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Infusing Digital Prowess into Businesses’ Marketing Life Cycles 
Omnia Digital
Omnia Digital

Omnia Digital: Infusing Digital Prowess into Businesses’ Marketing Life Cycles 

It's always a delicacy to get around those women who talk about visions and ideas. This time, we interviewed a young soul who is busy empowering her people to highlight visionary thinking and is bringing change to the digital marketing landscape with her venture, Omnia Digital.

A creativity-driven full-service digital agency, Omnia covers every inch of the digital horizon.

Omnia not only provides a range of services, including Content Marketing, Digital Strategy & Execution, Campaign Management, and Insights and Analytics, but it also works diligently to democratize marketing and advertising. Regardless of an organization's size, Omnia ensures that brands can effectively enter the market and compete on an equal footing.

Omnia's beginning and Shwetha's journey ignited from a common ground. Shwetha sketches the story, "It all began after I finished my college degree, and two paths opened in front of me – either follow my dad's footsteps & take up his business or make a name for myself on my terms." 

A go-getter who aspires to become a role model for every young woman out there, Shwetha's choice to pave her path was quite predictable.

Venturing boldly and without reservation into uncharted territory, she transformed her two-year tenure at Tata Consultancy Services into an unmatched learning experience. Afterwards, she embarked on a journey to pursue her passions and dreams. She began as a core team member at another startup, playing a pivotal role in its evolution from ideation to becoming an organization with over 100 employees in just over a year.

Investing some of her time there, she moved to head the operations of a digital agency. She never thought that this move was about to deliver a change in her life and future as well.

Later, Shwetha partnered with the founder of that agency to float Omnia. Sooner, she recognized the prodigious potential of the digital realm.

Teaming up with Santhosh Palavesh (Co-Founder), a seasoned digital tech and marketing expert with over eight years of experience, Shwetha co-founded Omnia in 2016. Their shared vision was to assist companies in setting achievable objectives by striking the ideal balance between brand recognition and sales. This journey has only just commenced for her.

Omnia Digital, headquartered in Chennai, is a Digital Marketing and Branding agency affiliated with UMM Digital, an advertising and branding group with eight years of experience. UMM Digital is the largest branding and digital media group in South India and serves as Omnia Digital's sister concern.

The delivery of efficient, positive results with the quickest turn-around time has been the go-to motto for Omnia's digi-wizards.

Our diverse team at Omnia Digital is meticulously selected from various industries and brings unparalleled passion and creativity to the table. We have the privilege of serving clients across a wide spectrum of industries, including education, fashion, hospitality, real estate, and many others.

We strive to ensure our campaigns are radicalized by data-driven and result-oriented content the digital world needs.

"We breathe lives into the marketing life cycles starting from branding to their digital campaigns and then analyzing & enhancing. We also work with corporate companies, but having come from a background of building startups, it is energizing for me personally to be a part of startups' entire journey and grow with them."

A differentiator delivering positive results in the quickest turnaround time possible

The digital landscape offers a plethora of capabilities, and it can be tempting to invest in numerous new software and tools. However, it's important to avoid distractions and unnecessary expenses.

Omnia takes a strategic approach and doesn't rely on every high-end tool available without assessing its necessity. The company's experts analyze data meticulously through spreadsheets, prioritizing optimization. However, Omnia is well-equipped to utilize various tools when they are beneficial.

Shwetha asserts, "It's all about adding value. I always urge the team to ask themselves if their content is adding value to the consumer. Nobody wants to talk to someone who's bragging only about themselves and this applies to branding as well.

Digital media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk once said, 'The Best Marketing Strategy Ever: CARE', and that's exactly what we do here at Omnia when we take on a client. We act as an extended part of their business."

Omnia Digital
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 The delivery of efficient positive results with the quickest turn-around time has been the go-to motto for Omnia's digi-wizards. With a diverse team that's hand-picked across assorted industries, comes in with utmost passion and creativity. It handles clientele from discrete industries ranging from education, fashion, hospitality, real estate, and a lot more.

We thrive to ensure our campaigns are radicalized by data-driven and result-oriented content the digital world needs. In the words of Shwetha, "We strongly believe that a digital campaign's efficiency and effectiveness boils down to the analysis and implementation in real-time.

To design any brand's strategy or creatives, our brainstorming starts by challenging ourselves: will the strategy for a campaign or creative drive results?

If the answer is anything other than a yes, we ensure it is fine-tuned until we create and strategize result-oriented digital campaigns that are pleasing to the eyes and attention of the audience.

We do not take on a brand as a client, we become the brand! We believe that true passion and responsibility are at their highest peak when one works on a project close to their heart. We ensure that the brand's DNA is absorbed, and that reflects in every strategy and campaign we run."

Future Plans

Similar to its peers in the industry, Omnia faces challenges such as the necessity to educate clients about the demand generation lifecycle and establish achievable campaign objectives, even as it progresses on its successful path.

Omnia Digital has cultivated a unique approach towards these challenges with its out-of-the-box methodologies. The market for almost every industry is predominantly in the digital space with people spending most of their free time on search and social media platforms.

The organization is ready with its expertise to ensure that brands ease into the marketplace and sustain in it by bridging the gap. In the past year, Omnia has grown consistently both in terms of revenue and client base.

With this, the future blueprints are quite simple, with Omnia eyeing expanding its presence from Chennai and Bangalore to all other cities in the coming years.

The showrunners behind Omnia Digital

Omnia Digital is fostered by a dual CEO system where Shwetha Prasad and Santhosh Palavesh run the show together. 

Shwetha Prasad

An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Shwetha has tasted success in the field of digital marketing with her fervent zeal. Her relentless zeal, incessant quench for success, and willingness to walk the extra mile stand as an inspiration.

Holding an extensive history of investing her skills in the marketing and advertising industry, Shwetha holds prowess in Business Process, Operations Management, Communication, and Customer Relationship. She owns a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) focused in Electronics and Communications Engineering from SRM University.

Santhosh Palavesh

With over 18+ entrepreneurial awards, Santhosh has built successful digital transformation models. Holding an active directorship in Omnia Digital, Santhosh loves working with Enterprises and Startups. She also mentors numerous companies to thrive in the digital era.

A techno enthusiast, concepts like Digital Technologies like Blockchain, AI, and Market Hacks are a treat to his heart.

Omnia Digital
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