Zenith FinCorp, a treasury and tradespecialist firm, headquartered in Mumbai, has been successfully serving clientswith the entire bouquet of treasury management services under the dynamicleadership of Saurabh Goenka, CEO and Managing Director of the company. Theysupport their clients by managing their foreign exchange business and the risksemanating from the same. They carry out planning and execution of transactionsstrategically, to minimise cost and maximize returns.

Zenith FinCorp works on the tagline "YourGrowth Partners". The team partners with their clients and endeavours to takethem on the fastest possible growth trajectory. They believe their progresslies in the growth of their partners. Therefore they strive to acquire the bestpossible deals for their partners, be it, sourcing of funds, getting creditlines, deployment of funds, or Import- Export operations.

Present-day, Zenith FinCorp is theone-stop solution for all trade needs, especially foreign trade. Theythoroughly analyse the business model to create and implement risk managementframeworks for their partners, which will insulate them from all externalshocks in the time to come thereby assuring predictable and constant cashflows.


SaurabhGoenka is an assiduous and meticulous working professional, he is an expert inmanaging corporate treasuries. 34 Years, Saurabh is an alumnus of MDI Gurgaonwhere he did his MBA in Finance and Strategy. After studies, he joined AxisBank and worked in their treasury for about 7.5 years.

His quest for learning all the skills that thetreasury has to offer, motivated him to constantly look for opportunities andmove to various functions within the treasury. Gaining skill-sets across thetreasury bouquet prepared him to put the acquired knowledge to use for managingcorporate treasuries holistically thereby hugely benefitting his clients.


While working in the bank, Saurabhrealized the lacuna in the market for professional management of corporatetreasuries and more importantly, for the development and implementation of arobust risk management framework within organizations in the MSME sector. Thereare a lot of firms that have grown manifold in a short period. While thesefirms have created an excellent product and have become market leaders in theirproduct categories, there is a gaping hole in the way they do fund management,banking operations, and risk management, typically owing to lack of expertiseor suitably trained personnel. Zenith FinCorp fills this gap by allowing thefirm to outsource the treasury function to them so that they can manage itprofessionally using industry best practices and in effect, mitigate the risksthat the organization may face due to market forces.


Zenith FinCorp is a one-stop destinationcatering to various treasury needs.  Hereis a list of services offered by the company:

1. TreasuryManagement

In today's time of stiff competition, oneneeds to always stay ahead of the curve and find newer innovative ways tocompete. Most of the top business houses today have their own treasuries togenerate that extra return on capital, and / or substantially reduce theexposure to market risks, so that they can remain profitable even at wafer-thinmargins. Most of these treasuries have grown to contribute almost as much asthe operating profit to the bottom line of the company. Zenith FinCorp offersthe same platform to MSMEs so that they can compete with the industry leaderson a level playing field.

  • Policy Creation and Management
    • Analyzing working capital cycles
    • Building Risk Management Framework
    • Implementing and Monitoring RiskManagement Framework
  • Forex
    • Optimising use of trade creditproducts
    • Low-cost hedging products
    • Transaction process Outsourcing
  • Interest Rates
    • Sourcing of cheapest available funds
    • Deployment of funds for maximumpossible returns within the RMF

2. FinancialPlanning / Family Office

In the hustle-bustle of work pressuresand deadlines, most people forget the purpose for whichthey are working. In theend, it is for the things they can buy for the happiness of their family andloved ones. The expert team of Zenith FinCorp sits with the client andunderstands those goals and desires and systematically allocates theirresources towards achieving these goals within the timelines defined by theclient. Moreover, they analyse the risk tolerance of the client and invest inonly those products which suit his / her risk profile.

  • Monitoring of the assets andrealization of goals
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning

3. AlternateInvestment Options

Most people in India limit their investmentsto equity or bank FDs. Saurabh holds solid domain knowledge of Foreign Exchangeand Interest Rates products and their derivatives. He and his team offer suchproducts to customers which help them in diversifying asset allocations,maximising returns, minimising risk and opening a host of investingopportunities. The team further guides them on how to invest, how to hedge, andhow to manage the risk because of the complexities involved.


Entrepreneurshipis a roller-coaster ride! As an entrepreneur, you should learn to enjoychallenges and figure out your best moves to overcome them. Saurabh believesthat challenges, in fact, make you widen your horizons. They make you workharder towards achieving your goals. To that effect, the key to success is tolook at challenges as opportunities rather than impediments. 

The biggest challenge for Saurabh is todo with the specialized niche in which his business operates. Skilled workforcewith the necessary knowledge is hard to come by. Training requires a lot oftime. Also, convincing the client about the need to put in place a professionaltreasury risk management system takes time. Besides, if one is handing overtheir treasury and the power to make financial decisions, one must have anunwavering trust in his capability as well as integrity. Hence, instillingconfidence in a prospective client is also a big challenge. But, once theyexperience Zenith's services and professionalism, they usually stay with thecompany.


"Full of excitement and novelty! Each daybrings with it new challenges. Solving them brings in new perspectives andlearnings. That builds character. That, in turn, defines who you are."- SaurabhGoenka


Saurabh's Sincerity and Dedication forevery client is one of the major driving forces behind his victorious journey.He believes that each client is as important and assigns top priority to alltheir requirements by being available 24×7 and always serving them to the bestof his ability.

Saurabh believesthat in the service industry, "Customer Satisfaction" is no longer enough andstrives for "Customer Delight" which is the primary factor for his success.


Saurabh acknowledges that it was becauseof the encouragement and support of a couple of his friends that he musteredthe courage of quitting a cushy job to take up the rigours of starting abusiness. His father, an entrepreneur himself, has been a constant guidingforce who has helped him navigate through the roadblocks on this path ofsuccess. His mother has been his source of inspiration and his wife has beenhis pillar of support standing by him through thick and thin. Saurabh's mentorhas also played an important role supporting him at each step to develophimself as a better person and in turn, his organization.


Saurabh Goenka strives to be thepreeminent treasury risk management professional in the country handling alarge number of outsourced MSME treasuries and also secure headways into thebigger league where large listed companies find it more economical as well asprudent to outsource this activity to Zenith FinCorp.


Before starting any business, do your duediligence well. Do a thorough scenario analysis of all future outcomes andpossibilities that you can conceive. Only if you are excited about more than70% of the cases, go down the road. Once you have taken the plunge, go all in.Burn your bridges. Don't second-guess your decision. Don't work with themindset that if this does not work I will do something else. 'Success only comes when it isnon-negotiable.'

Weare proud to say that we have been able to materially benefit our clients overthe years. Their trust and continued patronage is a testimony to the fact. – SaurabhGoenka

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