Kunal Tandon: delivering perfection through determination with Tandon & co.

Kunal Tandon: delivering perfection through determination with Tandon & co.

Kunal Tandon: delivering perfection through determination with Tandon& co.

The Indian Legal System is one ofthe oldest legal systems in the entire history of the world. It has altered aswell as developed over the past few centuries to absorb inferences from thelegal systems across the world. The Constitution of India is the fountainheadof the Indian Legal System. It demonstrates the Anglo-Saxon character ofjudiciary which is basically drawn from the British Legal System. India is aland of diversified culture, local customs and various conventions which arenot in opposition to the statue or ethics. People of different religions aswell as traditions are regulated by all the different sets of personal laws inorder to relate to family affairs.

The judicial system or Indianlegal system is a unique feature of the Indian Constitution. It is anintegrated system of courts that administer both state and union laws. TheSupreme Court of India is the uppermost part in the Indian legal system. Underthis, each state or a group of states possesses High Courts. There are severalsubordinate courts under these High Courts.

Indian Legal system has beencompared with 'Triveni', meaning confluence of 3 rivers. There are 3 streamswhich make the Indian Legal system. The first one is 'The Common Law', secondis 'Civil Law' and third is 'Personal and Customary Laws. India has an organiclaw as consequence of common law system. Through judicial pronouncements andlegislative action, this has been fine-tuned for Indian conditions. The Indianlegal system's move towards a social justice paradigm, though undertookindependently, can be seen to mirror the changes in other territories withcommon law system.

Tandon & Co. is afast-growing full-service law firm with a strong team of experienced attorneys,providing a broad range of transactional, regulatory, and advisory services.The firm was founded by Kunal Tandon, who brings in years of diverse andin-depth legal experience to the table. The firm's team is experienced, knowledgeable,and committed to providing prompt service to its illustrious clientele. Tandon& Co. has a holistic, innovative, and commercially pragmatic approach,coupled with maintaining a high standard of quality in providing sound andefficacious legal advice. They are a team of motivated professionals and haveconsistently delivered successful results for their clients.

Tandon & Co. understands theimportance of working with clients' internal management and business teams toensure that business objectives are met in the best possible manner. Trust, transparency,and accountability are integral to all their client dealings. A proactive, energetic,and practical approach ensures Tandon & Co. clients achieve highlysuccessful results. Tandon & Co. derives its USP from its young &energetic team. Its underlying objective is – "Conviction, Determination andPerfection" for its clients.

Our editorial team spoke to KunalTandon, the Founding Partner of Tandon & Co. about his background,challenges, work-life balance and life in general. Here are the editedexcerpts.

What is your background in Law? Where did you study and work in law before founding the firm?

Studied law from ILS Pune passedin 2003. I worked with Mr Atul Batra and got an experience for 2 years in thetrial courts and then with Ms Indu Malhotra for another 3 years in high courtand Supreme Court. In 2007-08 I started this firm.

What challenges have you faced in your career?

Biggest challenge was to letpeople connected with law know that I exist.

Did the firm originate because of what you were seeing and experiencingin the challenges facing commercial and corporate attorneys? What exactly ledyou to start the law firm?

Law firm or an individuals'practice: I never thought of anything specific. It just kept happening.Sometimes I tend to argue a lot in court and sometimes brief seniors a lot.Hence, every day is a new day.

Going to the next piece, what the need that you've felt most needed tobe filled – and what are those challenges for the legal companies that jump outon their own?

There are a lot of challengesfaced by legal companies such as:

  • Introduction of new laws and practice areas inthe legal market.
  • Being well versed with technologicaldevelopments and leveraging it for clients and their business.
  • New sources of Competition
  • Cultural, Geopolitical and Economic factors

What unique approach do you bring with your firm?

Always felt that colleagues ofmine must have an opportunity to grow. I have tried to give an opportunity toeach one of them.

Does the law vary from sector to sector? Do the legal questions facingdifferent industries differ and how do you take them on?

These days sectors have becomegovernment regulated like broadcasting, telecom, e-commerce, etc. and eachsector has its own problems and nuances. Our job is to understand the sectorwell, to keep updated with the various nuances and developments of law in thesectors and accordingly act in order to safeguard our client's interests.

What are the practices offered by the firm?

Banking, insolvency, IP, Broadcasting& media commercial disputes, arbitration, and general litigation.

In an eventful journey like yours, what have been the opportunities andthe challenges?

It has been a challenge to letpeople know that I exist- visibility. Though every challenge I see it as anopportunity. For e.g. in the garb of letting people know that I exist I startedtravelling a lot both domestic and international. Thus, it was an opportunityto travel to new places and thus new opportunities.

Do you manage to strike a work-life balance or are there still greyareas you'd like to better address? What are your other interests?

According to me there is no worklife balance. There is just life. You work and you live.

Brief us over the notable matters handled by the firm.

There have been many matters likeadvertisement cap challenge, interpretation of IBC in a matter in Supreme Court,challenge to an exemplary imposition of penalty by National Green Tribunal inthe real estate sector etc.

Throw some light on the milestones and awards received by the firm.

  • The firm has been nominated by BenchmarkLitigation as Notable Firm of the year and Recommended Firm of the year in 2018and 2019 consecutively.
  • Ranked In the individual category – as a Leaderin 40 Under 40 Category and as a Firm by Benchmark Litigation by AsialawProfiles Group.
  • Nominated in the following Categories in theprestigious ALB India Law Awards 2019:
  • TMT Firm of the Year
  • IPR Firm of the Year
  • Nominated in the following categories in thePrestigious Ideas-Exchange Annual Awards 2019
  • Dispute Resolution Law Firms of the Year
  • Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year
  • Tandon & Co was nominated as one of the bestfirms in the year 2017 for Media and  Entertainment, Information Technology, and Litigation/DisputesResolution by Legal Era Awards.
  • In 2016, the firm's founder, Kunal Tandon wasawarded GenNext under 40 Rising Star by a firm that recognises legal talent inIndia.

Brief us over the future plans of the organization.

I hardy plan as said earlier. Itjust that life goes on and you keep doing things that are needed. Each day is anew day.

What is a day in the life of your career look like?

First half in different courtsand second half in office. 10 mins with my kids at lunch if I am home fromcourt.

What is your take on legal education in India?

I feel that legal educationshould be more practice based rather than bookish.

What have been the keys to your success?

I have just been lucky. But Ihave never shied away from working at any time the client wanted me to work.

What advice would you give law students and currently lawyers aspiringto enter the start-up world?

Just be at it and benefits willcome.

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