Best tips to make quotes more believable

Best tips to make quotes more believable

This may happen to you when you have to make quotations that need to be credible and effective. For example, when your boss is busy interviewing you and asking you to write quotes to improve his speech, or when you have to write quotes to yourself when preparing for the speech.

In this regard, you can enter to write the unique quotes, and once your boss checks, it is applicable 。 The main problem is that making the quotes that become incredible and not only this, these quotes also ruin the entire speech of the speaker 。

For example, the Canadian government once made a mistake in making a quote, and below is their explanation.

"Improvements in energy efficiency help reduce costs for Canadian families and businesses while protecting the environment"? The problem with this quote is that there are too many textbook words that interfere with the sentence structure and also change the credibility of the quote.

There are some rules that need to be relentless before you make a quote because this helps the audience to better understand and believe in your quote. Whether you write the quote for a speech or add it to a story, these rules need to be applied.

The interesting tips for writing credible quotes are the following:

1. Use quotation marks

If you are writing a quote for a speech or a story, quotation marks are very important, which means that the sentence is a special quote. If you are still thinking about the quotation marks, write a quote without those quotation marks in a story and ask the reader if he knows what quotation marks are.

Quotation marks are the best way to specify what quotation marks are and what is not. Without quotation marks, the sentence looks normal.

2. Add a separate paragraph

When you write a quote, you should know that it should start with a new paragraph. This is one of the most important rules for writing quotations. Even the content revolves around a line of the same meaning, the quote should be written in a separate paragraph.

When the quote is written separately, it usually begins or ends with the words as he said, explaining them, quoting them, etc. In this way, the reader indicates that the sentence is quote and has a special morality.

3. The quote must be mentioned

You should write about the author of the quote you used. If, for example, you write a famous sentence, you must talk about who said it. However, if you write your quote, you do not need to mention your name.

This rule is never ignored by a good writer, because it benefits from avoiding plagiarism, just as the reader gets to know the original author.

4. Use Language Mark

Another writing rule is the use of the language mark, which is very important and creates a credible effect. Most writers use this at the end of the sentence to maintain the focus on the actual content for the reader. Placing the language mark in different places each time is another good practice of a good writer because it keeps the reader interested rather than making him bored.

Many writers believe that they overuse the word "said" because of the day of the speech, and the problem arises when they use the alternative to that word, such as adverb. This writing rule is very important when they write a credible quote.

5. The quote should sound real

It would not look real if you wrote the quote or dialogue to show the conversation between two characters, but they should have a reason to speak. A good quote is that which moves the plot and releases the character at the same time.

Before you write a quote, remember that a good quote always sounds real and next to an imaginary world. In this regard, it should be clear of all errors, including grammatical and structural errors. However, it should also be written in readable sentences, as many platforms suggest that the readable grade 7 score should be reached.

6. Write a plagiarism-free quote

Think only of a quote that is copied, but you mention your name in the quote. Would it be credible? What if people checked it on the plagiarism detector?

There are many examples in history that show how the author ruined her status and career just because her content was plagiarized. For example, Martin Luther King's dissertation was recognized as plagiarism, while his famous speech also contained plagiarism including quotations.


The quotes are not only used in the release or stories, it can be used in many fields of life. In this digital world, many people use the quotes as the caption for their marketing strategies as well as a caption when posting their photos on social media.

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