There was a time when personal computers, or evenlaptops, were considered far from a common man's reach in India. But in thelast few years, PCs and laptops have become quite common. Unlike desktops,laptops give their owner and operator a much-needed company. It is loaded withseveral amazing features and looks beautiful too. Whether you are a businessprofessional or a student, a laptop is a basic necessity for carrying out dailytasks. There are overwhelming numbers of options available in the market. So, itcan be tough to select the right laptop to suit your needs. For your support,we have listed the best laptop brands in India.

Our list of top 10 laptops in India for 2020 offersa good blend of performance and vital features, at every price point. This listincludes options from the latest laptops available today, offering budgetlaptops, mainstream laptops, ultrabooks, and business laptops.

Apple-Undisputed King of Laptops

The undisputed king of laptops, Apple needs no introduction. Its laptop is known as The MacBook, which is the world's most selling premium laptop. They are popular throughout the world for being the best-optimized in the world. Presently, Apple is the most reputed and trusted company. That's why, in spite of being the most expensive laptop brand in the market, Apple has sold the most number of laptops in the world.

Dell-Ultimate User Experience

If you are looking for a laptop with the ultimate user experience and good build quality, Dell can be an affordable option. It provides very good customer services including doorstep pickup and delivery from the customer service department. It has been designing laptops for masses in multiple price ranges and is widely known to be the best laptop brand in the country.

HP-Best-Crafted Laptops

One of the oldest brands of laptop, HP is an American multinational IT company founded in 1947. HP laptops are one of the best-crafted laptops available in the Indian market. They are equipped with the latest hardware and an impressively slim profile. HP was the leading brand in the PC and laptop industry from the year 2007 to 2013. However, the company had to face a fall in 2013; it has maintained its market presence.

Acer-Strong and Long Battery Backup

A Taiwanese consumer electronics player, Acer has achieved a substantial ground in the world market today. The brand holds a healthy and competitive space in the Indian laptop market. Strong and long battery backup, quality sound with nice thin screen display make Acer laptop one of the best laptop brands in the market.

Samsung- AffordableBusiness Laptops

Samsung is one of the giants in consumer electronics. The hi-tech designs of this brand have earned the name globally. Samsung is mainly popular for its affordable business laptops with enhanced security features, ergonomic designs, long battery life, and fast processors and touches display features. Samsung's Chromebook series is known as one of the best selling laptops in India and helps it to enter in the top laptop brands in India list.

Asus-Well-Built and Attractive Laptop

Again Asus is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company. It has been dominating the Indian market for a while. Asus laptops are well-built and attractive that made it the fourth-largest PC vendor in 2015. Its high-performing laptops are widely famous. Asus launched its first laptop "Eee PC" in 2007 and has consistently got positive reviews from a vast body of the customer.

Lenovo-Lightweight and Portable

The famous Chinese computer brand, Lenovo is the most popular laptop brand in India. It sells a huge range of notebooks at different price ranges. They provide top-notch tech support and cater to every need of customers. Lenovo laptops are designed in lightweight and are easily portable. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and Lenovo X51-70 are two bestselling laptop models by the company.

Toshiba-Durable and User-Friendly

Toshiba is a Japanese tech company; it is involved in manufacturing user-friendly consumer electronics and high-performance laptops. It was established in the year 1939 and has its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.  The laptop is made by thriving on good battery life, cutting edge technologies, amazing features and high performance.  Besides, they are designed to be durable and portable. 

Vaio-Acronym of Video Audio Integrated Option

Vaio is the sub brand of the Sony brand in the Laptop segment. It is the acronym of Video Audio Integrated Option that denotes the brand's positioning as a product, which performs on video as well as the audio front. Just like any other Sony product, Vaio is also positioned as a premium brand. The brand launched its first series of Notebooks at Rs 80,000- Rs1, 25,000 making it one of the most expensive and the best laptop brand available in India.

Huawei-Perfect for Reading and Writing

The biggest Chinese technology company, Huawei is also a famous laptop brand in India apart from manufacturing smartphones and launching the 5G network in India. Huawei MateBook laptop is thin, comfortable and provides great performance in terms of battery life and perfect for reading and writing and other works.

These were all top laptop brands in India. No doubt, Apple laptops areunbeatable when it comes to class and design while Samsung has its ownsignificance in the Indian market. Every brand is unique and has differentadvantages. It's on you to decide what is your requirement and budget.

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