Websitehosting for small businesses is not something that we focus a lot on. Thismeans, even while building a website for a small business client, companiesstill very likely to recommend a famous overall hosting solution.

Butthe topic of web hosting for small business especially sheds life on the kindof hosting services that are optimized for small business in some way. If youare a small business owner in the throes of launching your e-commerce website-or upgrading your existing one- you may know you need a web hosting service outthere than you shake a well-crafted, artisanal walking stick at.

Thereare a huge number of providers offering the best web hosting for smallbusinesses. One major factor in hosting services is that a good web host mightnot always be the right web host. The reasons being, different kinds of thewebsite will have different needs.

Someweb hosts might be good in certain areas like speed and the latest technology, whileothers might focus on offering a stable server and affordable rate. Keep thisalways in mind that a "good web host" does not always guarantee 100% usersatisfaction.

Here,you need to stick with the right service at the right price and right quality.The best web host may not be the best choice.

Aftermultiple evaluations, all the good and web hosts around for small businesses,we have come down to a list of companies that perfectly fit the needs of mostsmall-business owners:


GoDaddyis the first name you find in the market if you are just starting and you needeverything from a domain name to SSL certificates to keep your customers'information secure, access to Windows 365, solid site-builder and onlinemarketing tools and web hosting.

It isthe most popular web host by far and this is mainly because of its advertising.They have invested a lot of money over the years into brand recognition. Out ofall the hosting companies, they are the ones that just about everyone know.

InMotion Hosting

InMotionmay not look very flashy, but this is a perfect option for those looking forsolid web hosting with truly excellent technology. It brings a wide assortmentof plans and a tradition of long-time customers. The 90-day free trial periodfor shared hosting offered by the company gives you plenty of time to test outInMotion's support team. Means get website hosting free for 90 days. The plansof InMotion are really straightforward and almost identical.

Amazingsupport given by the company is making InMotion stand out from other hosts. Ifyou want a no-nonsense host with best customer support, this is the mostreliable option, you can go with.


A newbut the cheapest hosting company, Hostinger is one of the best web hostingsolutions for small businesses. Its plan starts at low as $0.80/ month thatallows users to host one website and one email account with 100GM bandwidth andupgrade to higher plans later.

Thisis extremely cheap to start off and provides single shared hosting plans fornew users. It provides multiple features like free website migration, top-levelVPS hosting plans, top-level data backups for VPS hosting accounts and manymore.

Shopify Review

Whenit comes to the best website hosting companies, Shopify is a famous name.Although, this might not be the right choice for everyone it has some specificfocus that helps small businesses to sell.

 Since all their plans include eCommercefunctionality, it is ideal for all those businesses involved in selling. WithShopify, you can have plenty of add-on tools, simple and powerful integratedpayment, highly customized stores with 70+ professional designed themes, freeSSL certificate and abandoned cart recovery for all plans and many more.


GreenGeeksis a popular name offering all website hosting solutions that you would needfor a business. They provide excellent server speeds, a secured hostingenvironment, a website builder, and they offer free domain registrations andsite migrations.

Themost unique factor about this site is that it is the leading expert in offeringenvironmental-friendly hosting service or Green Web Hosting. Apart from itseco-friendly part, it provides excellent server speed, nightly data backup,choice of server locations in the US and EU, live chat and phone support andalso a proved green web hosting with the certificate issued by EPA a BEF.


Hostedover 1,000,000 domains with 10 years of experience, SiteGround is a leadingname for offering the best web hosting for small businesses. It offers solidhosting performances and excels in terms of innovative server features andtheir top-notch live chat support. Pricing might be an issue but the variety ofhosting services like VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting makes it the perfectoption.

SiteGroundbring a reliable server performance with 100% uptime most of the time; itbrings hand-to-hand support, free auto daily backups, etc.


A NewJersey-based company, Interserver provides solid server performance, guaranteedemail delivery, locked-in signup price and best website hosting deals. Thecompany pledge that they will never raise their price during renewable and keepthem under 50% utilization for sudden traffic spikes.

Itprovides good hosting uptime and excellent server response time, amazingdiscounts, flat price on all shared and VPS hosting plans, free websitemigration and many more.


Wix isone of the leading names among website hosting service providers. It has beenin the business for more than a decade now and offers users a chance to createa stunning website in just a few clicks. It holds a visual editor that wasdesigned to allow anyone, even those with no coding knowledge at all quicklyadapt to.

Hostingis packaged together with Wix's role as a website builder, so it is aone-stop-shop for website creation. This is mainly useful for small businessesthat core competency is not in tech. Wix has a good range of pricing options,extensive option draft-and-drop user interface and many more that makes one ofthe best names in the website hosting list.


One ofthe most notable names for the best web hosting for small businesses, DreamHostdoes hosting in its unique way. It does not use the standard cPanle that mosthosts use. It has created a completely custom control panel that the user willuse to manage his website.

Manyof Dreamhost's packages do leave it but it could make things tougher. Apartfrom the shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting, DreamHost offersupgrades to VPS and cloud hosting and dedicated servers should you even needthem. DreamHost is another one of WordPress's three recommended hosts, andincludes some managed WordPress hosting in its basic shared plans. It is greatif you wish to have Website hosting cheap, with $ 3-month web hosting plan. Thefree trial period is longer than 97 days.


Formany business owners and site managers, Bluehost is considered to be thedefault choice for the best web hosting. It offers hosting at a reasonable priceand has a great reputation for supporting its customers. The company holds hostingsupport that supports whatever direction your business grows. If you start withthis hosting service provider, you could get everything you need from a host.The best part is that you can avail website hosting for free with multipleservices. Here, you get 24/7 support by phone or live chat.

Theseare the top names when it comes to website hosting top 10. These are also greatif you are looking for a website hosting for students.  Instead of goingfor a free web hosting service, you should prefer website hosting low cost.Website hosting low cost. Because free hosting is not worth it for everyone.And, it is not where you should save money.

If youare worried about the cost of hosting, don't worry about generating revenue andtraffic before trying to save a few extra amounts cutting hosting costs. Thereare multiple websites hosting types; a free host is good for something like anevent one-pager or a very small site.

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