Car Driving Simulator: Heralding the Road Safety by its affordable Hardware and Software

Car Driving Simulator: Heralding the Road Safety by its affordable Hardware and Software

Car Driving Simulator: Heralding the Road Safety by its affordable Hardware and Software

By: Vikas Jha

Are you afraid of driving and always thinking of ways to overcome it? Do you avoid driving at all cost thinking you may meet with an accident or cause damage to your vehicle. You don't need to worry about that anymore. There are many people like you who keep doubting their driving skills. The catch here is to emerge victorious over this dilemma. But how does one do that? There are limited ways by which you can hone your driving skills and come out of the zone of vehophobia. One of the limited ways is by taking help of simulators which provide a virtual experience that yields real life experience to its users. The driving experience lets the driver face some critical situations which he or she faces daily while driving. After facing these complexities, one can gain confidence and apply its learning in real life. Many people around the world have benefited by its application and that is what makes it a hot cake. Not only this, simulators can prove to be quite fruitful for business persons having a fleet of cabs or trucks. Working on the reviews from customers pertaining to lack of training of some of their drivers, they can take assistance of simulators. The potential of simulators is being acknowledged by many entrepreneurs. Among those entrepreneurs, a young impresario, Mr. Rahul Pandit is destined to become a market leader marching ahead of its peers. He is the founder of his startup named Car Driving Simulator. The name of the company describes a little less about its offerings. The company not only provides car simulators but simulators for truck and forklift too.

This Mumbai based company works on the both aspects of simulators which consist of hardware and software application. The hardware part consists of steering, gear box, handbrake and paddles etc. These parts are kept same as used in a real vehicle along with the software application which replicates the movement of hardware. Its driving simulators provide a virtual platform which gives you a real life driving experience. This not only helps you to improve your driving skills by providing real time error statistics but also make you a confident driver. It helps to tackle difficult driving situations which we face while driving a real vehicle. One of the reasons to setup this company was to help people get over the fear of driving. Having previously worked for a simulator company, the founder of the company was aware of the technology and its usefulness for people. The simulator provides a platform which is both entertaining and helpful for enhancing entry and advanced level driving practices. Its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is affordability in terms of product price and service charge which is applicable once the warranty period is complete. There is no annual maintenance cost. Moreover, the company provides free software updates once in six months so that the process does not become dull and monotonous. 

Working to reduce Vehophobia and Road accidents

The company finds its ideal customers from driving schools, skill development centers, logistics companies and research organizations. Moreover, it believes that in the age of digital media, old school marketing techniques don't usually work. In order to approach its customers, it makes use of all the online media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google and Facebook etc. Initially, the company was started with car simulator but found that there is huge demand for heavy vehicle simulators as well. By the end of its first year of inception, it had installed simulators in India's leading logistics and truck manufacturing company which helped in branding of the company. It has reaped huge benefits from its online marketing activities in all of its achievements. Logistics companies have benefitted a lot as simulators help their truck drivers to improve their defensive driving skills and learn road safety rules and regulations. The end goal of simulator is to reduce the fear of driving and road accidents.

Customer feedback is top priority

The company is constantly working on self improvement by the feedback it gets by means of its customers which help to improve their product and service quality. It never compromises with the integrity. It ensures providing quality product with dedicated customer support. The company is in line with setting the accountability by making sure to deliver the product which caters to customer's satisfaction.

When asked about the hiring prospect for a startup, Mr. Pandit says, "The Company acknowledges the fact that hiring is a challenge for a startup but as the company starts growing the process of hiring new talent and retaining old talent becomes easier".  Moreover, the company is having an open, honest and friendly environment in which there is no restriction of expressing one's opinion or voice.

Future Plans

The company is planning to increase its presence in South East Asia in 3 years and wants to become a global company in 5 years. Its online presence helps to get leads from outside India which mainly consists of countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai etc. This is one of the reasons it believes there is a scope for expansion and it is in contact with companies for distributorship program outside India.

It has been a roller coaster journey till now for the company and it fathoms that there are many obstacles to overcome. The company is prepared to face the hindrances. 

About the CEO

Mr. Rahul Pandit is having past work experience which includes working with digital companies. This gave him an exposure to the online world and its benefits.

Words of Wisdom

The future of simulators is bright owing to the high rate of accidents in our country. It has a crucial role to play for the betterment and safety of society. India has been featuring in the notorious list of most dangerous place in terms of road safety for last many years. To obliterate this stigma, it's imperative to expect a company like this to contribute towards the safety of people. Keeping in mind the huge population of our country, it is imminent for the company to become a leading company in this domain. The company has world's second largest market to tap in front of it.

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