of launching a business online, selecting the right web hosting service is important.

There are some web hosting companies to choose and that is why, many people get it tough to select the perfect one. Even if you have signed out with one, how do you know you are with the right web hosting company?

One of the interesting things about website hosting options is that the better it is, the less you think of it.

Ideally, your website is running properly so you seldom give much thought to your website hosting requirements. It is like an electricity connection in your house. It comes to the notice when something gets wrong.

With this in mind, let's go through some of the typical problems that individuals and businesses have with their hosts. These are major signs that it is time to rethink your web hosting choice;

Slow Website Loading and Navigation Speed

For a website to get more traffic, it must have fast navigation. Web hosting companies play a major part in the navigation speed of the site.

If a website takes a long time to load and for internal navigation, it is bound to get fewer users. It will also result in lowering the listing of the website in search results. All in all, it will reduce the traffic on the site.

To avoid this problem, check where the data centers of your web hosting company are located. If the data centers are located nearer to your website users, then it will enhance the speed of your website.

The amount of delay in the navigation of a site is known as network latency. You need to make sure that the web host you select is taking all the due care to reduce their network latency by making use of quality hardware and support teams.

ContentDelivery Network allows cached versions of the static portions of your site to be available at optimized speeds to different locations, and it will enhance the speed, especially when you have people visiting your website from across the world.

Check you are getting this service from your service provider when you ask him what are website hosting services.

Insufficient Security

These days, hacking and identity theft are major issues. That is why security has become an essential element you need with your web hosting service. In case, your website has already been hacked, it is a sign that your web hosting is not providing the level of security you need.

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that security depends on the type of play you choose. No matter who your web host is, if you go with a website hosting free trial, the security level will be below.

Also, a shared hosting plan is your least secure option. If you have a growing business, you need to seriously consider upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting.

Although, even with shared hosting, there are various levels of security. Always, gowitha web hosting with a secure data center.

Know Your Needs

As mentioned before there are many Website hosting platforms and service providers. But not knowing your web project's true needs makes it hard to select a proper web hosting company.

There are different types of web hosting companies, which may be good for a particular purpose, but knowing what to look for will lead to overlooking essential features.

Before even starting to look for hosting companies even if you want to take web hosting for 3 months, make clear your particular needs for software, hardware, disk space, bandwidth, uptime, support channels, technical support, and whatever is included in your hosting package.

Lack of Flexibility and Scalability

A website is not something fixed, you want your business to grow and evolve along with your needs. As your company progresses, your needs expand. A good website hosting builder or host makes it easy to scale your business.

As mentioned, you may want to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS or dedicated hosting plans. Besides, however, you want web hosting that offers a great deal of flexibility.

Here, a flexible host means that you offer many plans so you are only paying for the data you use. That way you can easily upgrade your service based on your needs. In a nutshell, your web host should be flexible enough to let your website flourish.

8 Most Common Web Hosting Problems and How They Affect Your Website
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Website Traffic Overload

The high amount of traffic to your website is always the end goal. It generates leads for your business, and as a result, revenue- that is the point isn't it?

Well, it turns out you can have too much of a good thing. If your site gets an unusually high amount of traffic in a very short period, your server may not be able to handle it. It can also slow down the speed of your site and hurt functionality.

In some instances, too much traffic can crash the entire server, shutting the website down completely.

Go with a hosting company that fully supports any amount of traffic and eliminates the risk of major server failure and other server problems. And if you are getting with it with your current service provider, you need to consider a website hosting transfer.

Poor Value

When we compare web hosting services in 2020, we cannot ignore website hosting prices. At the same time, don't be tempted to sign up with a company simply because it is cheaper.

The low price does not always translate into good value. At the same time, you should not pay more than you have to for reliable hosting.

When looking at plans and costs, ensure you read the fine print. Initially, many hosting companies offer cheap introductory costs but keep in mind you will have to pay the full price when you will go for renewing.

Too Much Time in Resolving Web Hosting Issues

Until your site is running smoothly, you don't need to worry. But the real problem starts when any problem occurs with your hosting and you do not have any other option but to wait helplessly until it gets resolved by your hosting service provider.

Make sure to check what kind of and how much support the web hosting company provides. Some web hosting companies provide 24X7X365 days online support to resolve any of your queries at any time.

While some service providers just provide a contact form to register your complaints and resolve them at their convenience. Several companies help you with their FAQ and forums to resolve your problem.

They are not so quick to support you even if your site is facing downtime and you are waiting for a solution.

Not Disclosing Limitations of a Web HostingPlan

Multiple web hosting companies do not disclose the limitations of their web hosting packages in advance. And this is the reason why customers fail to understand the scope of a service offered by the web hosting company.

Once you take service from the company, have a look that your site does not face regular downtime on the Internet. You need to have 99% for your site.

But many times it happens that companies do not disclose this information as to how much time they can provide for your website. In such a situation, you need to repent later on, if this aspect turns out to be a limitation of the web hosting company.

So check all the aspects of the web hosting plan before selecting the right choice for your hosting needs. You should better be acquainted with all the features and limitations of the web hosting services before subscribing to them.

Bottom Line

Web hosting is an important step to taking the business online. But ranges of the problem often occur in selecting web hosting which must be avoided at any cost. This article has listed some common web hosting issues and invites you to add more to the list.

Here, you can ask for website hosting reviews from your real-life friends or contacts on social media. Ask them to relate their experiences and then you can compare the customer services offered by different companies.

8 Most Common Web Hosting Problems and How They Affect Your Website
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8 Most Common Web Hosting Problems and How They Affect Your Website

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