No matterwhat type of law you practice, people will always be at the heart of what youdo. Whether it is about keeping your team on the same page, getting newclients, or managing those essential business connections, it is yourconnection that determines your victory.

But with somany tasks, clients, and issues to keep track of, staying on top of things- andstaying compliant- can be an actual headache. And that is where a CRM solutionenters.

CRM helps inprofiling prospects, understanding their needs, and creating a relationshipwith them by providing the most suitable products and a very high level ofcustomer service. It integrates back and front office systems to make adatabase of customer contacts, purchases, information requested, technicalsupport and many more. It presents a firm to bring a unified face to itscustomers, and enhance the quality of the relationship.

Automatingas many of them as possible will enhance the efficiency and productivity. Amongthe different types of automation that law firms can benefit from is marketing.Fortunately, there are various marketing solutions available. To support yousort through the multiple options we have comprehended a look at 10 leading CRMsolutions for law firms.


One of thefamous CRM Software, HubSpot is widely used in different industries includingthe legal field. The unique thing that makes HubSpot perfect is that it is freeto us, so you do not have to find room for it in your budget. Besides, it alsoallows you to progress your plan if your business flourishes in the coming day.

Thissoftware allows you to track interactions via social media, email, and phone.And when the matter comes to email marketing, automation is a major force forstaying top of mind with clients. Also, it has powerful email automationabilities through its workflow functionality.


OnePlace isa CRM system created on Salesforce's cloud infrastructure. It has features likerecording meeting details, making proposals, and enterprise-level security allallow for law firms to benefit from this software. OnePlace allows forintegration with MS Outlook, time as well as billing systems, NetDocuments, andmany email marketing tools. When it comes to integration, this software has themost options and enables you to view all customer-related data in one place.Social collaboration works and different mobile applications make sure forconstant and smooth communication with your team.


Known as oneof the best CRM solutions, Salesforce brings some serious pedigree. It booststhe business of more than 150,000 companies across the world. Its cloud-basedsoftware allows your team to collaborate on cases and projects. By using thissoftware, one can easily know who is dealing with whom, and what progress hasbeen made so far. Apart from allowing you to run your firm from your phone,Salesforce also offers the most advanced business analytics on the market. Itenables you to drill down into how people get your services, how they tick andmost importantly how to turn them into potential clients.

Law Ruler

Cloud-basedCRM and client intake software, Law Ruler is designed specifically for use bylaw firms and lawyers. It is powered by AI and many other advance technologies.This application holds notable features, personalized text messages that itsends. These are welcome texts that include an intake form. Also, Law Rulersallows your staff to know about client calls. This CRM solution also a mobileversion available and a focus on setting up the software and then forgettingabout it

Osprey Approach

OspreyApproach is a high-flying level CRM solution, it is tailor-made for theindustry. This software offers practice and case management functions, budgetplanning, and simple email integration. Moreover, Osprey Approach is highlypreferred because it boasts some of the highest levels of data security. Means,here data is safe, and freeing about the GDPR obligations becomes a thing ofthe past.  This extremely user-friendlysoftware provides a range of bespoke package to fit the unique need of lawfirms.


Lexicata isspecifically created for lawyers. It is more of a hybrid between CRM and clientintake software that makes the most sense for law firms. It allows you to gainlead information with its intake form system, make and send documents forsigning, and track your matters up until the client is signed. Lexicata alsointegrates with Clio, which is the most famous cloud-based practice managementsoftware for lawyers.


Actionstepis one of the unique CRM solutions which are made solely for the legalindustry. It brings a complete, cloud-based practice management system. Theintelligent workflow technology of the software can break the workload downinto decision trees and manageable, bite-sized chunks.

Actionstep providesrelief to service providers from getting bagged down in repetitive admin stuffand frees them up to get stuck into cases and grow their firm. It also providesan easy-to-use client portal- this is a secure space where one can chat withhis clients and collaborate on a document in real-time.


Createdespecially for building relationships, Contactually is one of the best CRMs forlaw firms. With it, one can categories his contacts into different groups likepotential clients and referral sources and at specific time intervals, you arereminded to get back in touch with them. The best thing about this software isthat it is easy to use and not too intimidating. It also has automationsequences to schedule repeated activities and outreach that involvedauto-sending emails and making new tasks.


One of themost expensive CRMs, Infusionsoft brings a lot of additional features likemarketing and sales automation tools. This platform is more expensive thanSalesforce and there is an industry of infusionsoft consultants because of howmuch there is to the platform. This is what most law firm consultants chargeyou thousands to customize, but it also very powerful.


Acloud-based secure software; Clio is targeted to meet the need of solepractitioners and small law firms. It easily makes legal practice management.It also brings document management, time tracking billing, and accountingfeatures. Functioning as a single resource, Clio eliminates the need fordifferent specialized applications by including the principal talents of each.With this application, there is also a free trial.

How to Select the Best CRM for Your Law Firm

When youfinally dedicate to take the plunge and add a CRM to your practice, first ofall, make sure that the CRM you are purchasing; 

  • It will add value to your firm
  • With it, you can train people to use it ifneeded
  • You will use it consistently

Given thatthere are many multiple options for CRMs out there, here the best way is to tryout a few to find what feels the most comfortable to you and seems like it canintegrate well into your day-to-day and also with the other software solutionsyou are presently using.

Apart fromthe above list, there are a lot of CRMs with amazing features and integrations.But, you may not very advanced or very simple software. So ignore the bells andwhistles and focus on what aspects of the CRM you will use;

Here's how I would evaluate CRMs in order ofimportance:

  • Goals: Every software does different thingsand holds slightly different goals, you need to find your first businessobjective for implementing a CRM is, and pick around that goal.
  • Core features: Check the core features andpicks the CRM whose features meets your need.
  • User interface: Stop, and think you need aneasy-to-operate system or you can manage a highly advanced interface.
  • Pricing: Pricing should not be the biggestconcern as a CRM that is a good fit for your firm but still it plays a majorrole. First, find what works for you, and then worry about the price.

Bottom Line

It does notmatter whether you are a partner, an associate, or a paralegal, CRM software isa powerful tool to support law firms or lawyers develop their practices andimprove the speed and efficiency of your workload at the same. It also bringsyour remote teams closer together and promotes better, more open communicationwith your clients. And, by automating and simplifying key processes, it willfree you up for what you did rather be doing. That's why today CRMs are usedwidely by small and large businesses to keep track of their potential clients,and their firm could likely benefit from using one. So don't get late, select areliable and efficient CRM solution for your law firm.

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