Sanohub Technologies’ VitaCuro

Bringing a New Dawn in Personalized Healthcare Services for Providers with its IoT Expertise
Sanohub Technologies’ VitaCuro
Sanohub Technologies’ VitaCuro

Elevating the future

Sanohub Technologies' VitaCuro: Bringing a New Dawn in Personalized Healthcare Services for Providers with its IoT Expertise

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds immense potential for significantly influencing the healthcare sector. It encompasses a wide array of applications that provide advantages not only to patients but also to their families and medical professionals.

The mistakes made due to human errors are slowly going down after the introduction of IoT in the healthcare Industry.

The integration of IoT technology into the healthcare industry has revolutionized the way healthcare functions, reducing the likelihood of human errors and delivering more streamlined and efficient healthcare services to those in need.

This groundbreaking technology is now accessible through Sanohub Technologies, which has already revolutionized personalized healthcare services with the introduction of their innovative digital healthcare product, Sanohub VitaCuro, setting a new standard in personalized health solutions.

Since its establishment in 2016, Sanohub Technologies has been at the forefront of setting new standards in the healthcare industry. The company has empowered personalized healthcare service providers to deliver top-notch care in the comfort of patients' homes. Due to its distinctive features, such as remote patient monitoring, online video consultations, and ongoing patient engagement.

The ageing population, rise in non-communicable diseases, and access to quality healthcare are some of the issues that need to be addressed to increase the outcome of Treatments.

Existing systems and platforms predominantly cater to transactional aspects such as appointment scheduling, medicine delivery, and diagnostic services. Consequently, there is limited attention and awareness dedicated to proactively addressing the necessity for extending care towards preventive measures and the management of health conditions outside the conventional hospital environment, which entails a continuous and holistic approach to healthcare.

Sanohub's Digital Healthcare platform, VitaCuro, takes care of all the hindrances in enabling better healthcare by providing a complete care sequence, including transactional services cost-effectively. 

Leveraging the rapid proliferation of digital and IoT technologies, Sanohub is pioneering a transformative shift, facilitating distinctive digital healthcare services throughout the care continuum. In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of this healthcare technology disruptor, we engaged in an interview with Sridhar Perepa, the CEO of Sanohub, to delve into its successful journey and its promising future.

Here are the Edited Excerpts

What problem is Sanohub Technologies focusing on and how is it different from others in the field?

We have started the company with a view that the participation of patients is core to enabling better Healthcare. With that purpose, we have developed the product as 'Patient-Centric,' all the design decisions and positioning in the product are pivoted on this.

This common purpose drives the team to have a shared vision. The care management is shifting from a traditional hospital setup to outside as per the convenience of the patient/user.

Healthcare service providers and patients need technology/solutions to manage the shift while ensuring Quality Care. Our Product, VitaCuro, enables better care management for healthcare service providers to reach patients/users anytime & anywhere and help holistically manage their health conditions. 

We stand out by specializing as a dedicated product and technology provider for healthcare organizations, leveraging our technical expertise and deep domain knowledge to enhance the quality of care.

Who is the company's ideal customer and how does the company currently approach them?

Our ideal customers are Healthcare service providers who cater to the needs of patients requiring continuity of care. The three areas of care where we are currently focusing on are Pregnancy care, Chronic illness care, and Elderly Care.

We operate under the B2B model, catering to customer business entities such as clinics, hospitals specializing in outpatient care, transitional care and rehabilitation centers, elderly care service providers, home healthcare service providers, and other entities in the medical tourism sector. We also collaborate with onsite health centers in corporate settings and more.

Sanohub Technologies’ VitaCuro
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How did the company get to where it is today?

We have developed initial product requirements based on market research and current trends in healthcare with a focus on patient engagement and continuity of care as the key differentiators.

The requirements were validated with early adopters, including a hospital, a speciality care provider for the elderly, patients with chronic illness, and a speciality remote healthcare provider.

We have developed an initial prototype of an IoT digital platform by integrating FDA-approved health monitoring devices using Mobile and Web Technologies.

The prototype was demonstrated to end users for validation and update on the product requirements. Further, we have received direct market feedback through participation in exhibitions and events. Through these inputs, we have refined the product requirements.

Our product is now commercially available and actively used across different categories of healthcare service providers that include Clinics / Hospitals / Transition care Centers / OHC and Medical Value travel service providers.

Where do you want to company to be in the upcoming year?

We would like to be known as leaders and trendsetters in enabling better Healthcare towards Pregnancy care, Chronic care, and Elderly care through innovative Digital Healthcare services.

What are the greatest obstacles for the company this year?

The healthcare delivery market is currently undergoing a transformation, spurred by various initiatives and frameworks that the Government of India (GoI) is actively working on. These include the National Electronic Health Act (NEHA) and the Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act (DISHA), as well as the evolving accreditation requirements for participation in Universal Healthcare Initiatives. While customers recognize the value of our solution and technology, some may opt to await the finalization of GoI frameworks before making decisions.

How are you planning to overcome them?

As our solution is built with the patient/consumer as the centre of the solution, we ensure utmost privacy and consent-driven access to others for the health data. In this regard, our solution aligns seamlessly with the stipulated requirements of these standards.

We continuously stay abreast of the most recent standards, ensuring their seamless integration into our product roadmap. By doing so, we enable our customers to remain compliant with the evolving legal landscape while allowing them to concentrate on delivering quality care. We handle the technological aspects on their behalf.

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In our experience, we have found that providers who have an inherent need for providing remote care and require collaboration/coordination among caregivers are most amenable to using VitaCuro.

They can provide better value for their service through VitaCuro and derive benefits in retaining their clientele. Therefore scaling their business by providing better care.

Many of the providers who have shown interest currently and using other IT systems to run their business operations have an inherent issue concerning the use of different software systems.

We work closely with these organizations and provide a technical solution to overcome this constraint. With an increase in standardization of Digital Healthcare interoperability and compliance, we expect to streamline digital Healthcare services and accelerate the proliferation of VitaCuro.

Dynamic Leadership behind Sanohub Technologies

Janakiraman S

Founder and Board member

Vinod Deshmukh

Founder and Board member

Dr. Arun R S

Advisory Board

Sridhar Perepa


Ashvanni Srivastava


Kesava Ram Dasu




Sanohub Technologies’ VitaCuro
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Sanohub Technologies’ VitaCuro
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