The Crusader Setting New Benchmarks Within the Healthcare Industry with his venture, HealthOnRent

The Crusader setting new benchmarks within the healthcare industry with his venture, HealthOnRent
The Crusader setting new benchmarks within the healthcare industry with his venture, HealthOnRent

In talk with Dauv Bafna

The Crusader Setting New Benchmarks Within the Healthcare Industry with his venture, HealthOnRent

A well-cushioned position awaited Dauv Bafna to start off his role in the family business. But the young mind was cultivating another dream.

Following his graduation, Dauv joined Bafna Surgicals, his father's company, a prominent retail and distribution leader in surgical equipment. Often the best ideas are discovered with time learning and exposure to a variety of challenges.

Dauv witnessed the same ambiance when he was engaged in working closely at BafnaSurgicals.

Working closely at Bafna Surgicals exposed Dauv to a similar environment. During routine interactions with customers, he keenly observed the pressing need for rental options for a wide range of medical equipment, spanning from wheelchairs to high-end critical devices like ventilators, which patients required at home for efficient recovery.

This insight ignited the entrepreneurial spark within him once again. Dauv's observations eventually led to the establishment of an online platform in 2016, where patients could easily rent the medical equipment they needed. Since its inception, Dauv has nurtured HealthOnRent through hard work and unwavering dedication.

In an interview with STARTUP CITY, Dauv Bafna–Founder, of HealthOnRent, talks about how the online platform is catering to the medical equipment requirements of the patients more smoothly.

Edited Excerpts…

It's not easy to be a trailblazer, how did you get started with HealthOnRent?

I believe that the function of any entrepreneurial ecosystem of a country is to provide its people with a product or service which, at its core, provides the customers with an innovative solution to any pre-existing problem while improving customer convenience.

At HealthOnRent, we do exactly that. We have leveraged our technical knowledge to help save people on their healthcare expenditures.

With the disproportionate increase in population and hospital capacity, home care is becoming a very important part of our healthcare system.

Non-critical patients occupying the hospital beds make it difficult to accommodate critical patients within the limited capacity. HealthOnRent helps patients transition from hospitals to their homes by providing the necessary setup of hospital equipment.

Also, the patients have the opportunity to recover in the comfort of their homes around their loved ones. We help save patients' healthcare expenditures by facilitating rentals, which are a fraction of the cost of the original equipment.

At HealthOnRent, we keep our patient's convenience at the core of our service. We offer purely per-day rentals and eliminate overcharging patients.

Furthermore, we have our inventory which undergoes rigorous quality checks before each rental. HealthOnRent is an online platform where we rent a wide range of medical equipment to facilitate better recovery outcomes for patients in the comfort of their homes.

Customers can acquire their desired equipment with just a few clicks, streamlining the entire rental process through online transactions. However, our team continues to cherish the personal touch by engaging in conversations with patients. We take the time to understand their needs thoroughly and address any questions they may have, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience.

The Crusader setting new benchmarks within the healthcare industry with his venture, HealthOnRent
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How did the company get to where it is today?

The company, along with my team, has had an amazing learning curve. The experience of my father, Mr Vimal Kumar Bafna, in the healthcare industry and his sound advice, along with immense support, has been pivotal to the process.

A business Veteran and a seasoned entrepreneur, he has been the guiding light behind HealthOnRent's endeavour. The roots of our organization have been nurtured by his principles and values. He is undeniably the best advisor at HealthOnRent.

We at HealthOnRent have an amazing young and energetic team which is highly cross-functional, and everyone is committed to the grind. We also get great support from our vendors. Having no fixed hierarchical structure, everyone on the team had tremendous contributions in all aspects of growth. 

How do you describe your culture?

At HealthOnRent, we encourage a culture of self-discovery and growth. We believe in the concept of teamwork and have a flat organizational structure.

The entire team is involved in the decision-making process. At HealthOnRent, we are highly flexible and believe in the comfort of our team. We all undergo a process of continuous development and try and learn from each other.

Where do you want your company to be in 3 years?

In 3 years, we envisage HealthOnRent to be the patient's partner-in-health by catering to all their healthcare needs. While medical equipment rental is our prime focus, we would also like to establish our brand name in auxiliary services such as nursing, doctor at home and medicine at home.

These verticals shall be an add-on to the customers, thereby making HealthOnRent a one-stop shop for all their healthcare needs. We would like to expand our operations to 5 new cities in the next three years both in the form of online and retail outlets. 

What drives you to have this vision? Why are you passionate about this?

The biggest drive for my vision is the fact that we at HealthOnRent can create a positive impact by helping our patients. We help them save their costs in times of need.

Our focus on the highest quality combined with increased patient convenience is something that provides our team with immense satisfaction. Appreciation of our service and heartfelt gratitude from our customers is a blessing to our company and drive us even more toward the vision.

What are the company's main objectives for the next year?

We would like to establish HealthOnRent in at least one more major city in the next year. One of our primary objectives is to improve our internal software, which we are currently building to smoothen our operational process.

We are striving towards deeper technical integration and have our focus on improving customer experience by moving towards a subscription-based model and allowing our customers to focus on the care of their patients rather than worrying about timely rent payments.

We also wish to work closely with hospitals by integrating our equipment rental service as an added convenience service to their patients.

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"I have had the most amazing journey with HealthOnRent. Practical learning arising from our mistakes has helped us evolve into what we are today. Having started the company with a vision to solve a real-world problem helps us be more disciplined and focused on working towards our cause.

The harder we work, the more we are satisfied, knowing the fact that our hard work helps serve our patients better. I have immense gratitude towards everyone associated with HealthOnRent, from my team to our vendors, for helping us grow and learn each day.

The best moment of my journey was to receive our first-ever feedback from one of our customers written on the back of an invoice. The joy and satisfaction of that was unparalleled. To date, I preserve all such feedback and consider those to be our milestone and the matrix of HealthOnRent's success."

Founder's Periscope

Dauv Bafna

Dauv has been juggling all roles- from developer to accountant. A lively persona, he manages to maintain his calm by taking some time off to enjoy some deep conversations with friends and family. His Saturday nights are spent in front of the screen as he is busy in developing new ideas and codes himself.

The Crusader setting new benchmarks within the healthcare industry with his venture, HealthOnRent
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The Crusader setting new benchmarks within the healthcare industry with his venture, HealthOnRent
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