Vedaearth: Mind – Body rejuvenation through ethical practices

Vedaearth: Mind – Body rejuvenation through ethical practices

Vedaearth: Mind – Body rejuvenation through ethical practices

Aromatherapy or complementary/alternative therapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils for improving the physical and psychological well-being of a stressed person. It is not the prima facie treatment for curing any kind of disease, nor does it contain any medical evidence of curing or preventing one. The initial use of therapeutic measures can be traced to ancient civilizations of the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who incorporated its usage in cosmetics, perfumes, drugs and healing purposes. European scientists and doctors in the early 20th century ensured the Acceptance and popularity of Aromatherapy. Its medicinal aspects were pioneered by a French surgeon during World War-2 while treating wounded soldiers. With the advent of Neo-Liberalism the changing work culture, food habits, stress in life has made way for the growth of such therapeutic services. In spite of the boom of therapeutic services, there were still gaps left due to the unavailability of vegan Aromatherapeutic products in the market.

Vedaearth is one such firm established to tap such opportunities and to cater to natural wellbeing solutions. It came into inception due to the personal needs of Divya Dinesh to find such products that can help her get rid of harsh chemical products and cosmetics. Cosmetic products in the market despite being made especially for sensitive skin sometimes caused skin irritation. The ingredient list of such popular products was full of harmful chemicals and was far away from naturalness. It became overwhelming for an animal lover Divya who was not in favor of buying products from the companies that did product testing on animals. This led to her learning about Aromatherapy and blending of essential oils for herself, friends and family. This experience soon materialized into the incorporation of Addvantis Enterprise LLP in May 2015 with her mother, Asha Dinesh's help. The fundamental idea to provide people with experience of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy combined and introduce them to the gentler and effective solutions for every day and wellness needs.

Products and Offerings

Vedaearth offers a variety of skincare products ranging from Facial Oil, Face Packs, Rose Water, Under Eye Oil, and Cleansing Oil for Clean and Radiant Skin. For the bath, it has handmade soaps. The wellness products include essential oils, bath salts for relaxation, mood elevation, pain-healing oils, Hair oil for nourishment and treatment of hair-fall. The firm's products are made available on the major online retail platforms such as Amazon, Qtrove, Nykaa, and the company's website. At Vedaearth lounge, they offer specially curated skin, hair and wellness services, with the combined goodness of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy to help women find reinvigorating and rejuvenating ways of pampering themselves with the help of trained in-house therapists. The brand maintains a holistic approach to the wellness and crafts its products, with a steadfast belief in the healing powers of herbs and aura of plants.


In 2007, statistics released by UN FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) indicated the low consumption of animal products and meat in India. The country is home to more vegetarians than the rest of the world put together. The growing atavistic resurgence of religion in India and the world waking up to the horror of global warming (now climate change), due to unbridled animal farming has created a new segment of vegan product loving consumers, who are bounded with guilt and concern for Earth are the target audience (Source: Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret Documentary). The firm recognized the gap in the industry and is looking to bridge the gap by providing products, combining the trusted traditions of Ayurveda and the healing properties of Aromatherapy. From sifting the benefits of natural ingredients to creating products under the guidance of qualified Ayurveda and aromatherapy specialists, triggered the remarkable journey of Vedaearth. Vedaearth's initial challenge was to capture the market where a lot of cream/gel based products were already being sold as natural. This firm's strength is combining Ayurvedic Aromatherapy while being oil-based and harsh chemicals free. The company is PETA certified cruelty and vegan.


The Addvantis Enterprises as an extension to Vedaearth, a one of a kind vegan Spa & Salon launched in 2017, Bangalore launched its second branch in Kalyan Nagar in September 2018, Bangalore. This launch would help the firm to reach out to those customers who are looking for the company's natural Salon-Spa experience. A leading business magazine recognized the firm as being one of the top promising cosmetic brands of 2018.

The Road ahead

The firm is experiencing an exponential growth story. The firm is now 30 people strong compared to the single digit headcount of initial days. The company plans to open more Vedaearth Lounges in different Tier A cities in India. The management at Addvantis ardently believes in the growth story of the Indian market with respect to skin care and wellness products. It plans to become an intrinsic part of the story. The firm is planning to launch their own range of Shampoos, Conditioner, Body Washes, and Face Washes in the future. With varied products being introduced on such a large scale, the company aims to attract a larger customer base in the near future.

Dynamic Leadership

Founder & CEO

Divya Dinesh is an animal lover, a vegan and a graduate in International Hospitality Administration focused in Front Office Operations from PES University. She is a 'Determined 'strong business professional and an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the cosmetic industry. Divya is skilled in the Hospitality Industry, Aromatherapy, and Management.

Take on Indian Entrepreneurial ecosystem

Divya is more than delighted to see the startup boom in India and sifting of people from the traditional jobs. Divya has gauged the conservative and bureaucratic approach of Indians when it comes to shelling extra money for a different product or service than usual. According to her, most of the small businesses get closed down because of the inability to sustain the low margins and the constant demand for discounts in the market. The value of start-up and the quality it delivers through the products or services often gets diluted due to this phenomenon. Divya understands the basic economics that works behind creating employment opportunities. In her view, India's economic strength is the jobs it creates through startups and small enterprises. Hence she encourages the growth of middle and the small enterprises.

Piece of advice for young ones

Divya's brief span of career has made her more humble than before. She thinks of herself as a beginner and still has a long way to go. According to her creativity should be the priority, no one knows what idea could be just the thing the consumer needs. But often just ideas aren't enough to sustain a business. To be able to lead people, the ability to present ideas in such a way that it connects with others and a bit of financial and business acumen converts an idea into a business. Her advice is to keep the ego in the pocket. One should not hesitate to take help from people who have been in the industry and gain knowledge from their experiences to avoid making blunders.

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