Delivering Excellence Beyond Standards

Netsterz: Delivering Excellence Beyond Standards

The era of digital in the global marketing landscape has entirely reshaped the tenets that dictated the ways of this industry. The major benefits offered under this roof include seamless processes, immediate and improved conversion rates for businesses as well as brand building.  

Driven by the proliferated use of mobile devices all over the world, digital marketing, with its host of benefits, empowers businesses to approach huge masses in a very cost-effective and measurable way.

Digital marketing strategies have become an integral component of the marketing mix, primarily due to their well-established effectiveness in delivering rapid results. They have significantly transformed the approaches of numerous business leaders, exerting a substantial influence on their marketing strategies.

Netsterz Infotech Private Limited thrives as an emerging leader in the panorama of Digital marketing services in India.

The company has established a distinctive position by offering resilient and forward-thinking solutions in areas such as web design and development, search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content writing, and reputation management.

Incorporated in 2009, Netsterz came into view when Digital marketing was yet a concept waiting for a series of innovations to unlock its potential.

The immense potential of this sector in revamping business environments across geographies inspired the entrepreneurial spirit in Nitin Goel. He is an experienced professional carrying profound expertise rooted in the IT and services industry.


"To provide measurable IT consulting and Digital Marketing services to Small, Medium, and Large Businesses by constantly evolving with the latest Technology and solutions.

Our definite intention is to deliver the highest value for money to our clients, up-beating global standards and commitment. We value each staff member and help them excel in their skill sets and career paths.

Regular in-house training, grooming sessions, Rewards, Recognition, Pyramid growth chart, and fun activities bring together the "THE POWER TO KNOW AND GROW!"

Netsterz was established with the subtle vision of leveraging innovation in this space for delivering maximum value toward clients' success. Being home to a dedicated team of qualified and skilled professionals, Netsterz continually strives for improvement in its processes and the upgradation of its portfolio towards achieving what it envisions.

A large number of entities from diverse industry verticals have entrusted Netsterz with their specialized marketing needs and have been extremely satisfied with the company's exclusive service offerings.

"We have been getting a good number of projects every month. Our rich clientele encompasses more than 2000 satisfied clients. Since our inception, most of our clients express great satisfaction with our services. This has translated into our value proposition leading to strong client relationships", shares Nitin Goel – Founder and managing Director at Netsterz.

A glimpse into the key highlights of Netsterz's portfolio

  • Search Engine Optimization – Customized solutions focusing on clients' specific requirements, result-oriented 100% ethical SEO campaign, excellence delivered with proven results and competitive pricing.

  • Web Design – An in-house team of experienced and talented designers deft in delivering solutions equipped with creativity.

  • Pay Per Click Service – one of the few companies highly specialized in the field of Pay Per Click Management, Google Certified Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals to ensure maximum ROI.

  • Web development – A dynamic development methodology to identify the proper ingredients that make a successful website. To track record of on-time delivery of projects within budgets

A promise of perceived quality work by doing the ordinary things in an extraordinary way; Logon Utility

Success Mantra

Apprising us of the mantra that guides Netsterz's success, Mr. Nitin Goel shares, "We value our customers and analyze their profitability extraordinarily doing the ordinary things business and equipping the same with long-term sustainability is highly important for us.

We complete our work within the deadline and provide a comprehensive report to our customers. Our work ethic and 24-hour availability for smooth communication with clients to reach their specifications help us to build a successful customer base.

My clients are my assets, and I work just for their satisfaction and not for just money. My belief is that 'you can earn Money Easily with a Good Reputation in Business, but without a Good Reputation, it's hard to earn money'. This helps me to build a strong customer base.

I try my best to judge my clients' requirements more closely and keep an unswerving focus on what can be the future perspectives of their business."

Road Ahead

Having hit several milestones in its journey toward success, Netsterz has been doing a lot of groundwork for upgrading its portfolio toward covering all aspects of the IT industry. The addition of some new departments, including Mobile apps, Android, Software development, and more are on the plate.

Besides, taking initiatives towards improved client satisfaction and employee empowerment always remain Netsterz's key focus areas. Speaking of what he wants to accomplish within the next year, Mr. Goel adds, "I definitely would like to have a place ahead of where I was last year in terms of productivity in work and self-actualization within me."

MD's Journey

Nitin Goel – Founder & Managing Director 

"Our IT business venture originated with a compact team of seasoned professionals boasting extensive expertise in this field. They possess the unique ability to accurately envision and understand client-specific needs, thereby delivering highly effective solutions.

I never resort to any shortcut or transient solutions that can adversely impact the client's business process. Rather, strive hard to extend only long-lasting solutions that facilitate my clients to prosper in their business.

I have been able to win the trust of innumerable clients only due to the relentless hard work I put in while rendering my immaculate range of IT solutions to clients.

It is needless to mention offering mediocre services to clients can cause sleepless nights for clients in their endeavour to attain their business goals.

With this in mind, our team of professionals is accustomed to odd working hours to fulfill the target in rendering the services.

My sole motive is to render flawless services to clients and thereby ensure client retention and not augment my financial prospects.

Through my seamless array of services, I aim at long-term relationships with my clients and try to maintain a cordial employer-employee relationship. It can go a long way in withstanding this highly competitive industry domain and enable me to be in the frontline among similar companies.

I understand very well that the right decision-making process is a prerequisite for efficient company management . Therefore, I insist my team of professionals to keep themselves abreast of the latest technological progress so that they can take action in the right direction to further move our business to the next level.

I prioritize the emotional dimensions of my business as I provide professional services, aiming to foster a closer connection with clients through transparent business transactions. Additionally, I enhance the efficiency of my business processes by offering flexibility and scalability."

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