What is Leadership Exploitation?

What is Leadership Exploitation?
What is Leadership Exploitation?

What is Leadership Exploitation?

In thecontemporary era, business leaders and managers face a contradiction whereausterity into the developed world and the cost-cutting measures in place, theyneed to enhance efficiencies. Another side, managers should grow with the rapidpace of development that means they have to innovate to stay ahead of markettrends and to trump their competitors. Leaders need to boost productivity aswell as be innovative at the same time. They have to be ambidextrous or get theability to manage contradictory strategies at the same time.


Exploitationin leadership is about centralized structure, short-planning. It indicates thatthe ambition of exploitation pulls the managers to view the present in terms ofsuccess that they have delivered in the past. This attitude is enshrined in theorganizational DNA that makes it almost impossible to think about tomorrow intoday's terms. This contradiction is at the heart of ambidextrous management whichis very rare in the present modern organizations but something that hasdelivered exceptional results for its practitioners such as Hairer that wentfrom being close to bankruptcy in the year 1980 to market leader now.

Don'tbe confused

Many peopletake the noun "exploit" and the verb "exploit" in the same way. But both havecompletely different meanings. The word "exploit" as a noun means "a brave ordaring achievement." It is not related to "exploit" as a verb that has acompletely different meaning and that forms its noun by the addition of thesuffix "-action'" providing us "exploitation".

Whenwe say his leadership exploits, it means "his achievements as a leader" or "thethings he did in his role as a leader".

Explorationand exploitation both create great opportunities for organizational learning.Leadership styles hold a different effect on the role of exploration inorganizational learning. Innovative leadership impacts the role of explorationin individual and group learning in a positive way at the same time it impactsthe role of exploitation in a negative way in institutionalized learning. Thealternate use of transactional leadership styles is able to facilitatemultilevel organizational learning.

LeadershipExploitation- Another Definition

When we aretalking about leadership exploitation, here the organizational ambidexterity isvital to understand. It refers to an organization's ability to be efficient inits management of today's business. It is also adaptable for coping with futuredemand. As ambidextrous means being able to use the left and as well as righthand equally, organizational ambidexterity needs the organizations to use bothexploration and exploitation techniques to grow.


We cannotdeny from this fact that this approach does not have any drawback as some unitswould duplicate the strategies of the others and they cannot enhances the levelthat the organization can as a whole. Therefore, the implication of this kindof strategy is that it should be deployed only in highly diverse and dynamicsituations. Overall, the strategy of thinking about the future and living todaywith past baggage can be daunting for a lot of people.


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