GuruQ’s dynamic work culture incentivises out-of-the-box ideas

GuruQ’s dynamic work culture incentivises out-of-the-box ideas

GuruQ's dynamic workculture incentivises out-of-the-box ideas

In today'sfast-paced world, technology has become extremely pervasive in all aspects ofour lives. Evidently, technology has also played a dominant role in the up-gradationof the global education system. By leveraging the full potential of theseavailable technologies, many EdTech platforms have brought the fun back intolearning through their innovative concepts and teaching methods.

GuruQ, aDelhi-based start-up, is one such platform that is trying to break the barriersin the tutoring space and facilitate students and parents' search for areliable tutor. Developed by Minal Anand, an alumnus of Boston University,GuruQ stands out because it is India's first platform where students or parentscan choose top, verified, and vetted tutors. It aims to address the need for asingle, simplified, and cohesive Ed-Tech platform that provides online andoffline tutoring along with many other functionalities and services. The ideawas born after Minal completed her education in the US and returned to India,when she realized the disparity between a diverse education system that madethe most of technology and digitalisation abroad versus the traditional formsof education in India, which is still predominantly based on memorizationrather than practical applications.

When she returnedto India, the difference between students who had studied abroad and those whohad not was even more evident. She realised that a major reason for this disconnectwas that educators in India are often not familiar with innovative teachingmethods. This urge to do some quality work in the field of education droveMinal to explore the Ed-Tech sector, which was by then one of India's mostprolific segments. That is when GuruQ was born.

Currently, GuruQis one of India's best digital platforms that connects students and parentswith the right tutors; and provides the best working space for them. Thecompany has some of the best tutors from different study areas including schooleducation (K-12), language learning, competitive exams, and internationalentrance exams. GuruQ-certified tutors are reliable, accountable and undergo a 5-steprigorous scrutiny process. This includes a Proficiency Test, an online oroffline Interview and a full background check conducted by external agencies,thus ensuring students are entrusted in safe hands. GuruQ also allows parentsto evaluate tutors through automatically recorded online sessions so that thefeedback can be used to enhance learning.

Through GuruQ,students can choose any tutor based on their class, subject, location,preferred mode (online or offline or a combination of both), experience &qualifications of tutors, and ratings & reviews by GuruQ and otherstudents. Furthermore, students can easily manage timetables, take online testsand assignments, and assess their progress through GuruQ's personalizeddashboard called the Q-Board. Tutors, on the other hand, can reach out to severalstudents, manage their schedules, and increase their income. It's a win-win foreveryone while facilitating world-class learning and teaching experiences.

Way of functioning

GuruQ works witha democratic and participative style of management. It believes in encouragingits employees to be a part of the decision-making process. The idea is thatsuch contribution will lead to the free exchange of ideas and in turn theoverall betterment of the organization. Under aspiring and capable leaders, GuruQfocuses on collaboration and teamwork as its main pillars. The management makessure that all teams collaborate with each other in some way — whether it ismarketing, tutor operations, student operations, or technology needs.

Office Infrastructure

GuruQ'sheadoffice is located in Vatika Mindscapes on Main Mathura Road, and boasts of state-of-the-artoffices and facilities. The GuruQ team works in an open floor arrangement tofacilitate maximum interaction and collaboration. The company has its owncafeteria, conference room, and meeting rooms.

What does it take someone to be successful here?

  • A Healthy Inquisitiveness
  • Creative & out-of-the-box thinking
  • Being a proactive, smart worker
  • Problem-solver, solution-giver
  • Exceeds expectations consistently
  • Always eager to learn and take on more
  • Dedication and commitment towards the work assigned
  • Open communication, collaboration, and team work.

Individuals who demonstrate the aforementioned traitsare recognised and amply rewarded in the form of monetary & non-monetary incentives,and increase in roles & responsibilities that allow them to grow in the organization.

What kind of employee achievements does the companyrecognize?

  • Out-of-the-box thinking:

Out-of-box-thinking is more than just abusiness mantra at GuruQ. Unique ideas are valued and the company incentivizes employeeswho can bring such ideas to the table.

  • Taking on additional responsibilities tofurther themselves:

GuruQ loves and values people who are willingto go the extra mile at the workplace and bring immense value to anorganization.

  • Going beyond what is asked:

At GuruQ, people who continually exceedexpectations are always encouraged. The company appreciates such employees byrecognizing and rewarding them.

  • Thinking ahead and taking the initiative totackle possible future scenarios:

GuruQ values the ability of people who canpredict and assess potential future scenarios and develop solutions. It also rewardssuch people and develops a mutually beneficial long-term association with them.

Interview Process

The interviewstarts with the preliminary rounds – the first with the HR team and second withthe corporate team. Various elements are considered like resume (experience,qualifications), ability, and enthusiasm to handle the work, family background,other interests etc. If the initial rounds are successful, the CEO of theorganization then finally interviews the candidate.

Cultural Values

There are 5Psthat form the basis of the company culture and each of these is a guiding forcefor all employees.

  • Probe

GuruQ encourages and fosters an environmentwhere employees question and probe all aspects of the business to ensureperfection in the services rendered.

  • Plan

Employees are made to plan their work inadvance with clearly defined deliverables and timelines. This ensures propertime management, systematic work and maximum efficiency.

  • Prepare

Employees are given the correct guidance,support and encouragement to prepare before undertaking the tasks assigned tothem.

  • Pursue

The pursuit of a goal becomes easier with theclarity of purpose. Therefore, before pursuing any task, employees are made toprobe, plan and prepare to ensure perfection in results once the task has beenundertaken.

  • Perfect

Employees following the above-mentioned stepsconsistently, over a period of time, deliver perfection in everything that theydo, greatly contributing to organizational growth.

The above 5Ps amalgamated with high jobsatisfaction, positive working environment fosters a high level of efficiencyand time management leading to perfection of all deliverables and workassigned.

Social Outings or Events for Employees

GuruQ celebrateseach employee's birthday in the office. In addition, the CEO often hostsoccasional lunches and outings.

Employees' Work-Life Balance

GuruQ believesthat is important to maintain a work-life balance. The company encourages itsemployees to take on hobbies and interests outside of work. The CEO says, "Ipersonally tell all my employees that you must give your 100% percent towhatever you do; when at work put in your complete best to be the mostproductive, and when you're not at work, you must find hobbies or activitiesthat you're passionate about."

Milestones of the Organization

GuruQ has over 20,000tutors in Delhi NCR and 5,000 registered students. It has now expandedoperations to Haryana and Punjab, where it will soon begin offering online andoffline classes.

Road Map

There areextensive plans are in the works to expand to more states in North India andeventually create a pan-India presence. The company is also looking forward toadding more interesting and innovative features and offerings to its repertoire.

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