Business Ideas for Fresh Graduates

Business Ideas for Fresh Graduates

Business Ideas for Fresh Graduates

Today, one does not look towards traditional 9 to 5 jobs to pursue as soon as they graduate as the business culture has changed. The new culture has come into existence where start-ups, freelancing and side job are common to seen. As one graduates from college, there are a plethora of opportunities available to be exploited and worked towards to gain the success one deserves and looks for  in the   their career.

While the traditional jobs are not exactly what one needs, one must be aware of the options that they have left to explore and make a living from outside the confines of a cubicle. Most recent grads are choosing their future by planning to start their own venture and step into an independent world contributing value adding solutions with the 10 low cost business ideas that they can start working on immediately:

  • Content Creation:

The digital world is boosting today and social media is a key factor which cannot be ignored even if wanted. The social media handles today offers one 24-hour cycle of news and updates from around the world. The social media content creators in the current gig economy of freelance and contract workers can avail the benefits of the boosted market and market themselves as a professional freelance content creator. It is also a great way to explore and work on their skills if you choose to seek a full time job later on.

  • Electronic repair

Most people have a passion for fixing thing especially technical things and this is at the peak when they are young. So combining the passion with something that can yield money and career opportunity seems just right. One can use their skills and knowledge to repair the mostly used electronics like smart phones, tablets and laptops daily.

It is common for these items to break or crash at some point due to their constant use and if you're a techie who can fix these issues, then why not repair people's electronics for cheaper than what the big retailers charge. This business model can be executed by marketing the services to students at your alma mater who are looking for their electronics to fixed faster and cheaper.

  • Event entertainment

Entertainment skills are something that not most people have and even if they do not have, college allows them to built and work on these skills via opportunities like college fests. If you have spent a part of your undergrad years working on sound-mixing software and staffing the DJ booth at your college radio station, starting an event entertainment company could be the right path for you.

With these skills, if you can get the people to the dance floor and build the party atmosphere, then should use their music collection and take the gigs like weddings and birthday parties, or simply provide background music at more casual events. We agree that the DJ equipment is a big investment but today, there are a wide number of companies that offer speakers, subwoofers and other accessories on rent until one save up enough to buy their own.

  • Fitness instruction

Just the above mentioned things, fitness is also something that if you are passionate about , it can be a great opportunity to ear some money and also motivayte the itehr people to have a something taht tyupu have acjhiveed i.e. a fit body and better mental space. Most of the youyh today struggle swioth their body image, by geeting a knowledge about ethe nutition along with a proper gyming routine best suited for different people, one can choose to become a fitness instructor or personal trainer. You'll have to put in a small amount of time and money to get certified, and once you're a certified trainer, you can look for openings at local gyms or work one-on-one with clients at their homes.

  • Graphic design

Are you whiz about creating designs on software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop? Today, in the age of social media, the brands be it small businesses or big internationals, all are clamouring for  creating brand image via internet and the small business are focused on affordable access to professional branding, such as logos, banners and signs.

If you have created graphics for your college's social media page and you have the design skills, then it is the best option to launch a freelance design business that caters to other entrepreneurs. Once you have successfully established a network and a reputation for quality designs, you can leverage the past work into the new jobs and create a full-time career out of the same.

  • Handmade crafts

Something handmade has always been a special gift to be presented to the loved ones and today with social media, no one really bothers and expects for a handmade gift. Though, in the same scenario, the little boxes or other crafty designs are created by many talented people as a side job which includes pictures and messages of their loved ones and sell tehse through social media.

If you are interested in any handmade crafts like knotting, making jewellery por any otehr stuff like such and have the time and skills to produce lot of items quickly, then you can open up an online storefront and sell your creations to the public. The startup costs are really low is the rawa meterials are purchased in bulk and make a profit in no time. You could even set up your store as a full-time gig.

  • Social media consultation

Social media has been creating platform for many people to spread the knowledge to people across the world sitting at the comfort of their home. Everyone has something to offer and when it comes to putting your marketing or communications degree to good use? Considering starting a social media consulting firm is the best option as teh small businesses are often busy to take care of their own social media marketing and if someone can help them come up with great strategies for their business utilising the potential of the social media channels and do it on their behalf, they can invest their time and energy on the core activities. You can offer them with services like determining the best tactics, posting schedules and content for your clients' target audiences being a consultant. As their follower counts grow, so will your business. 

Get Started!

If you have skills in or passion for any of these areas, you can start up a business in no time and earn well to support your further education or your other dreams. Being a successful entrepreneur may take time but starting at some point is a great point to start with and these business ideas are going to help you do exactly that.

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