Best Techniques to Grow any Startup Business

Best Techniques to Grow any Startup Business

Best Techniques to Grow any Startup Business

Thegrowing phase of startups is one of the most fulfilling and challenging timesfor founders. This is the period where product-market fit is determined,calculating is abundant, and client bases arise to start producing importantrevenue streams.

Witha failure rate still waiting for around 50% within the first four years, thereis no golden ticket to progress when building a new business.

This article highlights the top fivetechniques to successfully scale your startup. 

Create Your Presence on Good Platforms

Initially,it is not possible to maintain presence on all social media channels. So, instarting focus on 2-3 platforms that you know are most popular with your targetaudience. Develop your customer persona, means develop a complete profile ofyour typical customer. Then,  figure outwhere this person hangs out on social media.

Stay consistent and regular

Now,you have your platform. Fix a schedule of your posts and stick to it. If youdon't stick to your schedule and post on a fix time, the number of followers onyour site will drop and they will go for other resource. The same thing applieson website. Many businesses post fresh new content regularly on their homepages, so that visitors are engaged and entertained right away.

Start and Engaged Your Audience

 Start conversations with your readers byasking questions or asking them to do something. And when you get answers andcomments, keep the conversation going. Make sure to check your social mediapages for feedback, comments and questions and give instant respond.

Asyou have started, try to capture and intrigue your audience. Here, publishing quizzes,polls, and surveys can work great.  Tryto incorporate humour in your site like "quote of the day" on Twitter,Instagram or Facebook. When you feature customers in your posts, it increasesengagement on your site.  

Maintain a Perfect Ratio

Noone is interested in reading your promotional content where you only talk aboutyour brand.  Try to focus on writingthings that customers want to read. Create a ratio of 80:20. 80% of what yourreaders are looking to read and 20% of what you can relate to your product orservice like advertising sales, latest discounts and offers etc.

Take Care of Your Headlines

Headlinesplay a significant factor that decides people will visit your site or not. Afascinating headline can make people click on your site while a weak headlinecan say your reader a good bye. If you are getting it tough to create a perfectheadline, you can use headline generator tools available online.

  • Take care ofthe character limit of your headline.
  • Optimise itas much as possible.
  • Includekeyword in your headline.

Apartfrom these techniques Startup Magazineis a growing platform for entrepreneurs. Here, you can share your journey,showcase your product and service and create good brand loyalty. It does notonly help you to create a wider reach to your potential customers but alsoprovide a platform where your journey creates an inspiration for emergingstartups.

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