One Stop Solution provider, Radiance Space Solutions emerges as a Corporate Player in Facility Management Industry

One Stop Solution provider, Radiance Space Solutions emerges as a Corporate Player in Facility Management Industry

One Stop Solution provider, Radiance Space Solutions emerges as a Corporate Player in Facility Management Industry

The facility management services industry in India envelops nearly every major sector including IT/ITES/BPO, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Government, and Education.  Latest researches reveal that an unprecedented growth in the IT/ITES/BPO & BFSI sectors would fuel the growth potential of this vertical. It has been already predicted that the facility management services market in India will grow steadily during the next four years (2016-2020) and post a CAGR of more than 17% by 2020 and cross USD 17 billion by FY'2020. At present, the Indian facility management services market is in its early growth stage and is evolving rapidly, fuelled mainly by the high pace of growth in the construction sector. However, the market appears to be highly fragmented and disorganized on account of being dominated by small and medium-sized unorganized players, who offer operating models covering less services with low standards to a limited number of clients in end-user industries.

The industry's need for bigger players, who can revolutionize the ways in which the Facilities Management industry has been functioning, inspired Mr. Dishanck Mohan, a Post Graduate in International Business and Masters in Marketing & Strategy from Warwick Business School in United Kingdom, to set upRadiance Space Solutions, a leading organization, which has the capability to provide a wide gamut of services under one roof. The firm acts as a one stop shop for the varied clients (Residential, Commercial and Project Spaces), to service all their space enhancement requirements covering – Deep Cleaning, Floor Enhancement, Paint Treatment, Furniture enhancement & Upholstery Cleaning, Pre-site Handover services, Debris Collection & Disposal, Housekeeping, Façade Cleaning, Material Shifting services, etc using state of the art technology available in the global market. The team uses high-grade cleaning products and tools to deeply clean environments for optimal results.Having started its commercial operations in 2015, the firm has asserted its position as a Corporate Player with the rapid expansion of its presence PAN India with offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.The firm is one of the only organizations catering to all three sectors – Residential, Commercial and Project sites.In line with the predictions, Radiance Space hopes to close the financial year (2016-17)generating a striking Revenue of INR 28 Million.

Mr. Dishanck Mohan, Founder & Managing Directorat Radiance Space Solutions, has laid the foundation of this organization on the core values of transparency, accountability, and mutual trust &respect. The work culture, here, is driven by a client centric approach and a work ethic that motivates the team to put sincere efforts towards upgradation and improvement in the quality of services while making them cost effective and environment-friendly. Emerging as a PAN India company, the firm is dedicated towards employing cutting-edge IT including web-based ERP systems, mobile applications and relevant delivery technologies along with industry best practices and institutionalized systems, thereby uplifting the standards of service delivery for the industry. Let's take a brief look into the key differentiators of Radiance Space's services that have enabled it to create indelible footprints in the landscape of Indian Facilities Management Industry.

Key Differentiators

Radiance Space Solutions is committed to providing customized solutions that combine technology and industry insights, resulting in creating a healthy work environment conducive to enhanced productivity. There are various reasons, which prove Radiance Spaces' superiority in the market.

  • A team of highly enthusiastic and efficient professionals that are committed to a singular vision of achieving excellence in the facility management industry by uplifting the quality of services and providing value engineering to its customers.
  • Trademarks and Word marks for the name and Logo's of the company & various service heads such as SOS (Smart office services), SHS (Smart Home Services)& 3S Deep Cleaning Process thereby enabling only Radiance to exclusively use the same.
  • Designated teams and workforce for separate verticals(Residences, Commercial & Projects). Great emphasis is laid on technical training of the workforce before deploying them in the field.
  • The multiple service teams are trained on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)inspired by the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences, specifically tuned and designed to suit the harsh Indian dust and dirt environment.
  • Specially developed web based ERP to streamline internal management and strenghtening This is supported by a mobile application for employees and clients, thereby enabling efficient reporting and real time status & feedbacks.
  • Focus on application of the 3S Deep Cleaning Meathodology –"Scrub, Sanitise & Shine" – a unique cleaning process, which has been specially designed in house by Radiance and have also applied to obtain trademarks and word marks for the same.
  • Customized approach towards the providing various space enhancement solutions for our clients across categories. Specialized packages be created as per their bespoke requirements.
  • Top-of-the-line machines, tools and cleaning agents from global leaders such asIPC (Italy), Bosch (Germany), Kärcher (Germany), 3M (US) and Johnson Diversey (US)
  • Unique system of conducting multiple checks at sites using traditional and digital tools.
  • Two Tier supervision mechanisms to ensure the efficiency in processes with optimum utilization of all resources. The same also acts as a major customer delight ensuring them a single point of contact by Radiance for all interactions and providing complete peace of mind to the clients.
  • "Attention to each and every detail", the philosophy that guides the execution of all activities and operations.
  • Use of effective, safe and green cleaning agents that are biodegradable. This is coupled with the use of extremely unqiue and premium cleaning solutions which are internationally sourced and used for enhancing selective surfaces and premium materials such as leather, suede, veneer and others.

Unique Selling Proposition(USP) – 3S Deep Cleaning Process

As different materials demand varied cleaning procedures, Radiance Space Solutions developed a unique in-house process to guide cleaning of items or spaces in a specific style; it recommends cleaning the core as the first step and follow that by using procedures to amplify visual appeal. This unique process can be applied in almost all places to ensure effective cleaning. The various stages are:

  1. A) Scrub -This includes preliminary dry dusting and cleansing to remove the top layer of dirt and dust mites from the surface of the item
  2. B) Sanitize – Special cleaning agents are applied using micro-fine dusters to intrinsically disinfect the item from germ contaminations and pathogenic microbes, while simultaneously extending its life.
  3. C) Shine – Finally, a top layer of polish is applied to the item and then buffed to enhance its visual beauty. 

Moving Forward 

Considering the multiple gaps in the Indian Facilities Management services, setting up Radiance Space Solution was a huge step for the founder, Mr. Dishanck Mohan. Since its incorporation, Radiance identified these gaps in the multiple service offerings currently available in the varied industries and specifically developed solutions to tackle them. Doing so has enabled them to bridge the gap between the client expectations and their service delivery, enthusaitcthereby earning tremendous appreciation from their elite client base in all industry segments.Through a robust marketing strategy encapsualting multiple personalized & digitial intiatives, the enthusiastic team at Radiance has had the opportunity to service multple corporates such as Google, Facebook, Adobe, KPMG, Barclays, cleaning over 2 million sq ft of commercial space and more than 500 posh residences including various HNI's& NRI's. By focusing their efforts in developing personalized relationships, the vibrant team at Radiance are able to attract a substantial value of their leads and enquries through customer referrals. Clients across the various categories are looking for professional companies that deliver as per their commitment and it is this belief that propels the energetic team at Radiance to constantly focus their efforts in achieving excellence and creating new benchmarks professionalism and client satisfaction.

The future of the Facilities Management industry in India is predicted to witness continual expansion due to the advent of smart cities and rapid growth of commercial spaces. Establishment of organizations like Radiance Space Solutions, which has positioned itself as a trusted name while revolutionizing the ways in which business processes were being carried out in the industry.

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