Yours Eventfully: making occasions a lifelong memory

Yours Eventfully: making occasions a lifelong memory

Yours Eventfully: making occasions a lifelong memory

Some of us associate event management with something that has emerged recently. However, planning of events can be traced back to Egyptian civilization.  Legend has it that Queen Cleopatra was famous for hosting fancy gatherings and lavish dinners to impress her lovers.  Some people even go to the extent of saying that the beautiful queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was the first event planner.

Earlier, the planning of events was limited to the royals, be it a wedding of Egyptian Pharaohs of Ancient times or a music festival planned by Marie Antoinette of France in medieval times to state a few. The concept of Event planning took a dramatic turn after the Industrial Revolution, when the political and social activities and gatherings became a common phenomenon, yet the concept remained a privilege for the affluent classes.  The modern/industrial face of event planning came into existence a few decades ago. With the changes in the corporate's organizational structure and neoliberal wealth, event planning reached the emerging middle class. Event management is not only about a hassle-free organization of an event, but also about adding cost-effectiveness, professional outlook and touch to the special occasion.

Our editorial team spoke to Vibhor Hasija an Engineer and Founder, Partner, and CEO @ Yours Eventfully.

Edited Excerpts…

The thought/episode/story that provoked this astounding venture

The foundation of Yours Eventfully was an exhumation of the essence of being an artist. As an artist, I always wanted to master the art, catering to the craving for perfection. Our firm has always carried that want and the vision of soaring high in the event management domain by ensuring the all-round development and growth of an artist and hence establishing an unparalleled artist network. We truly believe that it does not matter where you start from, what matters is where you can reach. There are very few companies that take an initiative to make an upcoming artists grow not only in the domain of their business development but also in their social network reach, production and other dimension of their artistry. This business model with a vision led us into venturing Yours Eventfully.

The Business spectrum

"A perfect ecosystem is vital for the growth". In tailoring the musical expedition of an artist, right from the amateur stage to the Paramount, the vivid professionals of Yours Eventfully guide and supports an artist in his growth, helping him build his dream from the ground up. As vivid are the genres of the artists that Yours Eventfully handles, the spectrum of the audience that it targets is equally diverse; From college to corporate to social events, a plethora of audience has witnessed our spectacles. Our primary approach to achieve our goals is to analyze an artist's genre and sort its potential. This forward-looking approach helps us to find their domain and promote them in the sphere where their growth is better and desirable.

Foreign Investments

As of now, we haven't had any foreign investors. The only investments we've made is venturing ourselves in this business and learning to grow along with it. Investing our time, money and effort in the right direction is one of the most important and necessary factors to yield profitable returns in the future. Talking about the future, we would surely be on the lookout for interested and wise investors and advisors as we continue to expand on larger domains and scales.


I'm elated to promulgate that we are a widely recognized organization. Especially by other artist managing organizations and even famous wedding planning fraternities like the ICWF. The firm successfully made it to the list of 'Top 10 Startups' by a prominent business magazine. We have partnered with over 50 music festivals in India. All in all, I'm very proud of our achievements and are still growing and progressing fast!

Risk, Gain and future

We like to aim high. We plan to set up IPs and, also collaborate with big Bollywood names. We'll sign up with renowned celebrities and potential artists and keep on taking our work to the next level always. For us, the sky is the limit. The growth rate of our company is good and we'd also like the same for new and upcoming artists as well. We'd really be happy to revolutionize the industry.

As the CEO, my biggest dream is to take my organization to the global level and explore all kinds of domains. By not remain restricted to artist management, we want to get into social and corporate events as well. Since I'm a believer of 'dreams do come true, if we have the perseverance to pursue them', I would like to share a cherished aspiration of mine that I'd like to work on soon. I want to take what I do on an educational level i.e. teaching the fresh artists not only music but also the business side of the industry that they'll face in their career such as growth and making sure they get the right platform and financial worthiness for their talent.

Journey so far

The journey till now has been ecstatic, suave and impelling. Yours Eventfully is now partners with most of the big festivals, corporates, and Hotel Groups. As an organization, we have always believed in the manifestation of multifaceted expertise. Thus, we have developed a very strong team, growing in every aspect, ensuring to suffice artists with the right amount of time and dedication.

Views on the Indian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The Indian Entrepreneurial ecosystem is very vibrant. It is ever-growing and coming up so well. It generates large-scale employment and significant wealth. The youth is showing interest in this field and hence, is becoming more serious and credible, thanks to the Startup City magazine, that our work gets recognized and we are able to continue to do so well.

Sweet n Sour experience as an entrepreneur

My personal favorite facet of being an entrepreneur is the freedom of choice. To decide the direction of the whole company so that it evolves into a successful establishment.  It is a responsibility and an opportunity to grow that motivates me to do better. As an entrepreneur, one always has to be open to new things and adapt according to industry standards. Our job is to always ensure our artists stay top-notch and our brand intact.

I believe great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice. So being an entrepreneur, what seems like a hard sacrifice to make, actually turns out to be a great investment. To give up on recreation with family and friends, and moving with one track mind is one of the hardest things to do. Another challenge is to form your dream team; A team that shares the same dream as you and works with an equal amount of passion to help you implement your ideas. 

One word about self:

I like to derive my ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. An open mind enriches one's life experiences, and it is also an important aspect related to entrepreneurship.

Piece of advice

As a youth-led organization our self, and as a matter of 'been there, done that', I'd say the mantra of thriving in a business environment is to always follow the ethics of the industry and stay away from unnecessary rat race. Healthy competition should prevail as it inspires innovation and improves quality. One shouldn't lose motivation by comparing his growth with others. Rather, always compete with your own self and try to be better than what you were yesterday. As long as you're doing better than yourself each day, you're on the right track.

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