Rahul Verma, CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality Group

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Rahul Verma, CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality Group
Rahul Verma, CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality GroupRahul Verma, CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality Group

Rahul Verma, CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality Group

He could sell ice to Eskimos! The determination of his dreams and career took a road to Damascus (Mumbai for him). Instead of giving up on his dreams in the hands of high college tuition, took an appointment with the senior management and convinced them why he should be a part of their institution and got a straight admission without paying an extra penny!

If I have to sum up this interview in a single word, it would undoubtedly be 'Wholesomeness'. Rahul Verma, our interviewee, embodies qualities of mirth, innovation, and boundless enthusiasm. As the CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality Group.

It is just brilliant to see how he speaks out his heart. A seasoned entrepreneur with over one and half decades of experience within the Hospitality and travel Industry. Rahul is someone who feels more and does not know how to fake it.

Proficient in every facet of the industry, spanning New Set-up and pre-opening, Business Development and expansion, Sales and marketing, Media Plan, Brand Management, Strategic Planning, Revenue Management, PR and Key Account Management, Team Management, Property and land Acquisition, Investors Relations, and Product Development, he has consistently upheld values, vision, and commitments throughout his journey. And there's no question that he continues to embody these principles through his venture ROOHI.

The start

Rahul shares the journey with us, "My professional career has seen various landscapes and weathers". He hails from the city of Kolkata, home to the world's first non-euro Nobel Prize laureate, Rabindranath Tagore.

His educational passage gliding by boarding schools shaped him into the person he is today. Then the road took a curve due to some internal issues and Rahul landed in Mumbai and the rest is history.

Professional Jaunt

He completed his bachelor's in Hotel Management from Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth and his MBA (PGDM) in E-Commerce and Marketing from Welingkar Institute of Management. Now, Rahul was ready to gain experience in the industry. The tenure of three years at his first job fine-tuned his aura and laid the bedrock of where he stands today.

"When you are part of a smaller organization, you shoulder many responsibilities and assignments, and they open multiple opportunities to honour these responsibilities. So, put your heart and hard work. Contrary to an 8-hour shift, I would spend 18 hours on the job just to learn and work on my loopholes.

So, you can say that I have covered an experience of 8 years in a 3-year professional stint, and that's something to be proud of". Charged with experience, he joined a premium hotel brand. He worked there for two years. This man was promoted 5 times- a reward for his hard work, deliverables, values, and words.

Wearing the Entrepreneurial Hat

"It's been two decades since I have been in league with the hospitality and management industry. I have worked with most of the luxury to economic hotels of the country. Since, the beginning, I've observed the challenges the owners face in terms of marketing management, franchise and on other operational elements.

Owning a franchise of international hotel brands brings headaches to daily operations. This was the key idea that we picked up.

To address the hindrances akin to marketing and management, we got back to them with an accurate solution. Wherein everything they are expecting about marketing and operations, they get under one roof in the right hand, and that too in a very professional and ethical air."

Rahul started his entrepreneurial innings with Pallavi Verma, his better half, and business partners as well. Pallavi has been there in the Hotels and Aviation industry for almost a decade. She has worked with top MNCs as a seasoned PR and admin professional.

Tuned up with the industry, the duo thought of starting the brand to be a better fit for individuals who stand alone on the marketing and operational scale.

That was the ideation. They both wanted to deliver something operative, ethical and a much-focused platform. Where the team can assist them and support them, from the inception of the hotel to running and launching the hotel.

Rahul Verma, CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality Group

The Chronoscope: ROOHI

Run by Hoteliers for hoteliers

ROOHI: Revenue Optimisation Opportunity for Hospitality Industry

"Living the vision of leading the Hotel Marketing and Sales Convergence Revolution by creating India's largest network of Independent hotels."

ROOHI! "The soul" An essence of life where the purest and the most memorable instincts lie. ROOHI is a creation for the enhancement and growth of wealth and revenues. Walking hand in hand with independent owners and operators by enhancing sales.

A start-up breathes commitment and creates relationships with support from consulting, marketing, and sales. Today ROOHI stands as one of the most luxurious and prestige hotel marketing and consulting companies.

The firm enjoys a prestigious clientele adorned by leading five-star deluxe hotels that have their standard of integration in the market. ROOHI acts as their face and voice on their behalf.

"And this is equally prestigious for ROOHI," Rahul emphasizes. "In this endeavor, we leverage our partners' individual hotels as products, with ROOHI serving as the face and voice, drawing upon our extensive local market expertise and experience.

Our firm relationships and recognition among corporate clients, travel trade partners, event companies, wedding planners, and more are nurtured and overseen by our proficient team."

Hence, we put our best efforts into creating opportunities and enhancing financial returns. By optimizing the revenues, profit, and brand awareness through Marketing, Sales, and Consulting."

Hotel Marketing & Sales Representation: A Driving Sales Force to Promote Independent Hotels

  • Fully Outsourced Sales and Marketing Management under "ROOTEL" – Sales Representation Brands with 6 brands R Hotels, The Palazzo, The Vedas, The Mantan, The Panache, and The Luxe.

  • Marketing Management and Services.

  • PAN India Regional Sales Offices.

  • Hotel Reservation Services & Lead Generation.

Hotel Consulting

  • Brand creation.

  • Maximize revenue.

  • Property acquisition & HR recruitment services.

Polishing its expertise: ROOHI's Hotel Management & Franchise offerings

The firm has ventured out of an alcove within the talent management and property acquisition space.

Further enhancing its accomplishments, the company has forged a Joint Venture with 'The Staarbridge International SIHM,' an internationally recognized hotel management firm headquartered in Bangkok.

As the Master Franchise Partner (INDIA), the collaboration aims to oversee the operation and management of a diverse range of hotels and resorts in India, spanning the spectrum from luxury to economy.

ROOHI Staarbridge SIHM has launched 7 international brands- Seven Seas, StarGates, StarLight's, Nova Boutique, Fairyland, Sunny Lion, and Sky House. To address all the needs of business and leisure travellers seeking comfort, attention, and high-quality services.

This move will impel the brand's geographic expansion and prove advantageous for hotel owners and operators seeking to optimize outcomes in three pivotal domains: People, Property, and Profit. Simultaneously, it will elevate our reputation as a reliable and respected name in the hospitality industry.

Road Ahead

In essence, this overview merely scratches the surface of a company that is steadily progressing towards its goal of encompassing 25 hotels through the Franchise, Management & Marketing Module. Moreover, we are actively extending our footprint across North, South, and East India, while also establishing offices in Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Also on the menu

Rahul is among those entrepreneurs who represent diversity. He lives in simplicity, takes inspiration from her lovely daughter Ruhi and would love to title his autobiography 'Think Belief Desire and Dare.'

Rahul Verma, CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality Group
Rahul Verma, CEO & Founder at ROOHI Hospitality Group

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