SIPLoffers unique training program and strives to make corporate learning morereasonable, customizable and implantable.  

To enhance the productivityand efficiency of any business, be it a new startup or an established company,it is important to have access to the right information, knowledge, andalignment. Small and large, both types of businesses are increasingly availablethe training consultancy, to grow especially during a weak economic climate.Very few firms provide truly tailored training support as per clientrequisites. The SIPL World, therefore, has positioned itself as a noticeableentity in the market. The company's vision is to convert the understanding ofinformation, industries and business trends into value for their global networkof clients.

The SIPL World has clients atall levels of the organization hierarchy, it has trained more than 1, 00,000graduate students on the subject of employability skills and has trained morethan 1, 00,000 professionals in the corporate world working with top businesshouses.

Providing corporate trainingsolutions to a different level is a tough task on account of various factors,which the SIPL World successfully addresses by adopting a customer-centricapproach instead of a traditional training centric approach. Thoroughlyanalyzing the business needs and industry requirements, the company providestailor-made, cost-effective, scalable and robust solutions.

The SIPL World's trainerswith 25 + years of corporate experience in different managerial positions withworld best companies translate into the differentiated value proposition andstimulate time-to-market for clients. SIPL World delivers comprehensive andCustom Training & Development, Performance & TNA Audits, Learning Toolsand Assessments designed to improve employee performance.

It is associated with morethan 400 business houses for strategic Consulting, TNA Audits & CorporateTraining and can conduct Training in 6 different languages (English, Hindi,Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam). Here, English is the preferred language.

SIPL has the top businesstrainers and consultants in the country. The onsite trainers and consultantsare dedicated to providing learners with the most useful and up-to-dateinformation available at the most reasonable price.

Established in the year 2013,SIPL is widely-known for providing fun and interactive employability skillsworkshops which offer 1:1 or employability coaching to help prepare studentsfor work, deliver graduate boot camps for an intensive one-stop employabilityskill shop, run preparing for work events to ensure students are equipped withthe knowledge, skills, and confidence to land their 1st job.

2QEL(Total Quality Employable Leaders Program)

 Total QualityEmployable Leaders Program Offers a finishing course module for students frominstitutions to help them prepare to enter today's corporate world that isextremely competitive and demanding. The course content is designed &developed by subject master expert corporate trainers from relevant fields inaddition to leading the course being conducted on-site at various premierinstitutions. Experiential workshop environment where participants will beeducated to take up risks and make adjustments based on their results from roleplays before approaching large real-time projects, activity-based withrole-plays, mock and practice sessions, real-world experience simulationbetween facilitator & participants, participants will be led in a directedlearning mode, not just with facilitator's one-sided lectures, combination ofpresentations and examples from facilitator and interactive and hands-onparticipants exercises with individual and group report outs, special attentionto weak candidates


  • Expert and dedicated onsite trainers and consultants
  • Trainers hold over 15 years of experience
  • They have achieved result-oriented success in their field ofexpertise
  • They are "Master Facilitators"
  • The training team has a proven track record of successful trainingand consulting with a minimum of 300 training/consulting projects


SIPL's approach to trainingis targeted learning. They specialize in aligning training to the client'scompany strategy. And, at the end of the day, SIPL will ensure that truelearning has taken place.

 Learning that has animmediate impact on your workplace and individual employee success. Programs,seminars, and workshops are developed and adapted to target your specificbusiness needs.

At SIPL, people believetraining professionals must understand and speak the language of shareholdervalue, profitability, efficiency, customer satisfaction, return-on-investment,return-on-assets, and performance. They must also be able to translate theresults of their work into those concepts.

Here, training is not a cost– it is an investment. It doesn't matter what we pay for an investment, what isrelevant is what we get in return.


The Training Team at SIPLWorld is led by expert Corporate Trainers who are passionate about promotingexcellence in the corporate world. Having empowered thousands of graduates overthe past three decades, in addition to being part of career development atleading academic houses nationwide, the Training Team has taken his wealth oftheir training and management knowledge and incorporated it into trainingworkshops.

They have invented a simplebut effective theory that focuses on one objective; to help graduates achieveoutstanding success through their workshops. Many of their innovative trainingprograms have influenced the lives of students everywhere and continue to opennew doors of opportunity for professionals around the Country.


The SIPL World is thebrainchild of Gopakumar K P. He has been leading from the front and made it aprofitable firm from day one of its inception. His strength lies in his passionto promote excellence in the corporate world. Having worked with thousands ofsales professionals over the past three decades, in addition to trainingcountless individuals at leading corporations nationwide, GK has taken hiswealth of training and management knowledge and incorporated it into histraining, a corporate training company that focuses on one objective; to helpprofessionals achieve outstanding success. Today, GK uses his expertise andknowledge to act as a sales coach, sales consultant and sales trainer to thoseanxious for great sales success. He is focused on advanced sales training withspecial emphasis on the Sales Process. He has successfully transformed manybusiness units from rock bottom business volumes to very lucrative companies.

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