Skyrocket Business Growth with Eminent CRM Partner, NSquare Xperts

Skyrocket Business Growth with Eminent CRM Partner, NSquare Xperts

Skyrocket Business Growth with Eminent CRM Partner,NSquare Xperts

Founded in 2013,NSquare is a software company established after a decent share of experience byits founders in the CRM and software development industry. CEO – NileshKankariya and Kirit Mandavgane who hold the position of VP Strategy contributedto the various leading IT companies that inspired the foundation of NSquareXperts targeting to deliver cutting edge IT solutions to their clients. NSquareteam aims to further brainstorm novel ways to create an edge over itscontemporaries and provide unparalleled IT solutions while benchmarking basedon the excellence and strategies laid down by the industry leaders.

The company'sfocus, zeal, and dedication are directed towards achieving productivity drivenby the true passion for Technology Consulting and Project Management by theentrepreneurs. Creating a pivot for software development solutions, maximum ROIfor the clients and nurturing the team as a true asset to the company is theessential business ethos that the brand has maintained since its inception.

Despite being ayoung company, the brand and its founders have faced their share of failuresand challenges in its lifespan. Kirit shares his thoughts towards failures"Well there is hardly any formula to evade failures, but we take each challengeas a learning process and are adaptive to mark subsequent changes to getbetter. There are always a lot of optimistic philosophical thought-lines onfailures, but seriously it stands true to get you aligned during challengingtimes. One has to be foundationally head-strong by attending to weaker spots,overcoming the fear of failure and focusing on its 'element of tries andadaptive improvements'."

NSquare XpertsTeam works towards the understanding and overcoming their limitations whilekeeping an open mind towards learning from the process and it's every aspect.Focused on adapting and learning, the company avoids complacency. The teambelieves in getting knowledge and applying it not only in the technologicalaspects of information but also in expanding and confiding in their beliefs andpassions. Walking the road less travelled, they have always believed in theirdecisions and worked towards them overcoming the biggest challenge.

Expert Solutions Directing Businesses towards Growth

NSquare Xpertsworks towards bringing expertise across industry verticals when it comes downto Microsoft Dynamics. Aimed at managing efficiencies companies withstreamlining their operational and business problems NSquare Xperts usesDynamics CRM. The company curates best consulting and providing solutionsin-line with the business with its experience in various industries and theindustry-specific environments.

NSquare Xpertsserves clients from vast domains including Healthcare, Insurance, Professionalservices, Banking, Education, Pharmaceuticals and Facilities Management withservices including implementation, customization, business process analysis,integration, and data migration of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, EnterpriseMobile Application development on both IOS and Android platforms, add-ondynamics products including Call-Integra and Chatbot for Dynamics CRM

They have beenengaging with the clients on offshore/hybrid models and work as technologypartners. The cost-efficient and scalable solutions help businesses regardlessof their size to leverage the advantage of offshore economics. The brandmatured early towards the customer-centric and technology-centric processes andsuccessfully blended value and cost advantage to the clients along with variousother factors like:

• RiskMitigation: NSquare Xperts provides risk mitigation services to its clientswith Adaptive project monitoring, attrition analytics, shadow resourcing, atimely concern addressed.

• Ideation forand with-in the Projects: The Company provides proactive ideation based onproject touch-points. The team only works on projects but acts a thinking mindhelping clients via proactively conveying clients on any identified areas ofmodification, recommendation, a suggestion which help the client to capturemore panoramic view toward achieving project objectives and goals.

• Technology:The Company is heavily vigilant towards technology and adapting totechnological changes/newer trends which enables us to stay abreast as well asincreasing our technology horizons.

• Quality: Thebrand delivers quality services via better project management, resourcetraining, client expectations mapping, and providing maximum transparency toits client which not only allow them to track progress but visualize theprocess in every phase.

•Cost-Effectiveness: Cost is a critical factor, Nsquare Xperts focuses a lot onproviding the client with a fulcrum of qualitative solutions, balanced pricing,and value-add. This sets us apart on how they have modeled the solutionexpertise with very competitive pricing that can suit businesses albeit oftheir size.

The NX Team

Every growingorganization requires technology spear-heads along with visionary mindsets andattitudes who work towards enhancing their creative flow openly. The NSquareXperts team follows the companies learning culture along with promoting peertraining, enhancing skill-sets. The ambitious passionate individuals in theteam have been inclined towards enhancing their skills. The company maintains ahappy and fun-loving workplace, promoting a team's individual hobbies/interests as well as team activities.

Being Inspired and Achieving Milestones

From starting abusiness to building a successful brand, Nilesh and Kirit along with their teamhave been integral to the NSquare Xperts position in the industry. He shared onthe inspiration behind the successful lifespan of the company "Well, everyone –right from great industry leaders to individuals who make things happen. Forus, everyone is an inspiration in one way or the other." Being inspired byindustry leaders, the company has always kept the client relationships atpriority and regard it as one of the biggest achievements.

The Inspiring Journey and what the Future Holds forNsquare Xperts

The Journey forthe company is powered by a great amount of learning along with foreseenchallenges. "Perfection is a myth but imperfection is yet a creation and an art– most importantly it's so human" they explain, in a nutshell, the journey inthe Software Services industry. NSquare Xperts is planning to expand on thegeographical grounds along with working on emerging technologies whilecontinuing to have internal improvements for better processes and streamlining.

Advice by the Entrepreneur

"Well, guess itis still too early to advise as we have still lots of ground to cover to get toa stature. But we would rather say something that has been followed by us.

Believe in yourpassion and ideas, as they often have a lot of mileage than one can fathom.

It is alsoimportant not to be afraid of failing, as failing still has vital elementstowards learning, which is foundational for your next stab at betterment.

Keep your basicspolished all the time. Learn, adapt and build perseverance.

Never be toojudgmental or comparative with things, but strategic benchmarking is essentialtoo."

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