"If you want something in life then startdreaming & develop a burning desire"

Prateek Gupta

We live in an erawhere technology is shifting at its sweet pace advancing eat an exponentialrate and to match up to this pace, it is essential that the youth and theworking professionals today to keep themselves updated with the changing trendsof the market.  

And acing this bandwagonof corporate trainings is Innovians Technologies, under the able leadership ofPrateek Gupta, CEO/Founder, is ensuring that the training solutions aredelivered by the highly experienced domain proficient trainers with practicalworking experience in various verticals so that the participants get the bestknowledge & understanding during the training process.


Prateek Gupta is a motivational speaker, a life coach, a corporatetrainer, and an entrepreneur, he is a young technocrat; with his innovative& creative ideas, he has always achieved whatever he has worked on. Byeducation qualification, he is B.Tech, D.I.T, M.Tech, PGDM, and Six SigmaCertified. He guided several start-ups and has delivered seminars, workshops& training programs in multiple countries & on a plethora of topics. Hehas trained more than 35,000 participants and delivered more than 300+ trainingprograms on a national and international level.

The Startup CityMagazine grabbed a chance to have a conversation with this young and ambitiousvisionary who shared his inputs on corporate training scenario, changing theindustry, corporate ethos and more; 

SCM: Do you believeyourself to be the "Most Trusted Corporate Training Provider" and why?

Prateek:Yes, being in the industry for 8 years now& wehave gained the trust of our clients through the quality training that wedeliver. We provide training on more than 650 courses for Corporate andInstitutional Needs as per their requirement. We have successfully trained morethan 75,000 participants & working professionals and delivered more than1200+ training on the national & international level so far. Most of ourclients are repeat clients and they give preference to us for any nature of trainingneeds.

SCM: When did theidea of being a part of this industry coin in your head?

Prateek:The idea coined in my head during the final year ofmy graduation, I realized the significance of the increasing demand for technologyand technical training. From the last year of my graduation, I started takingtraining as part-time in colleges and then steadily founded 'InnoviansTechnologies'. With emerging technology, the need for corporate trainingand trainers is increasing rapidly. Corporate houses nowadays are focusing moreon improving the skills which further increase the needs of corporate trainers.Our Major audience are IT companies. Technology, soft Skills,HR and behavioural training are our 4 major domains. 

SCM: What kind ofmarketing strategies do you deploy to spread your name?

Prateek:We promote ourselves through LinkedIn, Mailers,Google Ads, and Blogs etc. But most of the queries we get are organic wherepeople search on Google& send us their training requirements. We have agood network in industries &most people refer us for the training. OurIndustry is a service providing kind, with an increase in technology andawareness, the MNCs are focusing on improving skills of their employee&nowadays working professionals are serious about upgrading their knowledge oradding skills to their profile. It is good to see that now they allot aseparate budget for skill development.  

SCM: In acompetitive market, what business model do you follow to beat the hurdles? 

Prateek:With an increasing need, competition is alsoarising but we believe quality has no competition & we are known as thequality training providers in India &outside. But it's good to havecompetition in every domain so that you are always thriving to give your best.And you always ask a question that what more you can provide & how best youcan provide. My team connects to companies, identifies their trainingrequirements and then customize a training program according to their need. InnoviansTechnologies has 500+ professional trainers affiliated to the company to caterto requirements in various domains.  

 SCM: Whatnature of clients are you associated with currently? 

Prateek:Maximum of our clients our IT companies but wecater to all industries as we do have training programs for non-tech companiesas well & there are certain programs which are useful for any organizationirrespective of their domain like leadership, soft skills training, HR trainingetc. We have a corporate ethos of a client-first policy, we value individuals,uphold the right to express disagreement, and respect the time and efforts ofothers, we impart freedom and the opportunity to excel and focus on qualitywith a motto of 'First Time Right'.

SCM: Do you believethis is an appropriate time for an entrepreneur to venture into the industry? 

Prateek:Yes, in this technology age, this is the best timefor an entrepreneur to venture into business as there is a huge scope inindustries. We are in an era where the technology revolution is taking place& advancements are at an exponential rate, people are more connectedonline, and a lot of technical support is available. 

SCM: What are theachievements and awards earned by the company? 

Prateek:We have received various awards, nominations &recognition in last 8 years for excellence in training domain but for us, thebest awards are happy faces of participants at the end of training &exceptional feedback from our clients which we receive very often.

SCM: How does oneacquire the status of 'being the best', what gives you an edge over your peers?

Prateek:Constantly working towards your goal helps toachieve the status of 'being the best', we are dedicated to providingworld-class training solutions. Our Training Consultants understand the clientsneed and customize the training course accordingly. We provide pre andpost-training consultation also to our clients& apart from it we take thefeedback from every participant and share the feedback report with the clientabout how the training went, how were the participant's experience in terms of learning,trainer interaction, hands-on exercise & area of improvement for futuretraining. For our work, we have been fairly awarded but what matters isthe satisfied participants and exceptional feedback.

SCM: If given achance how would you like to describe yourself from a third eye view? 

Prateek:My team describes me as: "He is a man withvision, his team looks up to him for motivation and direction. He leads withexample and is a very intellectual person who is sensible and hard working. Heis co-operative towards his employees. He is a very knowledgeable person who iscommitted to his work. We have always seen him prioritizing the quality andtimely execution of services."

SCM: Is thereanything that you believe should change in the industry?

Prateek:Yes, Not just MNCs, but Medium and small scalecompanies should understand the need of keeping updated with the change inindustries& give importance in up-skilling the employees for betterproductivity & company growth. In a survey by UNICEF, it is estimated that50% of Indian youth will lack skills for 21st-century jobs by 2030.

As a leadingprovider of Training's and Consulting for the past decade, InnoviansTechnologies understands its social responsibility as well and has beenstriving to build an environment that fosters education and innovation.They have built a balance by connecting and sharing the brighttechnical minds to develop better surroundings & healthy environment, they adhereto their principles namely; integrating diverse cultures, providing qualitytraining, latest technology, future-ready, socially responsible, and marketcredibility.

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