Helping Employers in Hiring Suitable Candidates Through their Network of Specialist Recruitment Agencies by Means of their SaaS Model


In recent times, the recruitment of desired talent has become one of the prime concerns for various companies. The thought of not getting the desired candidate creates panic and anxiety among them. In order to avoid such apprehensions, companies these days take the assistance of recruitment agencies.

These recruitment agencies maintain rich data on job seekers. By means of their data metrics, they provide a plethora of suitable candidates. There are thousands of recruitment agencies in the country, and there isn't a medium that aggregates them.

A handful of startup companies have achieved remarkable success, and among them is Recruiting Hub, a Chennai-based startup, founded by the visionary entrepreneurs Madhan V and Durga Rajasekaran. Both individuals possess extensive expertise in this field, making them well-suited for their venture.

The company worked on the creation of an online marketplace for recruitment agencies that yields fruition for employers. The recruiting hub enabled various companies to hire the best talent from the market. To date, it has served more than 500 large companies. 

Recruiting Hub is harnessing cutting-edge software powered by AI and Machine Learning techniques to seize the vast opportunity within the 10,000 crore market in India for recruitment.

The company has eyed on to become the Uber of the recruitment agencies industry by working on the SaaS model to generate transactional revenue based on results.

The company's Applicant Tracking Software serves as a valuable product for both employers and recruitment agencies, facilitating seamless connections, interactions, recruitment processes, transactions, and billing.

Recruiting Hub's cutting-edge technology platform has introduced an innovative recruitment model that enables employers to hire faster than any other online platform.

The software intelligently identifies the most suitable agencies based on their specialization sector and feedback ratings. Employers are guided to leverage these agencies, taking into account their feedback ratings and the specific skill sets they have successfully recruited for in the past.

Employers using the platform typically experience a remarkably swift hiring process, with an average time to hire ranging from just 1 to 7 days. For those who are dedicated users of the site, this expedited hiring timeline is particularly advantageous. The platform has consistently recognized and rewarded top-performing agencies that consistently provide exceptional talent. This commitment to quality and precision has earned the trust of clients worldwide.

The Pool of Multinational Clients

The clients of the company are predominantly Multinational companies operating in India and overseas. It is currently working with over 500 companies supported by over 1000 recruitment agencies spread across India, UAE, Europe, Africa, UK, APAC and US.

The clientele includes some prestigious names such as Hexaware, Wabco, Danfoss, Virtusa, MRF, Redbus, Mindteck, Temenos, Weckerle, Peugeot, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Hershey's, Shoppers Stop and TVS Tyres just to name a few. The company has been successful in getting a large chunk of repeat customers.

The company ensures seamless technology implementation with zero downtime for its valued customers, thanks to a highly motivated team that shares the company's vision. Navigating through challenges, Recruiting Hub's journey has been marked by both extreme challenges and remarkable rewards.

The company has truly set an example by disrupting the ecosystem and is looking to be a game changer in the recruitment industry. It is changing the way companies in India recruit and is destined to be a trendsetter in the recruitment industry.
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The founders of the company possessed deep trust in their seasoned expertise in the recruitment industry. This motivated them to create a B2B platform to make a difference in the recruitment industry.  The company is looking forward to outside investment and growth capital to give wings to its vision.

Seamless Registration to make use of Multiple Platforms

Employers gain access to a multitude of agencies without the hassle of signing multiple contracts, negotiating terms, or evaluating vendors individually. With Recruiting Hub, the sign-up process is straightforward and entirely free. Their Tracking Software empowers employers to effortlessly post jobs, interact with vendors, and efficiently recruit the ideal talent.

The company ensures swift outcomes within its vendor list by fostering commitment among agencies. All of their agencies are subscribed vendors, and they don't use the Recruiting Hub platform for free, setting a high standard of engagement compared to employers.

Employers don't have to pay anything upfront to use the platform. Moreover, they don't pay anything if they don't hire anybody through any platform.

On the successful hiring, they are meant to pay whatever percentage they set while posting the job and can pay only after the candidate has joined the organization.

In essence, they serve as a single point of contact for all invoices and payment collections, eliminating the necessity to create multiple vendor codes, even when hiring numerous candidates through a wide array of agencies.

Playing the Role of Catalyst for Recruitment Agencies

The company offers specialized job opportunities exclusively tailored for recruitment vendors, ensuring an average placement rate of 22 days for recruiters. These agencies become part of their vibrant community, gaining access to a pool of well-qualified job openings from enthusiastic employers across various sectors, effectively filling positions, increasing their billings, and expanding their business.

Recruiting Hub has created candidates database access that is free to use by their registered agencies. Agencies are their centre point and do not give this CV database access to the Employers.

In summary, the platform provides agencies with clients, job requirements, and candidates, enabling them to generate revenue while offering Recruiting Hub a minimal share. It offers the opportunity to post jobs at no cost on its dedicated job site designed for recruitment agencies to attract top talent.

Their pitch to an agency is to spend less time finding jobs and more time finding talent. Profile uploaded by recruitment agencies on the ATS are directly screened by the HRs of the employers.

Every requirement posted by the employer has a CV limit set by the HR, beyond which the agency cannot upload CVs to avoid junk profiles being uploaded. This ensures a good Return on Investment and less competition between agencies.

Key Role:

  • Bringing together top-tier professionals and specialized recruitment agencies for candidates

  • Their exclusive job site for recruitment agencies connects job seekers with opportunities at branded companies, catering to individuals across various job roles, whether you're an accountant, IT expert, or a company CEO.

  • They assist candidates in being selected by specialized recruitment agencies for roles that best match their skills and preferences.

  • Through the platform, candidates receive calls from expert recruitment agencies regarding job openings at well-known companies.

  • This opportunity is easily accessible with just a simple registration, allowing candidates to receive calls from their network of agencies at no cost.

Madhan V (Founder & CEO)

His robust experience in the recruitment space spans more than a decade. He has worked with some of the big corporate firms and agencies across top managerial levels in India and overseas.

Overall, this has helped him to conceptualize the idea and has successfully helped curate India's leading B2B recruitment marketplace for employers and recruitment agencies.

Durga Rajasekaran (Co-Founder & Director)

She is a seasoned professional in the tech-driven recruitment field, boasting expertise in Business Development, Market Strategy, and Software as a Service (SAAS) implementation. Her contributions have played a pivotal role in the company's significant growth, and she complements Mr. Madhan V effectively.
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