Tempus Law Associates & P. Raviprasad, Advocate and Co-founder

Innovating the legal system with knowledge and wisdom
Tempus Law Associates & P. Raviprasad, Advocate and Co-founder
Tempus Law Associates & P. Raviprasad, Advocate and Co-founder innovating the legal system with knowledge and wisdom

Tempus Law Associates & P. Raviprasad, Advocate and Co-founder: innovating the legal system with knowledge and wisdom

P. Raviprasad, Advocate & Partner: Inspired by the Quote: The heights achieved by great individuals were not by sudden flight, but while their companions slept, they had toiled in the night.

Indian legal market crossed $1 billion last year with the combined support of foreign investment and local demand for legal services. Howbeit, growth remains stifled due to challenges, remaining in the market.

The market is due for considerable progress over the next few years, primarily on the back of shifting government policy. That is why India's corporate law firm sector is still relatively young and includes a mix of sole proprietorships and firms of multiple lawyers.

Though, there are some names in the limelight, which are turning to major players in the consulting industry for support with internal restructuring. Tempus Law Associates is a reputed multi-service law firm amid them.

It was initiated by experienced Indian and New York Licensed Lawyers, who have several decades of expertise in Indian and International legal matters to provide tailor-made legal solutions to companies and individuals across India and the US. 

The firm is based in Hyderabad, and its top priority is to deliver clients with high-quality legal services and create bespoke approaches to address the client's legal issues.

The lawyers are led by the founder promoters who leave no stone unturned to bring the finest legal solutions in a comprehensive yet commercially viable approach.

They work tirelessly to achieve clients' goals and pursue their objectives vigorously with sound advice on legal matters.

The firm has a wide client base including business corporations, multinationals, financial institutions, angel funds, venture capital, private equity funds, government bodies, educational institutions, and high-net-worth Individuals across the globe.

It is said that a boat cannot flow in the right direction unless it has an expert and proficient sailor. Tempus Law is running right stream under the dynamic leadership of P. Raviprasad and another other co-founder Sundari R Pisupati, the founder partner of the firm.

P.Raviprasad, started his career working as a Junior Advocate with S. Parvatha Rao in 1988. Hard work, Perseverance, and Honesty in dealings make Ravi prasad unmatchable.

He believes that each client comes with different needs and concerns and he tackles each to ensure that the client's concerns are addressed effectively. Raviprasad graduated from Osmania University with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1988. 

After practicing for 11 years mostly in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, he went to New York, USA, and did a Master of Law from The Law School of Yeshiva University.

Raviprasad was an advisor to several corporations and institutions and also held positions as Counsel to state Judiciary, T.T.D., and Standing Counsel to Official Liquidator for two terms and Member of the Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee in 2014.  

He was also appointed by the Hon'ble High Court as Counsel to the Committee in the AgriGoldPublic Interest and was also engaged by the Interim Resolution Professionals in Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited and Viceroy Hotels matters.  

Raviprasad is indeed a talented person.  In an interview with Startup City, he shares about Tempus Law and his vision of creating a mark in the Indian legal industry.

Here's the edited excerpt.

What are the practices offered by the firm?

We are a full-service law firm, providing an extensive range of transactional, regulatory, advisory, and dispute resolution services. Some of our major services include:

Tempus Law Associates & P. Raviprasad, Advocate and Co-founder
  • Private Equity

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Corporate Structuring

  • Corporate And Commercial Transactions

  • ECB Facilitation

  • Employment Laws

  • Litigation Before the High Court

  • NCLT

  • Tribunals & Civil Courts In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

What led you to start the Tempus Law Associates?

After the recession during 2006 -2008, I wanted to establish a small firm to cater to the client's needs at reasonable fee structures compared to other firms, and so, I laid the foundation of Tempus Law with my co-founder.

What unique approach do you bring with your firm?

Being a small firm, we have a hands-on overview and try to address client requirements and deliver the best solutions to clients. We are also distinguished because of the depth and scope of our legal advisory services and unique overseas experience.

Additionally, our international exposure allows our team to handle deals and cases of any size and complexity and bring the expected outcome.

In an eventful journey like yours, what have been the biggest opportunity and the toughest challenge?

In my journey, the best opportunity was getting work from corporates and the major challenge was to ensure expedited turnaround and address clients' requirements in short timelines.

Do you manage to strike a work-life balance or are there still grey areas you'd like to better address?

I have a reasonable work-life balance. I want to have a strong team that can grow the firm and provides opportunity to youngsters.

Briefus over the notable matters handled by the firm.

Our firm has handled good acquisition/investment transactions, represented eminent authorities, and also been appointed by the High Court in public interest litigation to assist the court.

Throw some light on the milestones and awards received by the firm.   

Our firm was recognized as "RISING STAR FIRM" in 2018, and our partner was recognized as one of the top 10 powerful women lawyers in the country by a reputed legal journal and entity.

Define the law in one line.

It should be a mechanism to enforce public and social order. 

Who is your inspiration?

My Senior and mentor Shri. S. Parvatha Rao with whom I started my career in 1988. He became a High Court Judge in 1990 and later held several positions. He was a very detail-oriented person and a great nationalist who actively participated in several organizations and established a school for the benefit of the underprivileged in society. 

What are your thoughts about the Indian legal system and its problems? What is your take on legal education in India?

Indian legal system is a uniquely structured system with set parameters. When it comes to legal education, it is shaping up well but is becoming increasingly expensive like Engineering and Medicine.

What have been the keys to your success?

Hard work, client referral, consistency, and believing in myself.

ExpansionBinge and Future Ahead

We are making a strategy to develop a good structure and increase the number of team members.

What would be your word of advice to law students and aspiring lawyers, who wish to enter the startup world?

Aspire to learn and work hard. Do not look at making money from day one once you graduate. Do not look for shortcuts or easy ways to learn the Legal profession is a long brawl, not a sprint. Long hours of review, looking up law, case law, and hard work will help you in the long run. 

Tempus Law Associates & P. Raviprasad, Advocate and Co-founder
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Tempus Law Associates & P. Raviprasad, Advocate and Co-founder
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