Shrijay Suratkal & Lawtendo: resolving legal puzzles with expert attorneys 

Shrijay Suratkal & Lawtendo: resolving legal puzzles with expert attorneys 

ShrijaySuratkal & Lawtendo: resolving legal puzzles with expert attorneys

Shrijay Suratkal: finding a proficient advocate is very complicated these days, we aresimplifying this arduous task into a straightforward way with Lawtendo.

The history ofthe legal profession can be traced back to the formation of the First BritishCourt in Bombay in 1672 by Governor Aungier in India.  The Legal history existing is the result ofthe story of the struggle for recognition, prestige, power, and income. Law asa profession has progressed after thousands of years and is growing at a rapidpace.

Through thevarious stages of progression, it has come to the place of recognition andsocial acceptance. Yet there exists numerous bias, ill-informed criticisms, andchallenges to get the right legal support among the all strata of the industrybesides finding proficient advocates.

Even in thisultra-modern age, solving legal issues and taking lawyer support arenotoriously associated with high retainers and confusing fees. But the majorprogress has been made with the entrance of start-ups and technologicalrevolution in the industry.  In order toremove all these legal hurdles and to streamline the process, Shrijay Suratkal, a person withextraordinary qualities, laid the foundation of Lawtendo. It was established in2018, presenting all legal solutions. With its ever-growing 10000+ lawyernetwork and having a meticulous background, the platform is covering numerousparts of the country including New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune,Jaipur, and more. Lawtendo is createdfor lawyers, by lawyers, it is revolutionizing the way attorneys practice lawpresent-day.

Lawtendo is ayoung team hence dynamic enough to leverage the technology with Speed and Delivery.It is supporting individuals and corporates both with the right lawyers as pertheir requirements. Lawtendo is a prominent and a reputed name in the legalworld, it provides the best legal corporate management and advice in acost-efficient manner by assigning a case manager for facilitating,consultation, and follows ups to the clients and reduces the legal cost by 50%.

It hasmultifarious advance case management tools and in-house legal counsels that areflexible and efficacious in terms of activity tracking, expense management,reports and analysis, client management and more. Lawyer Exchange matches lawfirms seeking support with attorneys seeking work and mentorship.

Known for his unique approach and intelligence,Shrijay Suratkal is heading the company; he is the CEO of Lawtendo. ShrijaySuratkal has done B.Tech in the Textile Technology from PSG College ofTechnology and is the brains behind the brand. He is a process driven personwho is committed to providing maximum satisfaction to clients. He creates theprocess with an aim to maintain and full fill the best of everybody's interest.

In an interview with The Startup City, ShrijaySuratkal discussed Lawtendo, its offerings, and his professional journey.

Here are theedited excerpts.

Throwsome light on your professional life. And, what inspired you to launch yourbusiness in this segment? 

It's tons of research on the legal market, and ofcourse, my interest in the subject that encouraged me to enter in this field. Ihave travelled to courts in Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities to understandthe legal system. I have previously worked in Adidas and was managing thedevelopment to production of apparel for the B2B business for a year and a halfbut always had a zeal for law somewhere.

The idea of Lawtendo actually started to pulp upsometime when I personally had the same issue. It was the only period, we had alot of legal issues related to family and to get a lawyer or rather say a goodlawyer. That is when it hit me that discovering a need-based lawyer is aserious concern. I always desired to lead a technology-based company. Fromindividuals, Start-ups to Corporates, everyone suffers legal hassles on daily,and we are here to resolve that problem. In my research incorporation my friendGurinder Singh, who is the co-founder & a chemical engineer from IIT Delhi,we concluded that Legal Technology is the path that is on demand and has anexcellent scope. 

Whathas been your toughest problem as a business owner and how have you dealt withthat?

The legal industry is a very close-knit industryand not being from the legal domain itself was the bit of a disadvantage.Lawyers initially would take time to understand our value editions. But overtime things have improved steadily. Today not only they wish to collaboratewith us but, the number of lawyer registrations at our site have gone up by150%.

Practicesoffered by the firm.

There are a lot of varied practices offered byour firm few of them are given below:

  • Documentation
  • Litigation
  • Wills probation
  • IPR to medical negligence cases
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Arbitration
  • Banking
  • Consumer Protection
  • Corporate Finances
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Labour Laws

The ultimate goal of all the services is toprovide quality service.

