NASA admitted, will soon ‘Aliens’ information

NASA admitted, will soon ‘Aliens’ information

Open your eyes one day and you realize that there are beings on other planets in the universe than you on, speaks of this experience would be impossible to do in terms.

Yes. Planet and life on other planets in the minds of people involved often raises many questions. One of them is the question of whether there is life on other planets.

If so, how and how Aliens will mean living there. NASA scientist in solving these questions has been working for many years.

The American space agency NASA headquarters in Washington DC held a panel discussion. During the discussion, former manager of NASA & Astronaut Charles Bolden said NASA mission to find life on other planets has prepared a road map.

For a while life in our solar system NASA scientists were trying to find, especially on Mars. But the last few years, scientists have focused on other planets Life on other planets and found that there are a few marks.
He said that within 20 years we related to aliens or life on other planets will find important information.

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