The most common problems faced by working mothers

Most common problems faced by working mothers
Most common problems faced by working mothersThe most common problems faced by working mothers

Today, working women feel respected by society, but what do you think is it good if she is working after becoming a mother?

There are certain problems, which are common and generally faced by almost all working mothers.

Difficulty related to Income: For working mothers, it is very difficult to manage a child, in that case, child care or babysitting costs can take much of the mother`s salary. It is very difficult to manage the family, on a single salary. The second salary helps the family to stand financially.

Stress load, which is quite much more on working mothers: The stress load is very much on working mothers, Recently a survey reported that 60 percent of women take out their stress on their family members.

Around 50 percent of the women want to work as full-time mothers & around 20 percent like to work from home. Just 3-4 percent say that they want to work as a full-time employee if they get the choice. Around 80 percent of the mothers said they would quit their jobs if they could.

Housework is still women`s work: The statistics say that married women with children are worse cases. Today, working mother is still performing most of the household work.

Working mothers work more hours than working fathers & the important thing is that working mothers who work part-time have the longest working hours of all. In these cases, most divorces are initiated by women.

Sick Children: If the mother is working, surely, the chances are more, that the children are getting sick and need care during regular business hours. In most cases, if both parents are working, the responsibility of caring for the sick children falls on the mother.

Around 10 percent of the women feel guilty about making childcare arrangements when their child is sick.

Working mothers needed more flexible working hours, workplace facilities, parental leave, support & understanding from employers.

Most common problems faced by working mothers
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Most common problems faced by working mothers
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Most common problems faced by working mothers
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