Whatunique approach does your company bring to resolve the on-going problems?

Individuals and Corporates find it difficult toget credible lawyers in their area or locality and in different cities becomesan uphill task. I have personally meet a lot of legal heads of the biggestcompanies across various sectors, and they have mentioned the same problem.Moreover, even if, they do there's always the lack of transparency related tofees. Lawyers sometimes overcharge, and the individual won't even know.Eliminating this dilemma is what we aim at. We provide a fixed price to ourclients not a single INR is taken, other than what is agreed to.

For every case, our clients & corporates whohave filed a case through us get a case manager. In the earlier scenario,clients never get updates of their case & getting to know the case statusbecomes an uphill task. We inform our clients on each step of the road, fromcase filing, hearing dates, updates on the hearing & next hearing dates.

At Lawtendo we ensure that a particularspecification is maintained. Supposedly if you have got a divorce case, yourcase will be handled by a lawyer only, who has expertise in divorce. Similarly,every case is handled by the lawyer whose specific skills follow that domainitself.  You will never find at Lawtendothat a client says that the charges are too high, we have lawyers at all pricebrackets and in short, it is more of reverse auctioning.

Brief us over the notable matters handled by the firm.

We have handled NCLT matters of some big builderson PAN India Level. We've also solved a lot of divorce as well as medicalnegligence cases. We have recovered an amount of 50 Lakhs for our onlineclients at a 10% rate of interest.

Whatare your thoughts about the Indian legal system and its problems?

There is a big issue of finding a good lawyer inIndia considering that he doesn't charge hefty. Also, of course, the slowprocess or procedure in the entire Indian legal system is a huge issue.

Whathave been the keys factors for your success?

My routine is the very first thing that supportsto lead a progressive life. I love planning and strategizing things beforehandto avoid last minute hassle. Of course, my family is important; I am nothingwithout their support. I am ever grateful to my team, who is very dedicated andnever get tired. Gurinder and I have always supported each other from the start& always think of new ideas to disrupt the market. I will always begrateful to the efforts of my team who put in 200% every day.

Takeus through your daily routine.

  • 4:30 am – Wake up
  • 5:00 am – Gym
  • 6:30 – Reading or Blinkist
  • 7:30 am – 8:15 am – Start working from home on emails orhave tech meetings with my gurus.
  • 9 am -6 pm – Office
  • 7pm -8pm – Calls with family,friends & Co-founder& Dinner 8:30pm – 9:00pm – Netflix or Xbox
  • 9:00 pm – 9:30 Pm – Maintain Journal & Sleep

Doyou manage to strike a work-life balance or are there still grey areas you'dlike to better address? What are your other interests?

 I tend tohave a pretty decent work-life balance, and we ensure the same for our team aswell. There are no grey areas. I ensure I play football or cricket at least 3-4times a week. Obviously, being a startup there are some sleepless nights but,we have tried to keep things as simple as possible. The market is huge, and ourproblem statement is even bigger which is very exciting.

Inan eventful journey like yours, what have been the opportunities and thechallenges?

The legal market excites me – We receive allkinds of enquires in various practice areas. The market is huge; clients &corporates can highly benefit from the services of Lawtendo.

One of the major challenges in the industry isthat clients sometimes find it difficult to have faith in lawyers. Even if,they are suffering they don't want to go down the legal road but, this isreducing as time passes by.

ForthcomingAgenda of Lawtendo

We are planning to establish the largestclient-lawyer network. We will soon be expanding our plans for more cities tosupport people on a wider range.  We havejust started working on AI of contracting which will reduce the need oflawyers, everything will be automated & contract vetting will happen viaArtificial Intelligence. We will be providing our users with free templates fortheir daily use like Employee agreements, Vendor Agreements, MOU's, Founderagreements, etc. We are slowly focussing on targeting who need virtual legalteam handling all their legal requirements, the amount of queries we have gotfrom startups due to negligence in legalities is astonishing. We will beworking step by step on each vertical.

Shareyour experience and advice to law aspirants

I found the idea of the start-up in the legalindustry is as exciting and overwhelming as it sounds. Many people take itrisky as well. I won't completely deny but, you always have the freedom andoption of choosing what you want to do or how you want to serve the society. It'sa beautiful industry with a pure joy bringing justice or helping someone with theirlegal problems.

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