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Special Care for Special Needs Children
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Little Pods: Special Care for Special Needs Children

Mental health has always been neglected in our society. French Philosopher Michel Foucault in his work 'Madness and Civilization', asserted that the modern history of mental health treatment has been full of horrors.

Over time, society has often displayed a superficial understanding of this issue. However, as we progress, we are gaining insights from past mistakes. The increasing focus on academic research in the field of mental health and its therapies is revealing fresh perspectives and remedies.

Unfortunately, whatever advancement the human race has achieved remains restricted to its treatment and understanding only. The little evolution has occurred in the collective conscience of the society.

Now, with the modern use of technology and much more awareness, adults/children dealing with various mental health conditions are looking at a bright future ahead.

Western countries recognized the issue and took the necessary steps to provide solutions, and almost a congruent pattern can be seen here as well.

The emerging startup culture is facilitating the growth of such firms. Among such, Little Pods shines as a bright star. Little pods came into existence when the astute and dynamic Kirti Shah understood the gravity of the issues related to the chasms left between society and individuals with special needs because of the stigma attached to it.

Kirti recognized the importance of capitalizing on the opportunity, emphasizing the necessity of working in areas where the incorporation of such individuals into society could be effectively facilitated through institutional initiatives. She grasped the significance of closely collaborating with the core, which is why she initiated her efforts with early childhood intervention.

What makes them unique?

Little Pods provides varied and distinctive services for special needs children. Firmly considering the individuality of each child, their professionals have been trained thoroughly to assist the child in instilling the required skills for functioning independently.

They have devised interventions and strategies both on the needs of the child, the patrons, and the caregivers while keeping the child's comfort in mind.

Little Pods' focus always remains on improving the child's strength by not only working on academic skills and behaviour but social/interaction skills as well. Hence, aiming for the holistic development of the child for much better chances at integrating into society with appropriate communication skills.

Little Pods offers a range of services both within school settings and in the comfort of one's home. All are designed with the aim of promoting independent functioning for individuals with Special Needs.

Little Pods
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Such services require a personalized touch. Therefore the management has implemented a personalized teaching service called Shadow Teachers. As the name suggests, these teachers become the shadow of each child involved in the observation, planning, and execution of interventions prepared under the guidance of experts specific to each child's requirements.

These compassionate guides help each child in cultivating, strategizing, and refining their social and behavioral skills to meet societal expectations. They serve as a vital link between the school and parents, maintaining a formal communication channel throughout the process.

Little Pods' management has taken into account the growing concern of dependency of the child on the Shadow Teacher. Thus, it has formulated a systematic plan for the same and equipped the school staff with the required skills to mitigate the chances of dependency.

Such modus operandi facilitates personal, social, and intellectual development. It provides an opportunity for positive and productive learning each day.

Little Pods professionals prioritize personalized services, emphasizing the principle of ensuring no child is left behind. They recognize the crucial role of both the home and school environments in shaping and teaching every child, regardless of special needs, as they take their initial steps in learning and growth.

Keeping these aspects of the lessons in mind, the professionals meticulously craft the home sessions, leaving no stone unturned. The professionals at Little Pods recognize the significance of comfort zones and their role in facilitating a child's holistic development, including establishing a sense of rhythm and pace.

They have been crusading against the stereotypical stigmatization of such people, "Rain Man" portrayal of a widely known but poorly accepted phenomenon called AUTISM.

The firm understands that to facilitate better growth and positive learning outcome, a very clear understanding of the child's needs and concerns are required.

It's widely acknowledged that children with special needs often have preoccupied minds and sensory preferences, leaning towards their own world. Therefore, all efforts to manage behaviour and develop skills are undertaken with a profound understanding of their symptomatic behaviors.

Coping with Different Issues Associated

  • For a child with a critical/terminal illness, painful medical procedures can be a very difficult experience. It may make the child lag in developing the prerequisite academic and social skills. The firm has integrated varied plans from different genres targeting positive development in the child.

  • These children are very fragile, so the parents and caregivers are trained in the usage of a systematic and effective approach. To ensure the omnipresence of training, the group has the facility of online services to reach every house, school, or institute.

  • Working with special needs children can be tiring, exhausting, and confusing at times. However, the firm provides well-formulated and tested intervention plans with detailed instructions for such situations.

  • Working with such a sensitive population can be very challenging and overwhelming for other professionals as well. Hence they have a systematic training and supporting program for in-house as well as external mental health professionals.

  • In today's world, many children devote a substantial portion of their leisure time to visual technology, gadgets, and the internet. While these can offer advantages, excessive screen time may negatively impact concentration, memory, and a child's capacity to make decisions and establish objectives. Little Pods assists parents and caregivers in comprehending how to manage screen time effectively, optimizing brain function.

Dynamic leadership


Kirti Shah, a clinical psychologist by profession, also holds a post-graduation diploma in forensic psychology. She has worked extensively with children as an independent counsellor, and has also been associated with various organizations.

Her academic background and immense experience to deal with children and adults as a mental health professional make her stand apart in the mental health industry.

–"The interpretation of dreams is a great art" – Paracelsus, Kirti each child is a different and innovative dream that needs an interpreter.

She motivates the professionals to act as interpreters, understanding that genuine care and a compassionate approach are essential for successful interpretation. With this understanding, a gentle nudge, the application of appropriate solutions, and effective teamwork become paramount in facilitating the child's journey toward independent functioning.

It is the Little Pods' vision and endeavour to bring prescribed expert professionals under one roof and cater to the holistic needs of the child toward a quality life.

A strong believer in "You grow, We grow" and understands the responsibility of dealing with tender hearts and young professionals. Little Pods organization is also discerned by being an all-women organization with a strong core team.

Ms. Kirti appreciates her Admin and Coordinating team, Ms. Jigna Datar and Ms. Stephanie George, for building up such a specific structure. Kirti is more than pleased with these beginnings. She envisages a rapid change in the attitude of people towards mental health and promises the cultivation of a healthy relationship with all their associates.

Little Pods
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